One Direction. A boy band of the past...

One Direction is gone. A distant memorable boy band. Until Liam Payne's son has a dream.
Things begin to change. Liam goes on a rampage looking for his best friend Niall Horan. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson meet unexpectantly one day, and Zayn Malik has weird dreams and visions about five boys that broke up years ago.
One Direction begins to come back together. When all the lads meet again, the stakes get higher. With new boy bands, it'll take all the lads have got to get One Direction back to the top...


1. Prologue

Liam P.O.V


Liam Payne walked over to his dresser, stuffing more clothes into his suitcase. He stopped, looking around his room for the last time. He couldn't believe it was really happening. Well, he knew it would happen sometime, but he didn't expect it to end this way.

Tears welled in his eyes, but he blinked them back. He had to be strong. He was and always will be Daddy matter what happened to the band. He shoved the clothes into his suitcase forcefully and slammed it shut, suddenly seething with rage. He was tempted to walk over to the window and punch the glass out of it, watching the blood run down over his knuckles from the shards of glass, but something held him back. This wasn't his house anymore. He was moving back to Wolverhampton, back in with his mum.

He sighed, flopping back onto his bed. He looked up at the ceiling, and the fan still rotating furiously. He walked over and flipped the switch to turn it off. It slowed to a stop.

The fan reminded him of One Direction. Of life in Hollywood, as a matter of fact. One moment, your taking off, rotating around the world, capturing the hearts of millions of fans. Then the next minute, someone is flipping your switch and you slow to a halt, your career coming to a slow and cruel end. Hollywood can make you or break you, everybody always told him. As far as Liam was concerned, Hollywood could make you AND break you.

Liam looked down at his arms. These stupid tattoos, he thought. Why the hell did I put my money into these? He grumbled under his breath. Just another bad memory have how One Direction went down in flames.

He was tempted again to go break the glass in that window, but this time sling a chair from his recording room through it. Then he would have to pay for the chair, and the window. Liam thought over the consequences. He decided it was too risky.

Zipping up his suitcase, he started down to the second floor of his four-story...wait...his FORMER four-story house to make sure he hadn't left anything important. He wished he could take the equipment with him, but it would take a few months for the crew to ship everything over to him in England. And it would be very pricey; he had spent hours debating on that too. 

He looked at his phone. He was supposed to be meeting the other lads at noon at the Los Angeles National Airport to say their final goodbyes. It was ten now. Just enough time to watch some more TV before they cut his cable off.




"Liam! Mate! We thought you would never make it!" Niall Horan called out to him, but not with the same lust. Liam couldn't remember a time he had ever heard Niall like this.

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were all there, suitcases spread out on the ground. Their faces weren't their usual smiles but looks of disgust and forlorn. Liam sighed and sat down beside them.

"We have about five minutes before our flight leaves." Harry commented, his voice quieter than usual. The other lads nodded, but Zayn opened his mouth to speak.

"Uhm...I won't be joining you guys when you leave for England."

Louis turned to look at him. "What...why? England is your home, mate! Why do you want to stay here in Hollywood?"

"The dream crushers." Niall added and the lads all murmured their agreement.

"Perrie didn't want to come to England with me. She is still a part of Little Mix, you know." Zayn said solemnly. "I have to stay here with her is LA."

Harry spit. "LA is for sluts," He muttered.

Zayn rose to his feet. "Perrie is not a slut." He growled under his breath. Harry narrowed his eyes.

"Well she must be if she wants to stay in this dump!" Harry's voice rose and people began to stare.

"Do you think I would have married..." Zayn was cut off as Liam jumped in front of them.

"Guys! What the hell? This is our last time together as a band! Do we have to fight?"

Zayn looked away and sat back down, awkwardly running his fingers through his quiffed hair. Harry just muttered something inaudible, clenching his fists a few times.

"Why does it have to end this way?" Louis whispered. Liam could see tears forming in his eyes.

Liam moved closer and put his arm around Louis. "None of us wanted it to end this way. It shouldn't have. But One Direction will still always be ours. Its...the thing that keeps us together."

Niall nodded, and eventually Zayn and Harry nodded too. Liam sat back and waited for their flight to be called.

"I'm going to miss you guys. So much." Niall commented, burying his face in his hands.

"I'm going to miss you too Niall." Louis moved over and hugged him. Soon all of the boys were in one big group hug, crying.

"I don't want this to end," Harry whispered. 

Then, the voice came over the intercom, calling the flight.

"Well, it looks like this is it." Liam pulled back and grabbed his things. Harry followed his second, then Louis last. Niall would be on the flight to Ireland.

"It looks like it..." Zayn sniffed. "We must keep in touch. Every night. Skype, text, call..."

"Agreed." They all said at the same time, then laughed all together as one big group before they all parted ways. The last of One Direction.


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