One Direction. A boy band of the past...

One Direction is gone. A distant memorable boy band. Until Liam Payne's son has a dream.
Things begin to change. Liam goes on a rampage looking for his best friend Niall Horan. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson meet unexpectantly one day, and Zayn Malik has weird dreams and visions about five boys that broke up years ago.
One Direction begins to come back together. When all the lads meet again, the stakes get higher. With new boy bands, it'll take all the lads have got to get One Direction back to the top...


4. Chapter Three

Liam P.O.V


Yes, its Liam's turn again. Sorry, I couldn't really think of a plot with any of the others. If you've made it this far, comment and tell me what you think! Oh, and dont forget to vote!



"Liam, babe its time to get up."
Liam groaned and rolled over, swatting away the hand that prodded at his side.
"Babe, c'mon. You have to watch the kids." The voice came again, sharper than before.
"Please, five more minutes!" Liam complained, sounding childish, but he really didn't care.
"Liam, I'm leaving soon. You have to get up now."
Liam sighed, stuggling up and blinking sleep from his eyes. Perched on the edge of their shared king size bed was Danielle. She was absolutely gorgeous, even this early in the morning. Then Liam consitered how he looked. Bed head, red eyes...he ran his fingers through his limp hair before he looked at Danielle.
"What time will you be back, baby?" Liam pushed a piece of curly hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. She flushed a little under his touch and smiled.
"Consitering I have practice, study, and a grocery run, a while. At least three or four."
Liam's face fell. "Oh, alright."
Danielle leaned in and softly kissed him. He kissed her back, cupping her chip in his hand. "I'll be thinking of you all day." She whispered, her soft voice making him miss her already, and she was right here.
"Me too. Be careful babe. I love you." He kissed her once more before she stood up.
"And I love you." Danielle flashed him her perfect smile and he sighed. "I'll text you if I run into any trouble." Then she was gone, and Liam was left alone in the bedroom.
Sighing, he flung the covers to the side and pulled himself to his feet, stretching. Stifling a yawn, he headed into the bathroom to do something...anything with his wild hair. He heard the front door slam. Danielle was officially gone. Then the squealsof excitement grew nearer. He groaned, finishing his hair and tugging on a pair of sweatpants before his two children busted down his door.
As soon as he had tightened the drawstring on the sweatpants, the bedroom door flew open and in ran two children. 
"Daddy, Daddy!" They both yelled excitedly. Liam laughed and picked up the girl. She was almost an identical copy if Danielle; with her outrageously curly hair and soft brown eyes. The boy at his feet, however, looked like a mix of both. His hair was curly, but it was more on the blonde side. And he had strikingly blue eyes. They had found that odd, because Liam and Danielle both had brown eyes.
"Good morning Taylor. Did you sleep well?" Liam kissed his daughters cheek.
"I slept fine Daddy! Cause today is Saturday!" She wriggled out of her father's hold and slid to the floor.
Liam bent down and picked up the boy instead. He was quiet, not near as loud as Taylor was.
"And what about you, Tristan?" He asked, kissing the boys cheek as well.
Tristan shrugged. "Fine. I had a dream though."
Liam nodded. "Really? What was the dream about?" But before Tristan could respond, Taylor was pulling on Liam's pants leg.
"Daddy, Daddy c'mon! Lets go play!" Liam laughed, forgetting all about the dream the Tristan had had. He set Tristan down and followed Taylor out into the living room.
"Do you guys want breakfast?" Liam asked.
"Mommy already made us some." Taylor said, turning the TV.
"Okay, well before we play, Daddy needs to eat. You two go watch TV." Taylor nodded and sat down on the couch. Tristan followed more slowly.
Liam headed into the kitchen and pulled out the skillet. It was Saturday, pancake day. He mixed up the batter and poured it into the pan. He was suddenly back at Harry's flat, joking around with all the other lads. He sighed wistfully. He wondered what they were all up to now.
Liam flipped the pancakes over and went to check on the kids. They were watching Spongebob Squarepants in the living room. If he had stayed in touch with then, Niall could be their godfather. He would've loved that. Whats done is done. Liam thought. You need to stop reminiscing, Liam. I'm sure none of the other lads do that.
The pancakes done, Liam sat down to eat. Then he heard a small voice.
"Daddy?" It was Tristan.
"Come here. Whats on your mind?" Liam beckoned his youngest into the kitchen.
"Can I tell you about my dream now?" Tristan asked, sitting down beside Liam.
"Sure. I'm all ears." Liam smiled, taking another bite of his pancakes.
"Well." Tristan started. "You were in it..."

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