One Direction. A boy band of the past...

One Direction is gone. A distant memorable boy band. Until Liam Payne's son has a dream.
Things begin to change. Liam goes on a rampage looking for his best friend Niall Horan. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson meet unexpectantly one day, and Zayn Malik has weird dreams and visions about five boys that broke up years ago.
One Direction begins to come back together. When all the lads meet again, the stakes get higher. With new boy bands, it'll take all the lads have got to get One Direction back to the top...


8. Chapter Seven

Niall P.O.V

Niall spent the entire rest of the day in bed, moping around. He reread the text from Demi till his head spun and he felt like he was going to throw up. He hadn't replied, but what the hell was he supposed to say? He thought things were going well, too well, in fact for a little tour to break them up. But I guess Demi had other ideas.
Tears pricked on the edge of his vision. He picked up his phone to reply.

Oh.. okay. Have fun on your tour. I will miss you.

Niall pressed send hesitantly, going he had said the right thing. He couldn't think of anything else to say, so he shrugged out off and tried to push Demi to the back of his mind. He shut his phone off and stuck it in his back pocket before heading downstairs and grabbing his keys. He needed to get drunk, he needed to forget all of this bullshit that was happening right now. Needed to forget One Direction, Demi, everything. 
Instead of getting in his car, he hailed a taxi. He just made sure he would be able to get back into his house when he got back.
Niall ran his fingers through his bleached blonde hair, looking into his phone to make sure he looked presentable. Luckily, he was just going to a club, not a dinner party.
He payed the cabbie, then headed inside. It was crowed like usual, with wasted people dancing on the multicolored dance floor. There was a stage with a few pole dancers. Niall sat down at a table and waited for a waitress to come by. He had to stop himself from checking his phone. He didn't want to know what Demi had replied, if she had replied at all. Fortunately, it didn't get very damaged in his fit of rage earlier this morning when he had thrown it at the wall. The screen had just cracked.
A waitress walked by and stopped at his table. "What would you like?" She smiled at him.
"Scotch, please." Niall requested.
"Anything else?"
"If I need anything, ill let you know." He winked at her and she flushed, walking away to get his drink.
Niall tapped his fingers on the table patiently. A minute later, she came back with his Scotch.
"Thank you." Niall took a swig and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. The scotch burned his throat as he downed another mouthful and he shivered.
The waitress cane back and he ordered a cherry vodka sour. He downed that too and within a few minutes he felt his blood alive within his veins. As he ordered another drink, his words were becoming slurred.
"Another cherry vodka sour please." Niall slurred to the waitress, this time going as far as tickling her under her chin. She brought back his drink and he drank it fast
"Care to dance?" He asked the waitress and she smiled, obliging to him and he took her out onto the dance floor.
Niall placed his hands on her waist and she flinched under his touch. He pulled her closer and she soon relaxed, resting her head on his chest. Niall sighed, stumbling around with the waitress pressed against him. This is just what he needed, to forget everything thar had happened. He felt around to make sure his phone was still in his back pocket. He should check it to see if anyone had texted him, like Demi. But he was too wasted to care.
"Come home with me?" He asked the curly haired waitress in his arms.
She stopped, taking a step away from him. "I.. I dont even know your name!"
"It's Niall, love." Niall didn't let go of her hand as she stepped back.
She hesitated before replying, "Sarah."
"Well, Sarah." Niall pulled her close to him again and she giggled. "I need to take someone home tonight." He slurred into her ear. "Would you like to be her?"
Sarah reached up and kissed his neck softly. "Sure, Niall." She let her hair out of the ponytail it was in, letting the small ringlets fall around her shoulders.
Niall grinned. Taking his arm around her waist, they stumbled  of the club to find a taxi.

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