Fight For You | Louis Tomlinson

Louis just got out of a relationship and planned on focusing on his career, no love or girl friends. Well things never work out the way you plan. That's when he met Brooke. Louis fell for Brooke and same thing goes for Brooke. Her step-parents abandoned and kicked her out so she has no where to go. Louis helps her out and keeps her a secret from the lads except Brooke was found on accident. Everything goes great when Brooke and Louis have a love connection and she moves in with the lads. There is just one problem. The lads find out Brooke is Harry's long lost sister.
"I promise I will keep you safe and protect you," he said. "I don't know Louis. I'm scared of what will happen," I said. "Brooke, I promise you I will always be here for you no matter what," he said. "What will Harry even say?" I asked. "Doesn't matter. I love you too much to not have you," he said. A tear slipped from my eye. "I will never leave you," he murmured. "Do you trust me?" "I trust you."


38. Fight For You Chapter 37

Fight For You Chapter 37

Louis' Pov:

"Alright settle down. Settle down," I spoke loudly as I knocked on the wood table. "We aren't even talking Louis," Brooke said and laughed out loud. I looked over at her with a charming smile. "So, is everyone good now? Nothing is awkward between anyone?" Harry asked. "Brooke and I are best buddies again," I announced and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. I pulled her closer to me and I rubbed her arm. Harry raised an eyebrow and chuckled with a shake of his head. "That is a miracle! Breakfast was so awkward and very miserable," Niall said. "The only thing you heard was the forks hitting the plate," Zayn said. "And Harry's chewing," Liam pointed out. Brooke giggled and smiled. "So why did you call us down here, Louis?" Zayn asked. "You said it was an emergency," Harry said.

"Well. . . Brooke and I would want to do something for all of us to go out and do," I explained, "what are some ideas?" "An amusement park?" Niall suggested. "No," Brooke said, shaking her head in disagreement. "The park," Liam said. I shook my head. "I've been there too many times recently," I said. "What about that aquarium down in the city? We haven't been in an aquarium in a long time," Zayn suggested.

"An aquarium would actually be a lot of fun. Not bad Zayn!" Harry said. "Ah stop it you," Zayn cooed. "That would be fun. There is a whale show there too," I said. "A whale show would be entertaining to go see," Brooke said. "I think it's settled," Niall said. "Let's go to the aquarium," Liam said. "It's about thirty minutes away and we are all dressed," Harry said. "So, why not?" "Are we for sure going?" Brooke asked. Everyone looked at each other before nodding.

Brooke grinned and smacked her hands together. I chuckled and said, "It seems like someone is excited." "Who wouldn't be? I like going to see the feisty sharks and fishes," she said and poked my nose. I smiled and playfully swatted her hand away. "Are we going now?" Niall asked. "Of course we are," Liam said. I placed a five on the table for a tip then, together we stood up and walked out of the front glass door and to Harry's car.

"I'm sitting next to Brooke," Niall claimed. "Me too," I called out. "No, oh no. That will not happen. Not after what happened last time I sat with the two of you," Brooke declared. Instead of sitting with Niall and me, she sat in the front seat leaving Niall and I playfully pouting. We sat in our usual seating (Harry driving; Brooke in the passenger seat; and Niall, Liam, Zayn, and I in the back) and we took off driving to our destination.

"Please let's not have this a long drive," Brooke pleaded to herself. "We know it will be," Harry muttered under his breath. "Hey!" The four of us exclaimed. Brooke held in her giggles before sending a wink my way.


We slowly pulled up in an empty parking space that was close by the entrance of the aquarium. Brooke was looking out of the window at the huge blue building that stood in front of us. The building had scattered painted sea creatures across the light blue walls. It was only a two story building but it was huge in square feet and space. After examining the building, we all unbuckled and got out of the car.

"I can't believe I'm here," Brooke gasped. I stood behind her with a small smirk on my lips. "It's going to be fun today," I said. "What are you trying to-" I cut her off by picking her up and throwing her over my shoulder. She screamed with laughter falling after it. "Louis! Put me down," she giggled. "Never!" I shouted, causing eyes to divert to us. I began running making my way to the front entrance. I jumped up the few steps that lead to the ticket administration. "Louis!" She giggled again. I looked up at her to see she has the biggest smile on her face.

I stopped running and placed her back down on the ground. "You're always taking me by surprise," she stated. "That's just the way I am," I said with a cheeky grin. She blushed and hid her face on my chest. I pulled her to my body in an embrace.

She is super gorgeous and perfect in every way. It is indescribable!

Brooke's Pov:

I really need to stop it with the blushing. It is embarrassing and so obvious of the reason why. Louis was oblivious to it and I wanted to keep it that way. I heard the other boys walk over to us. Their footsteps stomped loudly against the concrete floor. "I have the tickets," Harry said, grinning. He handed us each an administration ticket. "And one for you," he said as he handed me my ticket. "Thank you," I murmured, taking my ticket gratefully. "Are we ready to go in?" Zayn asked. "Yes, let's start walking in," Liam said.

I jumped on Harry's back and he let out a grunt noise. "Oof," he gasp with a shake. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso. "Am I going to carry you like this all day?" he asked. "Maybe," I teased. "No I'm not," he said. I laughed and ruffled his curls. "Hey! I can possibly be kidding," he said. "No you aren't," I stated the obvious, he nodded with a sly smile.

We walked in the big clear doors and to the ticket administration, we handed the worker our tickets before walking past him and stopping in the middle of a big open area. Cute couples, family's, and kids were walking around or figuring out where to go or were in the little gift shop. "We can go in pairs then we can meet up for lunch before we go to the whale show together and we can walk around for some more afterwards," Harry suggested. "I'd figure we hit more if we go in pairs first." "Sounds good," Niall agreed.

Louis walked up to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. "Brooke and I would be together," Louis said. Harry looked over at us and shook his head. Louis awkwardly pulled his arm back and scratched the back of his neck. "I was thinking of going with Brooke," Harry said. "Lighten up Harry. You don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine plus Louis would be here and if he does anything, like you're so worried about, you can kick his butt," I said, trying to ease the awkward tension.

He looked more confused than he has ever been. "Me being worried?" he asked. "Yeah. . . Harry, you don't w-want me try anything such as c-crazy things" Louis nervously stuttered. Harry seemed to realize and quickly nodded. "Right. Don't be stupid enough to try things," Harry stern hung said, he cleared his throat and sent him a look. Louis nodded and kept quiet.

"I'll go with Zayn," Liam said. "I'll go with Niall. Isn't that right Niall?" Harry asked, he grinned and bumped shoulders with him. "Hell yeah!" Niall shouted and jumped on Harry's back. "What is with people and jumping on my back?" Harry groaned. I giggled and ran to jump on Louis' back. His hands cupped my thighs to help hold me up, my legs wrapped around his waist.

"We will see you four at twelve," I said and waved at the four boys. Louis laughed and started carrying me towards the crocodiles. "So tell me this," he said as he began to walk. "What?" I asked, resting my chin on his shoulder. "How long were you mad at me for?" He asked. "Mhm," I began to wonder. "I was more hurt then mad," I told him truthfully. "Did you really did make me go through all that?" he asked. "Well you kind of deserved it," I said and shrugged. "I know I did and I'm completely sorry for not explaining," he sighed with a frown.

"Hey turn that frown upside down," I said, "it's fine. I already had forgiven you." His smile came back as he nodded. We stopped in front of the crocodiles and I jumped off his back before walking up to the glass tank. His followed behind me.

"How much would I have to pay you to put your hand in there," I asked. He looked at me like I was crazy. "No way will I do that." His eyes went wide. I chuckled and said, "I'm kidding." "I'm so sure you were," he said. "Just don't make me mad again," I warned. "I thought you were but not mad?" "Don't tempt me in putting you in that tank," I said. He guffaw and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and admired the crocodiles swim towards one another. His other hand was stuffed in his pocket.

I turned my body towards him and wrapped both of my arms around his torso. "Where to next?" he asked. "What about the sharks?" I asked. "I love sharks. They are so fascinating." He smiled and said, "Sharks it is." We walked through the exit and it led us to many different directions (a sign point upward for fish and turtles, and to the right was whales) but we walked to the left which led to the sharks. His arm had never left my bony shoulder.

We walked past other people who were looking at different magnificent colorful fishes. We walked in a huge room filled that was surrounded in glass tanks that were filled with different kinds if sharks. "Louis! Look at that huge shark," I said as I took off running towards the huge killer shark in the huge tanks. He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I pressed my hands against the glass and looked at the spectacular sea creatures.

"You look like a little child who is excited and never seen a shark before," he said "Shush it you," I giggled. "It's been forever since I've been to an aquarium." I looked behind me at him. He smiled down at me before resting his head on my shoulder. I pressed my cheek against his as he gave me a small squeeze.

A worker, from the above, dropped some fish in the water and the sharks swam up to the top, jumping in the air to catch the fish. "Whoa. . ." I stared up in awe as the shark swam back down. He said, "Come on. I think you want to see more of the sharks." I looked at him with wide eyes as I vigorously nodded. He snickered and directed us towards a clear, underwater tunnel that led I to a room filled with more sharks. Less people began leaving and soon Louis and I were the only ones.

Up above you can see the sharks swimming above us as we walked up a moving ramp. It was dimmed in here and barely any light shined in. "Louis," I said. "Yes?" he hummed. He looked over at me with a cute smile. "Any news on your little crush?" I awkwardly asked with a fake laugh. His smile faltered a bit before he put on a smile. "Sort of," he said with a shrug. He entwine our hands together and he began to swung our arms as we walked. "Tell me," I begged. "Do you really want to know?" He asked. No. "Yes," I lied.

"Well, she made it clear that we are definitely only friends," he said. My face lit up with hope but I quickly let it faltered so he wouldn't think I'm rude. "How?" I asked. "She talked to someone about me and I overheard," he said, he forced a smile but it didn't reach his eyes. My smile faded as I realized how hurt he was so I pulled him in a hug. We stopped walking and we stood there in the middle of the shark tank hugging.

"I'm sorry about that Louis," I comforted him. "It's fine. I understand how you feel. It's no big deal," he said. How I feel? I pulled back and looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean by how I feel?" I asked, curiosity filled my voice. His eyes widen as he stuttered. "I mean- you know. Like how you feel about- you know hearing about the girl practically friend zoning me," he said, trying to keep calm. He seemed nervous as he stuttered over every word. I raised an eyebrow and decided to drop it. "Yeah," I nervously chuckled. "I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure she will come around," I said.

"Maybe," he said, he shrugged. We began walking again. "So, is there any news on your crush? Do you know if he feels the same about you?" he awkwardly asked. "Well we talk everyday but he hasn't told me how he feels and I haven't told him either yet," I said. This was so uncomfortable to talk to him about. I am telling him everything but he doesn't know. "Do you plan on telling him?" His smile faltered as he asked.

"I'm not sure, it depends. Maybe at the right time and moment I will," I said. "I think you should tell him. See if he feels the same," he said. "Maybe. . . but it's confusing actually," I said. "How so?' he asked. "It is confusing when he send me mix signals. One minute I think he likes me but then the next he acts as if he doesn't," I said. "He send you mix signals?" he asked, very surprised. "Yes. Sometimes I think I should just leave it alone and stay friends," I said. "Oh!" His mood lighten up. "You're going to stay friends with him?" he asked. "Yes. I guess," I said and shrugged. "Yes," he murmured under his breath. "What?" I asked. "Nothing," he said innocently.

I giggled and shook my head. "You're so strange," I said. "I know," he agreed. "Follow me," I instructed. I took his hand in mine and started to run towards the hammerhead shark. I felt a little tingle shoot up my hand as I made contact with Louis' hand. I shook the thought away and looked at the shark.

"They are fascinating creatures, aren't they?" I asked in awe. "Very. They are also interesting to look at. Their features look so rough but I heard they aren't," he said. "You're right," I said. A tiger shark swam in front of us. "I could stand here and watch them all day," I said. "Yes, but of course Harry would be worried about where we are," Louis said. "Right. After how long I've been here, I've learned that Harry is like that," I said.

I looked down to see our hands were still entwined. I blushed and looked away. He didn't seem to mind our hands being entwined. I sighed and looked out at the tank. If only this could last forever.

"What time is it?" I asked. He took out his phone causing us to let go of hands. Emptiness filled my hand. He checked the time before saying, "Ten till lunch." "We should be heading back," he added. "Yes we should," I said, "I am starving." He looked down at me and agreed. "Same. Looking at the tanks made me hungry," he said and rubbed his stomach. We began walking back to where we were before to meet up with the rest of the group.

Disappointment filled inside of me and I definitely wished this could have lasted longer.

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