Fight For You | Louis Tomlinson

Louis just got out of a relationship and planned on focusing on his career, no love or girl friends. Well things never work out the way you plan. That's when he met Brooke. Louis fell for Brooke and same thing goes for Brooke. Her step-parents abandoned and kicked her out so she has no where to go. Louis helps her out and keeps her a secret from the lads except Brooke was found on accident. Everything goes great when Brooke and Louis have a love connection and she moves in with the lads. There is just one problem. The lads find out Brooke is Harry's long lost sister.
"I promise I will keep you safe and protect you," he said. "I don't know Louis. I'm scared of what will happen," I said. "Brooke, I promise you I will always be here for you no matter what," he said. "What will Harry even say?" I asked. "Doesn't matter. I love you too much to not have you," he said. A tear slipped from my eye. "I will never leave you," he murmured. "Do you trust me?" "I trust you."


34. Fight For You Chapter 33

Fight For You Chapter 33

Brooke's Pov:

A loud high pitch beeping sound had awaken me from my sleep. I slowly opened my eyes to a dark room. I stayed flat on my back as my hands reached over to my phone. It took awhile because it was so dark in here but I eventually found my phone. I clicked the home button and the bright light if my phone lit up and shined in my eyes. My eyes closed shut then reopened before adjusting to the light. It was one o'clock in the morning and I had a text message from Johnny and one from Harry. I didn't bother checking the messages and instead I set my phone down and stood up. My feet hit the soft carpet; I wiggled my toes through the soft fabric before I walked to my door and quietly opened it.

The T.V. was softly playing in the background down stairs and soft snores filled the room. I walked out of my door and quietly closed it behind me then, I tip toed down the hallway and down the stairs as quietly as I can so I would not disturb who ever was sleeping. On the couch, a figure was sprawled out across it and I figured it was Louis. His head was thrown back on the arm rest with his mouth open and drool at the corner of his lips, his eyes were shut closed and his hair was sticking up in many places.

My feet wandered past him and into the kitchen- to make myself some tea. I grabbed a teapot from under the kitchen island and filled it with water. I placed it on the stove, turned the stove on, and waited for the water to boil. My short arms couldn't reach where the mugs were so I stood on my nicely painted tippy toes and grabbed a glass mug from the cabinet. I set it down on the counter and walked to the food pantry to grab the Yorkshire Tea. I placed the tea bag in the mug before I jumped on the counter and waited for the water to boil.

I sighed in boredom and looked around the area before watching the T.V. through the open doorway. A phone rung in the living room which startled Louis awake and for him to jump from the couch and curse under his breath as he hit his head on the table. I held in my laughter by covering my mouth at the funny scene that unfolded in front of me. I jumped off the counter and peaked around the door. He sat up and looked for his phone as it rung loudly. He rubbed his head as he found it and answered.

"Hello?" he asked, clearly annoyed but confused to who was calling at this time. "Gemma!?" he seemed surprised. "How'd you get my number?" he asked. "Ah... that makes sense but why you would take it from Harry?" His lips met out a small, tired chuckle. "Why are you calling at this time of night?" he asked. "About Brooke?" he questioned. I furrowed my eyebrows and continued to listen. "What about her?" he asked. He stood up from the couch and crossed his arms as he held the phone in one hand. His lean, muscular back was facing me and I was glad he couldn't see me. I would be so embarrassed if he caught me. If he were to turn slightly to the right he would notice me and I would not be able to hear what he has to say about me.

His white shirt clung to his body and you can see the outline of his back and his black basketball shorts hung loose around his hips. His hair was a little messy and disheveled from just waking up but he would continuously run his fingers through his hands to fix it.

He sighed and shook his head to himself. "Gemma, I'm not going to discuss this right now," he said. "In case you haven't notice but it is one in the morning and I am really tired." I silently pleaded that Gemma would argue with him so I can finally know what he thinks of me. "Okay! Fine I'll tell you," he muttered. "Is what true?" he asked. "That I love her?" he questioned. "Where would you hear that from?" he awkwardly asked with a fake laugh. "Oh..." he mumbled. "Gemma..." he began. "Me and Brooke are close. Like best friend close and well you know Harry. He doesn't like it," he said into the phone. "And you know he didn't take it well last time when you set us up or how I confessed to him," he said. I groaned in annoyance because he wouldn't just say what he wanted Gemma to say. "Alright! Fine if you want me to say it. I am hopelessly in-" he was cut of with me being clumsy and with the smallest wrong move, I knocked over the pots and pans. They went crashing I the ground making loud and obnoxious noises. I franticly tried picking them up but they kept falling and creating more sounds.

Louis ran in here to see me on the floor picking everything up. His eyes soften once he realized it was me and not someone trying to rob us. "Brooke?" Confusion filled his raspy voice. I looked up at him with a nervous smile. "Hi," I said. He crouched down and helped pick up the pots and pans. "Thank you," I said. "You're welcome," he smiled. "What are you doing down here?" he asked. "I made myself tea because I couldn't go back to sleep," I explained.

I walked over to the pot on the stove to see it was boiling. I picked it up and turned off the stove; I poured some of the water in the mug. "Do your want some tea?" I awkwardly asked. "Sure," he said with a small chuckle. I grabbed another glass mug and put a tea bag in it and I pour the hot water into Louis' cup. I placed the empty teapot back on the stove and we grabbed our mugs before we walked to the living room. I sat down on the couch with my legs cris-crossed and Louis sat down across from me on the other side of the couch with his mug in his lap. I stirred my tea before taking out the bag and setting it on the coffee table and I took a sip out of my mug. We drank in an awkward silence. All you could hear were us sipping our tea and the ticking of the clock from the kitchen.

"Why were you down here sleeping?" I asked as I tried to break the awkward silence. I always hated it. "I guess I fell asleep after watching tv," he shrugged. I smiled and took another sip. "How long were you down here for?" he nervously asked. "Not long. Maybe a few minutes or so," I said. "Okay," he said and smiled kindly before he took a sip. "What about you?" I asked. "A few hours," he answered.

So..." I trailed off. "How are things?" I asked trying to make conversation. "You're really bad at this," he said. "I know," I said. He laughed and said, "But I'm good. I see you are also." "Yes," I said, smiling. I finished up my tea and so did he about five or so minutes later. I set my mug on the table and said, "I think I'm going to head back upstairs. I'm getting tired." I yawned before taking a took at him. "Me too," he said, lightly laughing. We stood up and left the mugs on the table and we silently walked back upstairs, side by side. He walked me to my room which it brought was nice of him. "Goodnight Louis," I said. "Goodnight Brooke," he said. "Don't drop any pans." His right eye dropped into a wink and I couldn't help but laugh and playfully punch his shoulder. I gave him one last look before walking into my room and closing the door behind me.

I pressed my back against the door and slid down as I covered my mouth and began to think things through. That was the most awkward feeling I've ever had with him. One thing kept running through my mind which was, what was Louis going to say to Gemma. He was saying we were close and Harry doesn't like it. I wonder what Louis was going to say and I plan on finding out some way. I buried my head in my hands and I don't know how long I stayed like that for but I soon fell asleep by the door.


Knocking on my door startled me awake and caused my heart beat to increase. I jumped up and looked around before letting out a breath of air I was holding and opened my door to see a smiling Zayn, Liam, and Niall. "Yes," I said. "Morning Brookesters," Liam said. "Good morning," I chuckled. "You have a busy day ahead of you today," Niall said. "So you should start getting ready," Zayn said with a huge smile. "Wait, what time is it?" I asked. "Almost three," Liam said with a laugh. "In the afternoon?" I asked clearly surprise. "Yes so you should get ready," Niall said with a loud laugh before the three took off walking away.

I hurried and ran to my bathroom so I could brush my teeth. I walked to the front of the mirror to brush my teeth. I grabbed the tooth brush and tooth paste and I spread some tooth paste on the tooth brush before I set back it back where it was and I put the tooth brush in my mouth and began to brush my teeth. I made sure to clean them well before I spit out the tooth paste in the sink and I turned on the water. Water fell into my hand and I brought it up to my mouth to rinse the tooth paste out of my mouth. I spit out the water and shut it off. Then, I smiled in the mirror before I put on some deodorant.

I unlocked the doors and walked back in my closet to see what I should wear for tonight. I grabbed a long sleeve denim button shirt and I laid it down on my bed. In my drawers I pull out white high waisted shorts. I set them on the bed and walked to my little closet of shoes. My closest was messy and cluttered with all of my shoes. I picked a pair of shoes and set them next to my outfit along with a pair of socks. Then, I was undressing before dressing into my new outfit for tonight- the Ed Sheeran concert.

I plugged in my heating iron and waited for it to heat up. When it was done, I went straight to straightening my hair and since my hair wasn't thick (neither was it thin) it took me about fifteen to twenty minutes to do the whole head. To finish off with my look, I clipped on my charm bracelet around my wrist and I kept on my necklace that Louis gave me.

My outfit was perfect and I smiled in the mirror in approval. It was an excellent outfit for a concert and I couldn't be more happy with it. I grabbed my phone and walked out of my room and down the stairs. I heard a bunch of talking from the kitchen about the day's plan. With two more steps, I was finally walking into the kitchen to see five boys sitting at the table.

"Hey look! It's Brooke," Zayn said. Everyone looked at me and had the biggest smiles on their faces. I smiled back and sat next with them. "You look stunning Brooke," Niall said. "Beautiful," Liam complimented. "Gorgeous," Zayn said. "Very pretty," Harry said. "Perfect," Louis whispered. I blushed and looked down from all the compliments.

"What time is the concert at?" I asked. "Eight o'clock," Harry said. "What time is it now?" I asked and looked up at them. "Five-thirty," Niall said. "We are going to head over to dinner then the concert," Louis explained. "That sounds like a plan," I agreed. "Here you go," Harry said. He placed the backstage pass over my head and I stared at it in awe. It's smooth material reflected in the light which caused my excitement to come.

"Let's get going then," Liam said. We walked to the lift and pushed the down button and waited patiently for the doors to open and when they did, we piled in the lift and Louis pushed the lobby floor before the doors closed. I felt the lift shift and began to move down. "Where are we going to eat?" I asked. "A restaurant in London. I'd figure we should try it. It's Japanese food place but has different options to choose from like steak or chicken or sushi and other things," Harry said. "That sounds amazing," I said. "The good things is that it's right by the venue," Harry grinned.

Soon, the doors opened and we walked out. We walked through the lobby and out the front doors. The six of us walked along the concrete that led to the parking lot, I saw Harry's car come into view and I took off running to it. The car could be heard becoming unlock so, I opened the door and sat in the front on the passenger's seat. I closed the door and buckled up, waiting for the rest of the boys.

Soon, I heard the other car doors open and the five boys get in. Harry drove and the other four in the back (the usual sitting routine). Harry put the key in the ignition and started the car before he backed out and drove on the rode. We soon began talking in our own conversations or each other about random things.

"I'm so excited," I gasp out. The boys chuckled. "Ed is excited to meet you," Harry said. "Are you serious? I'm flipping out just thinking about him," I said. "You seem like you are in love with him," Zayn joked. "It's Ed Sheeran. Who wouldn't be?" I gushed. At the corner of my eyes, I saw his mood change and him rolling his eyes. He began to frown and it looked like he was uncomfortable, but I ignored it and continued to fangirl over my celebrity crush.

"Do you think he will like me? Like in personality wise?" I asked. "I'm sure he will," Niall said. "I just can't believe I'm meeting Ed Sheeran!" I exclaimed. "Okay, can we talk about something else?" Louis asked. We turned to look at him in confusion. "What?" he asked and shrugged. I raised an eyebrow at him before looking back ahead.

We listen to the radio that played silently in the background until we arrived at the restaurant we were eating at.


"Woah," I said in awe. I looked up at the huge arena that stood in front of me. I started to hyperventilate and shake from excitement running through my body. "Brooke! Are you okay?" Harry exclaimed in fear as he ran to me and rubbed my back. "Ed Sheeran, is here! I am breathing the air that he is breathing!" I exclaimed as I started to jump up and down. He chuckled and shook his curls out of his face. "Yeah okay," Louis grumbled. Harry nudged him as I ignored him and started to scream that caused all eye to divert on us. Teen girls began to whisper and point at us as they tried to look at us closely. "I think we should be heading inside before we draw more attention to ourselves," Harry said as he began to guide me to the back way. "I can't believe I'm going to meet Ed sheeran," I said. "I'm meeting Ed Sheeran!" I began to shout. I ran out of Harry's arms and around the parking lot shouting it. "I'm meeting Ed Sheeran!" I shouted again. I ran back to the boys, grinning. "I'm meeting Ed Sheeran," I repeated in awe. "Come on fangirl and let's get inside the arena," Harry said whilst laughing. I stood next to him as we began to walk, but eventually I ran behind Louis and jumped on his back which took him off guard but he held my legs as he carried me on his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I look around. Girls were already lining up outside the arena. As we came closer and more into view, they all noticed us and started screaming as they finally got a good look at us. My eyes widen in surprise.

"It's Harry's sister!" A girl shouted. "She is so pretty!" Another shouted. "Lucky her! Louis is carrying her!" A third shouted. I smiled and shyly waved at them and the screams grew louder which scared me a little. "They seem to like you," Harry whispered. "That's good," I said. Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn waved at everyone as Louis tried to wave but it was hard because I was on his back.

We walked to the back door where a huge security guard was standing with no expression on his face. We showed him our backstage passes and he nodded before allowing us in. We walked in the door to be shown a long hallway where a lot of people were running around trying to get ready for the concert.

"Where is Ed?" I asked. "You won't be seeing him until after the concert," Liam said. I frowned and asked, "Why?" "Ed is practicing for the show backstage," Harry said. "I guess I can wait. I'll see him after," I said. "Let's go take our seats. It's almost time for the show," Zayn said. We walked down the hallway with Louis was still carrying me.

I leaned down and whispered into Louis ear. "Someone is quiet. Why are you not talking?" I asked. He shrugged and sent me a small, fake smile. "I can't wait until I see your reaction when you meet Ed," he said. "Oh really? Do you think I'm going to faint?" I asked. "Yes," he said. "I will not." "We will see," he teased.

We walked out through huge double doors and was met with huge arena. There were already some fans sitting and talking and guards lining up through the hallways. Music videos were playing from the screens at the side of the stage. We walked past a tall security guard and made our way to our seats. We were right in front by the stage and I wanted to scream again but that would draw more unwanted attention. We sat down one by one and it went Harry, me, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall.

"In just a few minutes. I will be seeing Ed Sheeran perform live and in a few hours I will be meeting him in person," I gasp, realizing this is actually happening. The arena was beginning to fill up with lots of people. I looked around to see everyone else was very excited as much as me. Most of them were trying to keep calm but couldn't. A girl sat behind me, so I decided to chat with her since the boys were talking to each other as I had no one to talk to. I turned around and faced the girl.

"Hi," I smiled at her. "Hi," she said and smiled back. "Are you excited for Ed Sheeran?" I asked. "Very! He is amazing in his songs and inspiring," she gushed. "His songs are amazing and well written," I agreed. "Can he get anymore amazing?" She gasp. "Soon we will be seeing the ginger man perform," I said in awe. She laughed and nodded. I just love fangirling with fangirls even though this was my first time interacting with someone.

"What's that around your neck?" she asked. "A backstage pass. I'll be seeing him after," I explained. "Oh lucky you! You are so lucky! How did you get it?" She squealed in excitement. "My brother gave it for me as a birthday present. Ed gave it to him as a gift," I said. "Your brother knows Ed Sheeran?" She asked in astonishment. I nodded and said, "They are best friends. It's my first time seeing Ed," I said. "Tell Ed hi for me," she pleaded. I nodded. "I will but what's your name?" I asked. "Caitlyn," she said and held her hand out. "Nice to meet you Caitlyn," I said and shook her hand.

"Brooke. The concert is about to began," Harry said and turned towards me. Caitlyn's eyes grew wide as she saw Harry. "Okay Harry. Nice meeting you Caitlyn," I said, smiling at her before turning forward. Harry gave her a small wave and turned around also. "Who were you talking to?" he asked. "A fangirl like me," I giggled. "It seems like you are warming up to people. I am so proud," he said and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "My little sister is growing up!" he exclaimed. I laughed and playfully slapped his arm. "Except she could be a little brat sometimes," he teased. My mouth dropped as I giggled. I slapped his arm again. "I'm kidding! You know I love you Brooke," he cooed. He playfully kissed my cheek as I pushed him away. "Oh come on Harry," I giggled and wiped my cheek. He grinned in response.

Soon, the lights dimmed as the screams came. I began fangirling right here and now. I started screaming along and kicking my feet. You have to let your inner fangirl out at some point in which I did now. The lights dimmed and out walked the famous ginger. I screamed as loud as I can and I stood up as well as jumping up and down. The boys couldn't help but laugh at me.

"Hello London! How are you tonight?" Ed asked. My eyes went wide as he spoke. The crowd screamed louder and so did I. My heart was beating so fast right now, I was sure I was going to faint. "Tonight we are going to start out with song everyone knows," he said to the crowd. The familiar cords of Grade eight played. It resulted in me screaming and clapping my hands. The boys stood up also and began to hum to the music.

Ed began singing as I watched in awe. He is so talented. I am amazed at how talented he is.


"Okay, our next song is dedicated to a special person here tonight. This song goes out to Harry's sister who I am excited to meet tonight," Ed said and sent me a sweet smile. The crowd erupted into screams as they began to look around in the audience.

My eyes widen and a blush crept on my face. Louis stiffen next to me as he looked at Ed and me. A frown fell upon his perfect lips as Lego House began to play. This is my favorite song. "This is my favorite song Harry!" I exclaimed. I shook on his arm as I jumped up and down. He laughed and said, "I know it is." "You are the best Harry," I said and pulled him in a hug. I let go and looked forward as Ed sung. I closed my eyes and listened to him sing as I cupped my hands together and swayed to the music. We have been through almost the whole Plus album. Lego house has finally played. I've been waiting for it to play all night and now it's finally playing.

I felt someone's eyes on me and I couldn't help but open my eyes to see Louis staring down at me. I blushed and smiled at him. His eyes widen and a blush crept on his face. He quickly looked away but I entwined out hands together. I smiled and looked back at Ed again.

The song soon came to an end, I smiled and clapped along with everyone. "I'll be right back," Harry whispered. I nodded and he quickly left to who knows where. "Okay. This is the last song for tonight and I would like everyone to keep quiet and listen to this song. It's one of my favorite songs off the album," Ed said. The familiar tune of Give Me Love began to play and I smiled as I began to sway again and I quietly sung along. Everyone was quiet as they were instructed to do so and enjoyed the song as Ed performed.

"Give a little time to me, or burn this out, We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around, All I want is the taste that your lips allow... My my, my my-y oh give me love, My my, my my-y oh give me love, My my, my my-y oh give me love, My my, my my-y oh give me love, My my, my my-y oh give me love," he sung and I found myself wrapping my arms around Louis' torso as Ed sung. I closed my eyes and laid my head against Louis' chest. Louis smiled and wrapped his arms around me as we both began to sway to the music.

He started to hum along the song in my ear as he rested his head on the top of mine. I began to smile as I pulled him closer to me. His arms tighten around me but in a comfortable way that I found very relaxing. We stayed silent and just swayed along and not caring about others. We were enjoying each other right now. As we were swaying together, we didn't notice Harry standing off to the distance watching us with his arms crossed over his chest as he pursed his lips together in a straight line. He didn't look so happy. Louis and I were too focused on the moment of us swaying together.

As the song came to an end, we let go of each other and clapped. "Thank you everyone for having me and I hope you have an amazing night," Ed said and gave one more final wave before running off stage. "Are you ready to go meet Ed?" Louis asked. He seemed to be in a much better mood and I was happy that he was. I smiled and nodded. "Let's go meet Ed," Niall said.

We followed people out of the rows and met up with Harry at the sides by the security guards. "Let's get going, shall we?" Zayn asked. Harry nodded and we followed the security guards through the doors. We walked back through the hallways but this time no one was running around. "I am freaking out," I whispered to Harry. "Don't be," he said. "He is very nice and will not make you leave her unhappy." We arrived at the dressing rooms and I felt my heart beat quicken. There was a door with Ed Sheeran printed on it in orange. I took a shaky deep breath as Harry knocked on the door before opening the door.

"Ed?" Harry called out. Ed appeared from behind a curtain inside. Here I am face to face with my idol and I started to hyperventilate again. Louis held in his laughter as I smacked his chest. "Hello love," Ed said and smile at me as he held out his hand for me. I looked at his hand before shaking his hand. "You're," I took a deep breath. "Ed Sheeran!" I exclaimed. "I can't believe you are standing right in front of me! This isn't a dream right? No it can't be! I am shaking hands with Ed Sheeran right now! You are real! Oh my I think I'm going to faint," I said all at once. Ed stood there chuckling at my reaction. "Told you," Louis whispered. "Shh," I whispered. He chuckled and stepped back. "It's wonderful to meet Harry's new sister," Ed said. "It's wonderful to meet you Ed," I said a bit more calm. "So this is the famous Styles sister," Ed said. "Yes she is," Harry said. "She is a massive fan of your's," Zayn said.

"I could see that," Ed chucked as he looked down at our hands that I was unaware that I was still shaking his hand. "Oh right," I blushed and pulled my hand back. "Lads. Nice to see you again," Ed said to the four boys who stood behind me. "Hey Ed," they greeted. "How is everything and everyone?" Ed asked. "Everything is going great. What about you?" Liam asked. We gathered on the couch and room a seat. I sat next to Louis as Ed sat across from me. "Great," Ed said.

"Are you enjoying your time?" Louis whispered to me. "I am definitely enjoying it," I said. "Good. I'm glad you're happy. It makes me happy to see you happy," he said. I blushed and looked down before looking up to see Ed was staring between Louis and I with a small smile on his lips. He watched Louis and me in amusement.

We continued to talk amongst each other. Ed and I got to know each other a little more. He was such an amazing and caring guy. He even complimented me on my outfit! Louis would often look between Ed and I in an unknown expression. Ed showed me his guitar and played a little for me. Which was very nice of him. Sadly, it was time to go.

"Thanks Ed for everything," Harry said and gave Ed a hug. "No problem," Ed said. "Bye lads. Nice seeing you again," Ed said and waved at the four boys. "Bye Ed," the boys said. I gave Ed a long hug bye knowing this will be my last and only time I will see him. "Bye Ed. It was great to meet you," I said. "You're welcome," he said. "Just remember something," he said. "Of course," I said.

"The person who has your best interest is the one who truly cares about you. If someone sticks by you through thick & thin and still loves you, they will always love you," he said. "Love will find it's way." He winked at me before leaving. I stood there in shock.

What did he mean by that?! Was he talking about Louis?

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