Fight For You | Louis Tomlinson

Louis just got out of a relationship and planned on focusing on his career, no love or girl friends. Well things never work out the way you plan. That's when he met Brooke. Louis fell for Brooke and same thing goes for Brooke. Her step-parents abandoned and kicked her out so she has no where to go. Louis helps her out and keeps her a secret from the lads except Brooke was found on accident. Everything goes great when Brooke and Louis have a love connection and she moves in with the lads. There is just one problem. The lads find out Brooke is Harry's long lost sister.
"I promise I will keep you safe and protect you," he said. "I don't know Louis. I'm scared of what will happen," I said. "Brooke, I promise you I will always be here for you no matter what," he said. "What will Harry even say?" I asked. "Doesn't matter. I love you too much to not have you," he said. A tear slipped from my eye. "I will never leave you," he murmured. "Do you trust me?" "I trust you."


31. Fight For You Chapter 30

Fight For You Chapter 30

Brooke's Pov:

"Are we ready to go?" Harry asked. The lads and I looked at each other and nodded with a grin. Each and every one of us was filled with excitement. "Ready as always," I said. "Good. First one to get everything on the list and meet back here doesn't have to pay," Harry said. "Go!" Niall shouted. We took off running our separate ways in the grocery store with a list in one hand and a grocery cart.

"Okay... Let's see what we have here," I mumbled to myself. I pulled out the list and took a look at it. "Six bags of marshmallows, nine boxes of gram crackers, and twelve bags of Hershey candy," I said. "To the candy aisle." I ran past people with my shopping cart. Aisle after aisle I ran past. I went to aisle six to find the candy so, I ran to the bags and grabbed twelve bags of Hershey's candy and adding an extra one.

I threw them in the cart and took off running to the end of the aisle. I stopped right in front of the marshmallows which were in the baking section. "We need six bags," I said to myself. I grabbed almost the whole shelf of marshmallows and ran. "Now where will the gram crackers be?" I mumbled to myself. I ran past Zayn who was grabbing his things and was knocking things over. I ran to aisle nine and found the gram crackers. I stopped at the beginning of the aisle to see Liam on the other side.

We looked in the middle of the aisle to see the gram crackers. There were only six boxes left. We looked back at each other before we took off running to the boxes.

We got there at the same time. He grabbed three boxes and I grabbed three boxes. "I'll beat you there," he challenged. "Oh will you now?" I guffaw. "We will see," I smirked.

We both took off running to the ice cream aisle, where we were before. I looked next to me to see Liam. I ran as fast as my short, little legs could carry me. Right when I was going to get there first, Louis popped out of nowhere with a huge grin. "I got here first!" he exclaimed. I ran right into his chest, almost knocking ourselves over. Louis caught me and sent me a smile. "Hi there," he said. I giggle and stepped away from him.

"Good job," Liam said to me. "Not so bad yourself," I told him. Niall showed up , then Zayn then Harry. "Who got here first?" Zayn asked. "Louis," Liam and I said as Louis said, "Me." "He popped out of no where right when Brooke and I were racing," Liam said. "I still don't know how he did it," I said. "Plus I wouldn't have won anyways. There weren't nine boxes of the crackers." "I am the best," Louis said with pride. "Louis will not have to pay," Niall said. "But who does?" Zayn asked. "Who has everything on their list?" Harry asked. Everyone but Liam and I raised our hands.

"Looks like you both pay," Harry said. "Oh joy," I muttered but snickered afterwards. We pushed our carts to the cashier. We placed all of our items on the moving thing- as I would call it.

"Don't worry Brooke I'll pay," Liam offered. "No it's fine. I will help pay half," I said. "I should pay since you were going to win if louis never won," Liam said. Louis looked between us two with a frown upon his lips. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes. I'm sure," Liam smiled. "I feel bad," I said. "Don't-" "I will pay for everyone," Louis interrupted with a smug smile. Everyone looked at him. "But you won," Harry objected. "I would like to pay for everyone," Louis said as he looked at Liam. Liam raised an eyebrow at him but shrugged it off. "If you want," Liam said. Louis smiled proudly and went to pay for everything. "Seems like someone is jealous," Zayn whispered in Liam's ear.

I looked up at the two tall males in curiosity. "What do you mean?" Liam laughed. I tapped on Liam's shoulder causing them to both turn and look at me. "Who is jealous?" I asked. "Nothing," they said and walked away as quickly as they could. Harry walked over to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Don't listen to those crazy nut jobs," Harry said with a laugh. I snickered. I turned my head in the direction of the candy and as I did, something caught my eyes. Harry seemed to noticed and looked to where I was looking at. I walked over to it and grabbed the magazine. I flipped to page thirty-two.

"Shocking news. Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles fight the paparazzi!" I read out loud. I looked at all the pictures that were there. There was pictures of Louis beating the man. Harry pushing them back and there were pictures of me surrounded. Everybody looked at me and walked over. "What happened a day ago, boy band members Louis Tomlinson and Harry style fought the paparazzi! Seems like the paparazzi were getting too much for them and they fought back! As member of the band, Harry styles, was arguing with the man he happened to say he has another sister! They were out having a fun day celebrating her birthday. We don't know her name but it seems like she has a little romance connection with one of the members!" I read feeling a little awkward. "About a few days ago Louis was out at dinner with a mystery girl and went out bowling with a girl about a month ago. Could this mystery girl be Harry's new sister?" There was a picture of Louis holding me close to him as I held onto his hand. There were also a few pictures from when we went out to dinner and when we went bowling from when I first met him.

"Sources say that Harry's new sister was terrified and Louis was the closet one next to her as for her older brother Harry was pushing the crowd of men with cameras back. There seems to be no romance at all. Another source said one of the paparazzi touched Harry's sister and Louis was enraged and fought back. He punched the man until he was knocked unconscious. Harry's sister was the only one who could calm him down and not his best mate Harry! Looks like it was a huge mess as they celebrated Harry's new sister's birthday. There is no name or information about Harry's new sister but we are hoping we would get some information," I finished reading. "Good. They won't get any information about Brooke. She doesn't need all this attention," Harry spat. "That story is everywhere," Niall said and looked at all the different gossip magazines. "It was more scary witnessing it then how they explained it," I said. I placed the magazine back and turned to face the boys. They all had concerning and sincere looks.

"Are you okay?" Zayn asked. "Yes, I'm fine. I mean I knew this is what will come to being Harry's sister," I said. "Come on. Let's get home," Harry said. We all walked out of the store with our bags and headed to the car. I got in the back with Harry, Louis, and Niall. Liam drove and Zayn sat in the passengers.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Louis whispered in my ear. I nodded letting him know I was fine. "You know they always exaggerate those stories. The press is like that," he whispered as I nodded.

The car started up and we back up to drive back to the house.


We pulled back up in the drive way about ten minutes later. We grabbed all the groceries and made our way out of the van. We walked to the front door yelling, "Mum we are back!" We walked in and closed the door behind us. "In the kitchen," she said. We walked in the kitchen to see mum making the chocolate dip for the strawberries we have bought. Gemma was sitting at the table making ice cream sandwiches.

"I'm so excited for tonight," I said and sat down next to Gemma. "Tonight's camp fire is going to be amazing," Gemma said. "Harry can you hand me the strawberries?" Mum asked. Harry walked over and handed mum the strawberries to wash before dipping. "Do we have fire wood?" Gemma asked. Harry scratched the back of his neck and shook his head no. Mum sighed and said, "Well we need some if we want a camp fire." "Zayn, Liam, and Niall? Do you lads want to go get the firewood at the store down the street?" Harry asked. "Already on it," they shouted as they ran out the door.

I smiled and started to help Gemma. "Harry, Louis. Go start setting up the camp chairs," mum said. Louis and Harry obeyed and out in the back yard to start setting everything up. Mum walked over with the strawberries and chocolate dip. She sat down across from us. "Today is the last day you will be here," mum said. "I know and I'm going to miss you guys so much," I said. "I'm sure you won't miss us that much," my mum said with a wink. "Yeah I will," I said with a giggle. "You have someone else on your mind. You won't be thinking much about us," mum teased. "What do you mean?" I asked. Gemma burst out laughing. "She means Louis," she said. My cheeks turned a shade of red. "You can't hide things from me. I will find out," mum joked. "Let me guess. Gemma told you," I said as I looked over at Gemma.

"Yes she did," mum said. "Mum! You weren't suppose to tell her that," Gemma said with a groan. I laughed and said, "Don't worry Gemma. I figured because you're the only one who knows." "Who knows what?" Harry asked from the door. My eyes went wide and I shook my head towards Gemma and mum. Their smiles faltered for a minute before realization hit them like a ton of bricks falling at once. "Nothing Harry. It's girl talk," Mum said. "Then count me out. I do not want to hear it," Harry teased. Louis walked in and said, "Hear what?" "About their little girl talk," Harry said. "No," Louis groaned and covered his ears as a joke. He grabbed a coke from the fridge and sat down next to me.

"Hey if you care to know we are talking about Brooke's love life," Gemma said. Everyone's eyes widen in surprise and both Harry and Louis looked over me. "What?" Harry asked. "Love life?" Louis asked. He looked uncomfortable like he didn't want to hear it. "Who could you be in love with Brooke?" Harry asked. My mouth stuttered over words. "A boy! That is who," I said. "Who?" he asked as he leaned against the counter and held himself up on his elbows. "Shanning Tatum or what ever his name is," I shrugged. "Do you mean Channing Tatum?" Louis asked. "Yes him," I giggled. "You are in love with an actor and you do not know his name?" Harry asked but stopped himself and shook his head.

"I don't even want to know about the boys you are in love with. Too much girl talk," he teased. "Oh shush it you. I had to hear you go and on about girls when you were young," mum teased. Harry blushed in embarrassment. "We are back," we heard the rest of the lads. They ran in with blocks of firewood. "Perfect let's put them in the back," Harry said. Harry and the boys went out to the back.

I turned my attention to Gemma. "Are you serious?" I glared. "I didn't know," she defended. I sighed. "Shanning Tatum, really?" she asked. I let out a loud laugh and said, "I forgot his name." She snickered in response. Mum stood up and placed the strawberries in the fridge. Gemma went to go put the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. "Now all we have to do is let them set till we are ready to eat," Mum instructed.

"Let's go outside where the boys are," I said. We walked outside to find the boys running around the pool with Harry threatening them with a squirt gun. "Boys! You're going to light the fire," Mum instructed. The boys stopped running before walking over to us. They were all settled in their pajamas. They must have changed out here already.

I grabbed some fire wood and placed it in the fire pit. The boys grabbed some more wood and placed it in the pit. "Remember to save some wood for later," Gemma said. "You got it big sis," Harry said. "I'm going to go get into pajamas right now. I will be right back," I said. I ran back into the house and upstairs to my room. Everything was packed besides my pajamas for tonight and tomorrows clothes. I grabbed my pink checker pants. I took off my shorts and pulled on my pajama pants. I quickly changed into the white tank top and put on my short button uggs, tucking in my pajama pants. I put on a beanie since it will be a little chilly tonight. I walked out of my room and down the stairs then, outside to see everyone sitting down. The sun was setting and it was almost dark now. The twinkling stars shined bright above the horizon.

The fire was lit and you can hear the crackling of the flames. "Brooke, do you mind going back in and grabbing the s'more snacks?" num asked. "No I don't mind," I said. I walked back inside to see Louis was inside. He was also wearing checkered pants, a white shirt, and a hoodie along with a beanie. His hair was up and pushed back in his beanie.

"Hey," I said. He turned around and smiled. "Hey," he said. I grabbed the marshmallow, gram crackers, and chocolates. "What are you doing in here?" I asked. "Grabbing the ice cream sandwiches and strawberries," he answered. "They asked me to." I nodded. "Let's get back out there," he said and nudged my shoulder. We walked back out and placed everything on the table by Mum and Joe. I turned around to only see one chair left.

"We can share," I said to Louis. "Sounds great," he said. We walked over to the chair that was laid out for us to stretch our legs out. He sat down first and he pat the spot next to him.

I sat down and rested my head against the seat. Niall had his guitar out next to him. Mum and Joe were cuddling and talking. Harry and Gemma were talking. Niall was eating s'mores and ice cream sandwiches with Liam and Zayn.

I grabbed an ice cream sandwich for me and Louis. "Here," I said and handed him his ice cream sandwich. "Thank you," he said. I sat back down next to him and took a bite of the sandwich. My eyes lit up from the mouth watering flavored. "These are amazing, Gemma!" I smiled to her. "Thank you," she said with laugh, "I made the ice cream myself." I finished up eating the sandwich. "Mum can you pass me the strawberries?" I asked. "Sure sweetie," she said. She passed the strawberries to Gemma then to Liam then to Louis then to me. "Thank you," I said. I took a strawberry and took a bite. "Are they good?" Mum asked. "Very," I said and took another bite.

Louis stood up and came back with two metal sticks and marshmallows, he handed me a stick and kept one for himself. "Thank you," I said with a nod. He smiled in return and nodded. I opened the bag and took out a marshmallow before placing it on the end of the stick and stuck it in the fire. Louis did the same next to me.

"This is fun. Do you think?" he asked. "Everyone is hanging out and relaxing by the fire, enjoying everyone's presence." "I am glad we are all together," I said. "I am glad I can spend it with you," he whispered. I blushed and rested my head against his shoulder. A gust of wind came and gave me chills through my body.

"The lads and I planned on sleeping outside tonight. Are you going to as well?" he asked. "Am I allowed to?" "Of course you can. We usually sleep on the trampoline when we come here," he said. "I'd like to join then," I said. "Only! If I sleep in between someone because I will get cold," I said. "You can sleep next to me if you want," he offered. "I might have to take you up on that offer," I said. He smiled down at me.

I pulled out my perfect cooked marshmallow and placed it in between two gram crackers and chocolate. I took a bite of the hot s'more that instantly burned my tongue. "Ooh hot!" I exclaimed. Louis laughed at me mockingly then, took a bite of his and yelled, "Ow! My tongue." "You should have let it cool down a little," I said, letting out laugh.

We sat back down against the chair and another gust of wind came and hit me. I shivered a little. The wind became colder by the minute so, Louis wrapped a strong arm around me and pulled me closer to him to allow me to cuddled closer to his chest. His warm body made me warmer. I tangled our legs together as I cuddled into him for warmth and he had allow me to. He didn't seem to mind at all as he continued to talk to Liam who sat next to him.

I looked up at Louis and watched as he talk. His jawline moved and showed as he talked and his blue eyes lighten up at what Liam said (which I payed no attention to). the movement of Louis' chest came from his laughter. I was memorized by Louis.

I smiled and closed my eyes to listen to his voice. Louis ate another s'more that Liam made for him. My hands were freezing from the weather, so I took Louis' hand and surprisingly his hands were warm! His large hands engulfed my little ones. He jumped at the sudden cold contact ad looked down at me. "Brooke, your hands are freezing," he said. "I'm sorry... I know they are," I said. He smiled and entwined our hands. "Are you sure you don't want any gloves?" he asked. "I'm sure," I said. "Your hands are perfect for me." He nodded with a small blush and pulled me closer to him. I saw a flash at the corner of my eye, causing me to look over and see mum holding a camera. "What? It's for memories to look back on," she said. Everyone erupted in laughter around us.

"Lads. Remember that one time after X-Factor and we got signed, we came here to celebrate we accidentally caused a fire accident from the fire pit," Harry said. Niall burst out in a fit of giggles at the memory. "That was not funny. I thought we were going to die!" Zayn exclaimed with a horrid expression. "Ah memories," Niall said, calming down from his giggling. "Remember when we first came here to get to know each other and this is where we sat?" Liam asked. "We sung and ate as we got to know each other," Louis said. "Remember that time we dared Harry to bathe in an ice bath," Zayn said. "Never again will I do that," Harry said and shook his head. "I could have got hypothermia." "You're fine now!" Louis exclaimed. Everyone began laughing along with one another. "We can never forget how we shot Liam with paintball gun," Louis said. "That was mean," Liam said and faked about before a laugh followed out of his lips. "I received bruises from that."

"Remember when we first met Anne and she thought we were nice but crazy and obnoxious," Niall said. "You boys were wild when I met you," mum said. "I didn't know what to do when I first met you boys and neither did Gemma," Mum said. "I remember that day," Gemma said.

"Remember how I first met you four boys and you chased me around. I kicked Harry and bit Niall. You boys then caught ahold of me and Louis walked in not noticing what happened," I said with a giggle. "I remember that. Good times," Niall said and snorted a laugh. "We have a lot of funny memories," Zayn said. "And there is more to come," Harry said. "Or bad ones," I added. "We will never have those," Louis said. "You never know," I said with a shrug. "You are right," Zayn said. "We are such a funny group. I swear," Liam said. "We have Brooke warming up to us and now she is as crazy as we are," Zayn said."Or more," I giggled. Everyone burst out laughing. "We have to make a promise, " I said as we calmed down. "What's the promise?" Harry asked.

Memories of the dream I had about Louis came to mind. I looked down then back at everyone. "We have to promise we can't leave each other no matter how bad things get. I don't think I can ever deal losing either one of you," I said. A tear fell from my eye.

Louis rubbed my back and said, "I promise." I looked up at him and smiled. "We promise Brooke. We will never leave you," everyone else said. I smiled at everyone and said, "Promise." Another gust of wind and hit me and my teeth started to chatter from being cold. I shivered and wrapped my short, tan arms around myself.Louis finished up his third s'more and looked over at me then, unzipped his jacket and shrugged it off. He wrapped his jacket around my shoulders.

"Louis I can't take this. You will be cold," I said. "No, take it. You need it more than me," he said and gave me an assuring smile. I smiled at him and went to sit on his lap. His hoodie went down to my mid thighs.

I rested my head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. "Are you warm?" he asked. "I'm much better but I want to stay like this," I answered truthfully. I could see him smiling at the corner of my eyes.

Niall picked up his guitar from besides him and placed it on his lap.

I've noticed Harry kept looking over at Louis and me for awhile now and it bothered me a little bit. I couldn't read his facial expression as he look, his face held no emotion besides the fact he looked uncomfortable. Louis also seemed to notice and quickly looked away from his gaze. I sent my brother a small smile in which he returned.

"Let's sing some songs," Niall said. "Which song?" everyone asked. "Let's do an original from us," Niall said. The chords of One Thing began to play and Liam took a breath before singing. Then after him, Harry sung and then Zayn. Soon, all of them sung together in perfect harmony. After, Niall sung his solo and his thick Irish could be heard in his voice. Louis took a deep breath and sung. I closed my eyes and listen to his soothing voice.

"Oooooooh, Ooooooh," Mum, Gemma, and me sung. Everyone smiled at us. We weren't the best singers but we weren't the worse. Niall strum the last chord as they finished off the ending of the song.

We applaud with smiles. "Does anyone remember this song?" Niall said with a cute smile. He strum a cord to an unfamiliar song. The lads grinned widely and began to pat their thighs to the rhythm.

"I thought I saw a girl brought to life.. She was warm she came around.. She was dignified.. She showed me what it was to cry.. You couldn't be that girl I adored.. You don't seem to know or seem to care.. What your heart is for.. But I don't know her anymore," Liam sung with a huge smile. It was as if memories came flooding back to each of their brains.

"There's nothing left, I used to cry.. My conversation has run dry.. That's what's going on.. Nothing's fine," Harry sung. "I'm torn.. I'm all out of faith...This is how I feel... I'm cold and I am shamed... Lying naked on the floor... Illusion never changed.. Into something real.. I'm wide awake and I can see... The perfect sky is torn... You're a little late..I'm already torn," Louis, Harry, and Niall sung. "I love this song," I whispered to Louis. He grinned with the crinkles by his eyes appearing as he and the lads continued singing. They soon came to the end of the song and Zayn finished it off. Everyone clapped for the boys. "Is that your song?" I whispered to Louis. "No, we sung it on the X-Factor and on our first world tour," he whispered. "It was amazing," I complimented. "Thank you," he said.

We played and sung along to a few more songs around the camp fire like Look After You by The Fray, So Sick by Neyo, and Fine By Me by Andy Grammer. Mum, Gemma, and I took turns singing songs with the boys. We would join in with them as they sing. The boys had amazing voices. They were amazing to listen to or to sing along with.

It was around midnight right now and the fire was almost burned out. The flames were dying down. I yawned and closed my eyes. "Are you tired?" Louis asked with a hush voice. "Yes. Very," I said and yawned again. "We should go to bed now. We have a busy day tomorrow," Harry said.

"Are you sleeping out here?" Mum asked. "Yes we are," Zayn said. "Everything is already out on the trampoline," Liam said. "Okay then. I will leave you all alone," mum said. Joe and she stood up and walked back inside along with Gemma. They each waved a good night before going in.

"Let's get going to bed. I'm tired," I whispered with another yawn. I rubbed my half closed eyes. Everyone nodded and stood up. I still laid down on the chair since I was too tired to sit up or move.

Louis bent down and picked me up bridal style in his arms. "Thank you," I mumbled and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He hummed in response and walked us over to the huge trampoline that was in the middle of the field. He lain me down on it. I kicked off my shoes and slid under the blankets. My body instantly rolled to the middle and dipped down.

Louis slid in after me and laid down next to me. Harry lai on the other side of me, next to Harry was Niall, next to Louis was Zayn, and next to Zayn was Liam.

We all cuddled close to each other. "Good night everyone," I whispered. "Good night Brookesters," they said. "Good night Harry. I love you." I held the U with a small giggle. He laughed and said, "Good night Brooke. I love you too."

His back was facing me so I decided to turn around and face Louis- who was facing me. I snuggled in closer with him and he seemed surprise but relaxed soon after. He wrapped his arms around me as I wrapped my arms around his torso. I entwined our legs together so I could be warm. My head laid against his chest and I can hear the soft best of his heart.

"Good night Louis," I whispered. "Good night Brooke," he said with a smile. I smiled and closed my eyes. I fell in a peaceful sleep to the soothing sound of Louis' heart beat.


I woke up to a slight chilly breeze. I opened my eyes to see I was still in the arms of Louis. His mouth was slightly a gaped, his hair was disheveled and slightly messy, his head was thrown back, and light snores came from his lips. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. His white shirt clung to his body and his pajama pants hung loosely around his hips. I was still wrapped in his hoodie.

I lifted my head up to see everyone was still asleep and snoring but Gemma's figure startled me. She stood by my head with a smirk playing on her lips. I blushed and buried my head in Louis chest. "Don't you dare say anything," I muttered. "It seems like someone had a good night sleep," Gemma whispered teasingly. "I did in fact," I whispered back. "Anyways what time is it?" I asked trying to avoid the subject. I looked up to meet her eye contact.

"Eight o'clock," she said before walking away with a sway of her hips. I watched her walk away before looking up to see Louis was wife awake. His eyes were barely opened as he let a yawn escape. "Morning." He spoke in a deep, husky, and raspy morning voice. He gave me a sleepy, half smile. "Good morning," I said. "What time is it?" he asked. "Eight," I answered. "We should get everyone up," he said. I shook my head and buried my head in the crook of his neck. "No, wait five more minutes," I said. "Only five," he said and rested his head on top of mine. "It's not as cold as it was last night," I said as I closed my eyes.

"No it's not. It feels cooler," he said. "You are so warm," I said. "Thank you," he said with a quiet chuckle. "Louis," I said. "Yes?" "Why is it that Harry kept looking at us last night?" I asked. His body stiffen a little before relaxing as I touched his cheek. "It's nothing," he said. "No tell me," I said as I opened my eyes to look at him.

He sighed and nodded. "He is worried," he said. "About what?" I asked with curiosity in my voice. "Me. He is worried I might hurt you," he sheepishly said. "You will never hurt me though," I said and giggled. "Of corse not," he said. It fell in a comfortable silence. "I think we should wake them up," he said after a minute of silence.

I sighed and nodded. We sat up and shook the others awake. "Harry. It's time to wake up," I said. He stirred in his sleep before waking up, eventually and reluctantly. He yawned and rubbed his sleepy eyes. "What?" he asked. "It's time to get up," I said. "A few more minutes" he said. I shook my head and rolled him over on his back. "Fine..." he muttered and sat up. I giggled and kissed his rosy-red cheeks.

Soon, everyone was up and inside sitting at the counter. Mum was in the kitchen already cooking breakfast. "I'm going to go get ready and shower," I said. "Hurry back for breakfast," mum said. I nodded and walked upstairs into my room. I locked the door behind me and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and waited for it to get hot. When the steam fogged the mirrors up, I knew it was hot so I undressed myself and got in.

After letting the water rinse down on me, I needed to hurry and finish up. In ten or so minutes, I was out, finished brushing my teeth, issuing deodorant, and already getting dressed. I wore a baby blue sports bra, my billabong yoga pants, and my light blue Jack Wills hoodie.

I did nothing much to my hair, all I did was put it up in a wet pony tail. I clipped on my charm bracelet and clipped on the necklace Louis gave me for my birthday and tucked it inside of my hoodie. I put on my slippers that I received for my birthday before putting my dirty clothes in my suitcase and I quickly made my bed. I grabbed my suitcases and walked out of the bedroom down the stairs to see everyone was sitting at the table all dressed and ready, besides Gemma and my mum. I set my suitcases down near the others and went to sit down next to Harry.

Mum put bacon, eggs, and chunks of potatoes on my plate. "Thank you," I mumbled. She nodded with a sad smile. Everyone was eating in silence, they were upset that we were leaving today. Everyone was a little bummed out because we had so much fun this past week. I've never had this much fun in forever. They were all so welcoming and loving to me. It meant the world to me.

"I can't believe we are leaving today," I whispered as I took a bite of bacon. "These past days went by fast," mum said. "I'm going to miss you two when you leave," mum said as she pulled Harry and me in a hug. Tera streamed down her pale cheeks as me and Harry hugged her. "Mum don't cry," Harry said. "I'm sorry it's just... I'm going to miss you two so much," Mum cried. "Hey!" The boys exclaimed. "You too boys," Mum added. "Awe don't cry mum. I promise we will see each other soon," I said. "But I just got you back," she cried. "I know mum but I promise," I said. "Okay." She lightly laughed and wiped under her eyes. "I don't want everyone being upset today. Let's get back to eating and laughing like we always do," Gemma said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Soon, we were finished with breakfast and we were loading our luggage in the van. It was the most dreadful part of the morning. We were all dreading it. "Here's the last one," I said as I handed Harry the last luggage. "Thank you," he said as he took it and put it in the back of the van. He clapped his hands together and said, "Everything is done." Mum was crying on Gemma's shoulder as we turned around. "Bye Anne. Bye Gemma," the boys said and hugged them both. "Bye boys," they said. The lads let go and went to load up in the van.

Harry walked up to mum and Gemma as he hugged them both. "I love you both very much," he said and kissed both of their cheeks. Harry turned around to face me and he nodded his head towards mum and Gemma. "Brooke come here," Mum cried and opened her arms. I ran and clung onto her. Gemma joined the group hug from behind me. "Bye mum. Bye Gemma. I love you both and I hope to see you soon," I said. I began to cry also and so Gemma was. Harry being the man he is didn't cry but almost did.

"Make sure to be safe and you better come down for Christmas one year," mum said. "We will," Harry and I said. Mum smiled and pulled us in a hug that included Harry. She let go and smiled at us both. "Bye Harry. I'll miss you," Gemma cried as she hugged our brother. "Bye Gemma. I'll miss you too," he said and hugged her back. They let go and Harry waved bye before turning around and walking away. He smiled at the family before getting in the van.

"Bye Gemma. I'll miss you. It's nice knowing I have a sister like you," I said and hugged her. "I'll miss you too Brooke. I'm glad I have a sister like you as well so I don't have to deal with that goofball," she chuckled. "Hey. I heard that!" Harry exclaimed from inside the van. He narrowed his eyes at Gemma but laughed.

"Good luck," she said with a cheeky grin. "For what?" I asked. "You know." Her left eye dropped in a wink. "Oh gosh," I said and giggled with a pink blush. She laughed and hugged me once more. "I guess no more secret set up dates," she said. "I guess so," I said. "Thank you for that." "Ah it was no big deal. I had to deal with the wrath of harry though," she said. I burst out laughing. "I'll

Keep you updated when I can," I said. "You better," she said and pointed a finger at me. "I love you Gemma. I love you mum," I whispered to them before waving. I walked to the van and stepped inside before sitting down. I closed the door and I buckled up. We waved once more before driving away down the rode.

"That was emotional," Niall said. "You are right," Zayn said. "So many emotions in the air," Liam said. "At least we will see them again sometime later in the future," Louis said. "Yeah we will," Harry said. I bit my lip from crying and looked out the window. I watched the trees that were passing by us. I was lost in thought till I remember something.

"Oh no," I gasp with wide eyes. "What, did you forget something?" Niall asked. "No," I said and shook my head. "Then what is it?" Zayn asked. "I just realized something," I said. "Which is?" Liam asked. "Is it bad?" Harry asked. "Good?' Louis asked. "Tell us Brooke! Don't keep us guessing," Everyone exclaimed. I looked at all of them before speaking with humor in my voice.

"I'm going to be stuck alone with all of you when we get back," I said in fake horror. "I'm going to be the only girl. Oh no." They burst out laughing. "You still love us," Harry said. I smiled and said, "Of course I do."

Well, here we come back London.

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