Fight For You | Louis Tomlinson

Louis just got out of a relationship and planned on focusing on his career, no love or girl friends. Well things never work out the way you plan. That's when he met Brooke. Louis fell for Brooke and same thing goes for Brooke. Her step-parents abandoned and kicked her out so she has no where to go. Louis helps her out and keeps her a secret from the lads except Brooke was found on accident. Everything goes great when Brooke and Louis have a love connection and she moves in with the lads. There is just one problem. The lads find out Brooke is Harry's long lost sister.
"I promise I will keep you safe and protect you," he said. "I don't know Louis. I'm scared of what will happen," I said. "Brooke, I promise you I will always be here for you no matter what," he said. "What will Harry even say?" I asked. "Doesn't matter. I love you too much to not have you," he said. A tear slipped from my eye. "I will never leave you," he murmured. "Do you trust me?" "I trust you."


3. Fight For You Chapter 2

Fight For You Chapter 2

Louis's Pov:

"And there we have it everyone... One Direction everyone!" The interviewer said. The lady gave us a sweet smile as she pushed back her blonde hair behind her right shoulder. The audience erupted in cheers and clapping then, the cameras shut off. The lady stood up, along with us. "Thank you lads so much," she said as she shook each of our hands. "This interview went absolutely fabulous!" "No problem," Liam said with a laugh. She sent us each a small smile before she walked off stage. We walked off the stage but went the opposite direction of where she went.

We passed by the stage crew and the lights crew. We walked down a few steps that led into a narrow hallways with plain navy blue walls. There were different colored doors on each side of the hallways. Each door had a name on them. We continued to scan the doors till we found our name.

We barged in the door to see Paul standing there with his arms folded across his chest and a scowl on his face. "Paul!" I screamed in an annoying high pitch voice just to get on his nerves as usual. I ran at full speed and jumped in his arms. He caught me and even though a smile threaten to form on his lips, he still kept a scowl on his face. "Louis this is not the time to be annoying. I need to talk to you boys about something," he said. "Yeah more boring stuff to listen to," I complained.

I hopped down from his arms and walked over to the couch. I sat down and kicked my legs up on Harry's lap. I flashed a grin at him as he laughed. "You're too hyper today," he said. "I'm having a good day that's all," I said. The rest of the lads came and sat down besides us on the small brown couch.

"So what's up Pauly D?" I asked with a teasing grin. Paul shot a glare at me before shaking his head. "First I got a complaint from the camera guy earlier saying one of the boys were messing around with the equipment and wrapping it with toilet paper," he said, taking a look at me and Zayn.

"Don't look at me," I said, putting my hand in the air. "It was Zayn," I defended. "Don't put the blame all on me," Zayn said. I shot him a cheeky smile. "Louis speak up. You're in your twenties for crying out loud," Paul sighed with a shake of a head. "Alright fine it was mostly me," I grumbled. "Thank you. Second: I got another complaint that when the workers went to go to the bathroom, all the toilets were clogged up with toilet paper. Have any ideas?" he said, now looking at Niall. Niall sheepishly grinned and shrugged. "I was bored while waiting for us to be called on stage," he admit. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Sorry Paul," we said. "Don't do that again lads," he scolded. "We won't," we said. "Good! Great! Now let's get you guys back home," he said with a smile as he clapped his hands together. We all stood up at once and walked out of the dressing room.

We walked down a couple of hallways till we reached the back doors. I can already hear the screams. "This can't be good," Zayn whispered. "Just smile and wave," Liam whispered. Paul opened the doors and the screams grew louder.

We walked out and saw fans holding signs, wearing one direction t-shirts, and merchandise (they tried to get our attention). Not a lot of fans but of course the paparazzi are here. They were the worst and if it were possible, I would kick all of them in the shins. They were shouting random things at us. Most of them rumors and some true. As always, I went to go sign a few things for out wonderful fans but of course it had to be ruined by the endless shoutings of rumors.

"Louis! Louis! Is it true that you and Eleanor broke up?"' One paparazzi yelled. Now that is true. "Is it true she dumped you for a male model?" Another one yelled. Rumor. It just didn't work out for us. The hate she was getting and I needed to focus on my career. Since we broke up I promised my self no girl friends or girls. So far none which is good. It's too hard for all of us.

Of course I was heartbroken me and her broke up. I cried for weeks but I soon got over it and I'm sure she did. We lost contact but I hear a few things once in awhile. The things I heard she is doing well. Getting received good grades in university and that she just recently graduated. She also had moved on to a new guy. I'm happy for her.

"Come on boys," Paul said. We waved at the fans one more time before getting in the crowded van. I sat down next to Niall and Liam. Zayn and Harry sat in the way back. Paul sat up in the front in the drivers seat.

Paul started the van before we took off driving back to our apartment. "You lads did great in that interview," Paul said. "Thanks Paul," we all said. "Yeah we wouldn't have had a way here if you didn't take us Pauly D!" I exclaimed which caused the lads to erupt in laughter. They knew it irritated Paul when I called him that.

"Louis," Paul warned. "I am sorry." I said. "Pauly D," I muttered with a small chuckle. The car filled with more laughter from the lads. Paul glared at me in the mirror and said, "Louis if you call me that again I will kick you out of this van and make you walk home." "Alright geez Pauly D," I laughed.

The car skidded to a stop as he slammed on the brakes. "No no no! Pauly D I'm so sorry!" I dramatically said. The boys couldn't hold their laughter in as they watched the scene unfold. Paul pointed to the door with an irritated frown. "Okay! I will go," I said. I opened the door and got out. "Bye lads! See you back at the flat," I said, I waved at them. "Bye Louis," they chuckled. "Bye Pauly D!" I waved to him. He rolled his eyes and I closed the door with a slam. He took off driving down the road with the engine roaring.

My eyes widen in shock. He was serious? He is unbelievable! I didn't think he would have the guts. I am definitely not going to call Paul, Pauly D anymore... I'm only kidding, I still will. Just to irritate him for doing this to me.

I began wandering the way they drove to and I hoped this would not be a long walk back. My feet were already sore from the non-suitable shoes. After about ten minutes of walking, I was near the park (that I've never go to) by the apartment.

I began walking faster at a quicker speed through the dim park. I past by swings, slides, plants, and many different trees but one caught my eyes and that was the one with a young girl sleeping underneath it. She looked no younger than seventeen or eighteen.

My curiosity got the best of me seeing her alone asleep with a book in her lap as I began walking over to her instead of the direction of the apartment.

I slowly walked up to her so I wouldn't scare or startle her. When I got a better view of her, it seems to me that I recognize her from somewhere. I knew her from somewhere but where? Where have I seen her before? I began to name some different places that I might have seen her from. The mall? No. The gym? Nope. The interview? No. In front of Bob's BBQ!

I remember her now... She was the girl I accidentally bumped into when I was getting mobbed by fans. She was very pretty and beautiful lady. I remember thinking of how gorgeous she was. Even though she tried her best to hide her face, I saw her clearly from where I stood. She had the best green eyes I've ever saw. She was something... I remember being a little hurt how she was scared of me and ran away from me. Then again I was kind of glad that she didn't recognized me.

I walked up to her and nudged her with my shoe, gently. She stirred in her sleep but didn't wake up. "Hello?" I said. She stirred again. "Hello?" I repeated. "Excuse me... Girl who is asleep against the tree with her two suitcases near her," I said.

She slowly opened her eyes and squinted at me. Her eyes widen as she screamed. I covered her mouth to hush her. "Don't scream! I'm not going to kill you!" I whispered, which was the worst thing to have said.

Brooke's Pov:

I felt someone nudged me with their shoe. "Hello?" the person said. It sounded like a guy. "Hello?" The person said again. "Girl who is asleep against the tree with her two suitcases near her," The person said. I opened my eyes and squinted at the person so I can see better. Once I realized what was going on, my eyes widen and I screamed. He quickly covered my mouth.

"Don't scream! I'm not going to kill you!" He whispered. I started to panic so I bit his hand as hard as I can and quickly stood up. "Ouch! What was that for? I said wasn't going to kill you," he said holding his now hurt hand. I looked at him scared and terrified. I didn't know who this man was and here he was waking me up.

I took the time to scan him up and down. He had his hair up in a quiff. He wore a blue button up shirt with a pair of jeans that were rolled up at the ends. He was wearing black and white vans. He looked just about a little older than me. If I were to be honest, he was very attractive.

"You like what you see?" He cheekily asked. I blushed and looked down in embarrassment. "Who are you?" I shyly asked yet still a little frighten. I lifted my head from my hands and looked up at him. He caring blue eyes glistened down at me. He sent me a smile that warmed my heart.

"Louis.. Louis Tomlinson."

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