Fight For You | Louis Tomlinson

Louis just got out of a relationship and planned on focusing on his career, no love or girl friends. Well things never work out the way you plan. That's when he met Brooke. Louis fell for Brooke and same thing goes for Brooke. Her step-parents abandoned and kicked her out so she has no where to go. Louis helps her out and keeps her a secret from the lads except Brooke was found on accident. Everything goes great when Brooke and Louis have a love connection and she moves in with the lads. There is just one problem. The lads find out Brooke is Harry's long lost sister.
"I promise I will keep you safe and protect you," he said. "I don't know Louis. I'm scared of what will happen," I said. "Brooke, I promise you I will always be here for you no matter what," he said. "What will Harry even say?" I asked. "Doesn't matter. I love you too much to not have you," he said. A tear slipped from my eye. "I will never leave you," he murmured. "Do you trust me?" "I trust you."


14. Fight For You Chapter 13

Fight For You Chapter 13

Brooke's Pov:

"Brooke it's time to get up." A hush whisper had startled me awake. I slowly opened my eyes to see Harry standing there hovering above me with a smiling face.

"Good you're up!" he said. "Today is a special day." "What's today?" I asked. "Today you and I are going to hang out today," he said. "So get ready," he said before walking out the door. His brown boots clapped against the floor with each powerful step he took.

It took me awhile to get up and ready. After about five minutes of laying in bed, I reluctantly got out of the covers and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I stood in front of the sink and did my usually mouth refreshing activity before walking back in the bedroom.

I walked to my drawers to grab a new clean bra and underwear and I tossed it on the bed. Louis' voice spoke, "Really a bra?" I let out a high pitch scream as I turned around to be face to face with the boy who made my heart pound against my chest (in a good way).

"Louis!" I exclaimed, narrowing my eyes at him but a small laugh escaped my lips. He grinned back at me with a teasing look in his eye. That boy is crazy sometimes and that's what I like about him. He can be mature at time but then he can be crazy and fun.

"What are you doing in my room?" I asked. "I just came by to say hi," he said. "Uh... hi," I said. "Alright well this is awkward so bye," he said, his lips let out a chuckle before he walked out. He closed the door on his way out with a soft slam.

I went back to getting ready and walked to my closet to grab a pink lace jumpsuit and a jean jacket. My shoes laid against the door on its side. I grabbed those and set them on the bed before getting into my outfit then, putting on my shoes.

My hair was left up in a messy bun because I didn't feel like doing anything special to it, neither did I out in any make up but instead put on my glasses to hide my dull eyes and grabbed my phone before walking out. On the way down the stairs, I jogged before making my way into the kitchen.

"We are going somewhere to eat," Harry said from the kitchen table. I nodded. "Sounds good to me," I said. "Where are the lads?" I asked, "are they going anywhere?" "They are going to do their own thing," he explained. "I'm excited," I said. "We will be spending time together."

"I want to know more about my little sister so I thought 'why not take her somewhere?' It will be fun," he said. "I can't join the fun?" Louis asked, joining us in the kitchen. "No. I had enough of you," Harry teased. "Don't worry. I won't rain on your parade," Louis said. "Have fun, though." "We will be back soon," Harry said. "Where are you two going?" Louis asked. "I'm not sure," I said. "We are going with the flow." "Have a good time," he said.

Harry waved by before walking to the lift to call it. I gave Louis a hug good-bye and walked to the lift where Harry waited. The lift was already here by the time I came and Harry was already inside. He pushed the lobby button and the doors closed; the lift began to move down.

"I was thinking about getting Starbucks, if you would like to," he said. I looked up at him and said, "Yeah that's fine." "Great. I hope you know what you would like." The doors opened and we walked out. We walked out of the lobby doors and down to the parking lot.

"Which one is your car?" I asked, scanning the many different cars. I instantly spotted Louis' but I didn't know which one was Harry's. "The black range rover," he said with a smile before walking to it. I followed after him and got in the passengers side. He took a seat inside after I had already buckled up and was ready to go. Harry put the key in the ignition then, backed out of the parking lot and onto the black road.

"Is your bracelet suppose to be for good luck or something?" He asked, trying to make conversation. "It was a gift from my step-mom. She bought it for me on my birthday. I always wear it where ever I go. I guess it was a special gift I have ever received from anyone," I said while looking down and playing with the silver charm around my wrist. He nodded and continued to look ahead at the road. "I've seen you wear it a lot so that's why I asked... in case you were wondering," he said. "Yeah it's special to me that's why," I said.

"Do you like Starbucks?" he asked. "I love it," I said. "What do you get there?" he asked. "I get the Mango and Passion Fruit Ice Blend." "That drink is amazing but I get the Caramel Frappuccino Blended Beverage," I said. "I never had it," he said. "Maybe that's because you aren't a big coffee fan," I said, laughing. "Coffee has a weird after taste for me," he said, laughing with me.

I said, "You're only imagining things now." "Oh am I?" He said with a smile while raising an eyebrow at me. "Yes... Yes you are," I said. "What ever," he said, now in fits of giggles which caused me to laugh.

We pulled up outside of Starbucks and our laughter had calmed down. Harry took the keys out of the ignition and put them in his pockets before we opened our door and got out. He locked his car and we walked together inside Starbucks. Walking through the empty line (which I was surprise about), we stopped at the counter to take our order.

"Hi welcome to Starbucks. what what I get you?" Stephanie, the working lady, said. Harry looked over at me and motioned me to order. "I'll like the Caramel Frappuccino Blended with extra caramel please," I said. She typed it in on the computer before looking at Harry. "I'll have the Mango and Passion Fruit Ice Blend," Harry said. The lady typed that in and said, "Will that be all?" "We will also take two Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake," Harry added. "Okay, that will be eleven dollars and forty-eight cents," the lady said.

I took out my wallet to pay but Harry had already beaten me to it. He handed the lady his money along with a tip and she gladly accept it. "Names please?" She asked. "Brooke," Harry said, the lady nodded. "You didn't have to pay for me. I could have paid for my own," I said while walking to the pick up side. "I wanted to pay for my new sister. Can I or no?" he said. "No," I said, sticking my tongue at him childishly.

"Brooke," the lady announced. "Right here," I said, raising my hand. I walked up and grabbed our food and my drink and Harry's then, handing him his drink We walked to a booth right by the window and sat down across from Harry. I took a sip of my drink and a bite of the cake roll.

"So I told Gemma and Anne about you," Harry said. "Who?" I asked. "Gemma, our sister, and Anne, our mum," he said. My eyes lit up with glee. "What did they say?" I asked, taking another sip of my delicious caramel drink.

"Gemma was thrilled when I told her and my mum almost started crying that we found you or should I say Louis found you," he said. A smile formed on my face. "They said they would love to meet you even Joe and Des," he said. "Joe and Des?" I asked in confusion. "Des is our dad and Joe is our step-dad," he explained. "Okay," I said with a smile. "They won't hate me, would they?" I asked, my smile instantly fading.

"No! Don't worry about that. They will love you," he said. "Do you know when we will go see everyone?" I asked. "I'm not sure. They want us to decided," he said. "Sounds great," I said. "They seem like very nice people." "They are wonderful people," he said. "Where do they live?" I asked. "Down in Holmes Chapel," he said. "On the outskirts of London."

I took one last bite of the coffee cake before standing up with Harry. We threw away the bag and walked out to his car with our drinks in our hands. I opened the car door and got in. I buckled up and waited for Harry before he got in and put the key in the ignition. He back out of parking spot before exiting onto the road.

"What do you think of the lads?" He asked out of no where. I looked up at him and said, "I really like them. They are hilarious and fun to be around. They are such wonderful people." He nodded with a pleased smile before saying, "You and Louis seem pretty close." "Yeah we are. He did help me out. He let me live here with you guys which I'm very thankful for," I said. He looked over at me and raised an eyebrow before looking ahead again.

"Is he like a brother to you?" he asked, "like a best friend like brother." I looked at the side of him. He never took his eyes off the road. "I guess, why?" I asked. "I was just wondering," he said. "It's nothing to worry about. I thought you two had a thing." I burst out laughing which caused him to take a quick glance at me with a confused like smile. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Louis and I a thing?" I said with laughter. "No no no. That will never happen. He doesn't like me neither do I like him in that way."

"Okay. I was making sure," he said, chuckling. "Anyways, is there anywhere you want to go?" he asked. "I always wanted to go see the London Eye," I said. "Do you want to go there?" he asked. "I would like to but only if you like to go," I said. "Of course I would like to go," he said. "If you want to go to the London eye we can go there," he said. "Can we?" I asked with happiness. "Sure," he said. I clapped my hands together in excitement and grinned at him. "To the London eye!" he exclaimed. I laughed as he drove faster. He was going 68mph down the road, almost 70mph. I chuckled thinking how crazy my brother is.

He slowed down so he wouldn't get a speeding ticket. "Do you have any songs?" I asked. "Are you nuts? Of course I do! Is there any songs you would like?" he asked. "Mercy?" I asked. He glanced at me in a strange way. "What?" I asked. "Mercy? By Kayne West?" he asked, obviously still confused. "Yeah," I said. "Why?" "It doesn't seem like your taste of music," he said.

"It's not but that's the only song I like of today's rap," I said. "Alright then," he chuckled. He plugged in his phone and scrolled down to Mercy. He pushed play as I turned up the volume. The beat boomed through the speakers; shaking the seats and thumping and vibrating the floor where I can feel it through my feet. Harry bobbed his head to the music.

"Lamborghini Mercy.. Your chick she so thirsty.. I'm in that two seat Lambo," he tried to rap. I laughed at his fail attempt. He looked at me and laughed.

"Drop it to the floor.. Make that ass shake," he still tried to rap. "Weirdo," I teased. "I'm not that bad," he said. "I think I'm amazing." "In your dreams," I sarcastically joked. He smiled down at me and said, "Let's see you try to rap." "I will pass." "Exactly."

"So what is your favorite movie?" he asked, changing the topic to likes and interests. "I'm more like the lovey romantic movies. My favorite will have to be A Walk To Remember, Titanic, and Love Actually, possibly even the Notebook or Safe Haven. For actions I like all but more specifically Shutter Island, The Departed, Inception, Seven, and the Expendables. I like all movies for comedy and not much for horror. They give me nightmares," I said.

"I'm the same exact way," he said. "Even about horror films?" I asked in amusement. "Yes," he sheepishly said. "Awe that's so cute! Your future wife will love that," I said. "I'm suppose to be manly and not cute," he defended. "Believe it or not but girls like guys who have soft spots and aren't always manly all the time," I said. "Well I do in that case." "Good to know. Maybe I can be cute more often," he said with a smirk.

"Anyways moving on from your cuteness. Any favorite food?" I asked. "I must say it has to be fillet, brisket, sushi, tacos, spaghetti, and ribs. Or even pork chops those are the best," he said, licking his lips. "Yuck! You like sushi? That's gross. That's raw fish!" I said in disgust. "Is not. It's the best," he said. "What ever. To me it's gross," I said. "Well what do you like then?" he asked. "Easy! My favorite foods are delicious unlike your sushi. I like chicken, all meats because I'm a meat lover, tacos, mac and cheese, pasta with creamy Alfredo sauce, and brownies," I said. "Brownies are a dessert," he said. "So?" "Well then I also like cheesecake." "You can't change it," I said. "I just did," he said. We burst out laughing at our ridiculous argument.

"Favorite candy?" he asked after calming down. "Sour patch kids or Reece's peanut butter cup," I said. "I prefer twix or rolos," he said. "Rolos are amazingly good," I hummed. "Favorite artist?" I asked. "John Mayer, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones. The 1975's. Aerosmith and Nirvana. People like that," he said. "I love Ed Sheeran! He is one of my favorite idols. His music calms me when I'm stressed or upset," I said. "I happen to be best friends with Ed," he said to me. My eyes widen and my mouth dropped open. I quickly closed it and smiled wide at him. "Are you serious?" I asked. "Very," he said. "No way," I gushed. He chuckled and said, "I see your a huge fan." "Huge," I smiled. "Maybe one day I can get you to meet him," he said. "You're joking!" I exclaimed. "Nope. I would love to take you to meet him," he said. "Thanks Harry! You're the best!" I said, hugging him sideways. "You're welcome," he said. The song changed to Little Bird by Ed Sheeran.

"I like how we go from rap to a calm and gentle song," he said. "It's all about trying new stuff," I said. "So what are your favorite artists?" he asked. "I like Five for Fighting, The Fray, The Script, Ed Sheeran, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Good Charlotte, The 1975's, Nirvana, Green Day, Queen, and even the Spice Girls," I said. "Interesting," he said, nodding his head.

We pulled up to a parking lot and drive down to the first level. It was a two level parking structure. He parked close to the lift that was near the stairs. He took the keys out of the ignition and we both got out of the car.

We walked over to the lift, pressed the button, and waited for it to come. We waited impatiently so Harry suggested we took the stairs in which we did. We walked over to the stairs that was around the corner and jogged up them. We reached the top to see cars driving past, people walking around, a park with children playing at, and the London Eye.

We walked to the cross walk and pushed the button. A few minutes later, the signal had the person walking so we took our turn and walked across the street then, down the sidewalk that led to the London eye. "Are you," he said. "Ready to," he continued. "See the London eye?!" he yelled, earning a few glares from strangers. "Ready as I'll always be!" I yelled. "Then let's go," he said. He reached for my hand to hold and we took off running to the London eye that was down the street.


"That was fun," I breathed out from running. "London is such a beautiful city," I said. "Tell me about it. I could be up there all day," he said. "It's breath taking." "Do you remember that lady's face when we scared her?" he asked. "It was priceless! She never saw it coming," I exclaimed. "We should do this again," he said. "But not get kicked out and chased."

"Agreed," I said with a giggle. We slowed our pace and walked back to the car. We took the stairs again this time since we didn't bother waiting for the lift. We walked across the parking lot to his car. We got in and buckled up before he started the car. "What time is it?" he asked. "Almost five," I said, checking my phone. "Would you want to go get dinner?" he asked. "Sure, why not? I could go for some food," I said. "I can get us food from Bob's BBQ." "Would you want to do that?" he asked. "I don't mind," I said. "Alright we will do that then," he said. "I don't want to get you in trouble." "Eh who cares," I brushed it off earning a snicker from him.

We took off driving down to Bob's BBQ to get something to eat. "Do you think we should bring the lads something home to eat and we can eat together?" he asked. "That's fine with me," I said. He nodded.

We arrived at Bob's BBQ in less than twenty minutes of a drive. We parked where I usually park at and got out before walking in. We walked into the kitchen; saying hello to my co-workers. Harry began to grab six boxes and stand where the food was at.

"Hey Brooke," Johnny said, walking on the kitchen as well as ignoring Harry's presence. "Hi Johnny. I'm just grabbing food to take home if that's alright," I said. "Take what ever you like," he said. "Thank you," I said. "Just remember to be at work here at eight tomorrow," he said before walking into the eating room.

Harry and I set in each box some pork chops with two slices of brisket and the sides of baked beans, half a grilled corn, and potatoes with gravy. It didn't take long to do and before we knew it, we were making our way out of the kitchen.

We waved bye to Johnny and said a few words bye before walking out of the restaurant and to Harry's car. We got in and buckled up before Harry started the car and backed out. We were on our way back to the apartment and arrived back to the place in no less than five minutes. It was a very quick drive back.

Harry parked in his parking spot and took the key out. He grabbed three boxes and I grabbed the other three before making our way out of the car and to the apartment. We made our way back to the lobby. The automatic doors opened up as we walked in.

Harry waved to the front desk guy as we walked past him. The man returned the wave. We walked to the lift and I pushed the up button. The doors opened and we walked in. Harry pushed the top floor and the doors closed. "The lads never had this place," he said. "How? I find this place absolutely amazing," I said. "Let's hope they will like it," he said.

The doors opened and we walked out. "We are home!" Harry yelled. No answer. He sighed and yelled, "We brought food!" I heard a bunch of footsteps and four boys run down the stairs pushing and shoving each other.

We walked to the kitchen and set the food down. "No I want to get my food first!" Louis shouted. "No I do!" Zayn shouted. "You guys are crazy. I do!" Niall shouted. The three crazy boys pushed and shoved their way through the kitchen doorway. Liam was the only smart one and went around to the other side.

I laughed along with Harry. Eventually the boys pushed their way through and took their food before running to the living room. "Psychos," Liam muttered before exiting. I looked up at Harry and laughed. "I didn't know it could get that crazy for food," I said. "It's a lot worse," he chuckled. "A man has to have his food."

We grabbed our food box and walked out of the living room. The boys were sitting on the couch. Zayn and Louis were playing FIFA as Liam and Niall watched. Louis looked at me and patted the spot next to him. I walked over and sat down next to him. "Niall you can play," he said, tossing the X-box controller to him.

"Did you have fun today?" Louis asked, turning his attention onto me. "I had a great time," I said. "I am happy for you," he said. He flashed me a grin as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulled me close to him and I let out a small laugh.

He sent me a cheeky wink and was about to whisper something to me but his eyes looked over to his left. He features soften and he quickly looked away. I followed his gaze to see Harry narrowing his eyes at Louis. "I'm going for a walk," he said. He stood off the ground, leaving his food as he took his jacket off the hook and walked into the lift.

I felt my smile fade and I felt like it was my fault. Did I do something or did Harry? I assured Harry this morning that Louis was like a brother to me, nothing more.

It could never be like that since Louis doesn't feel the same way back. He thinks of me as a friend and I don't want to lose the friendship.

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