Little Me

"I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out,
Talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder,
Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful,
Everything she doesn't see,"
--Little Me, Little Mix
[[For Little Mix Fan-fiction competition]]


2. Part 2 (Last Part (: )

Delicately, Madison rapped on the door, and her sister, I was guessing, opened the door. She looked like an older version of Madison, only her hair was longer, and her skin looked like it was glowing. She had the same hair and same eyes, only her black hair was thicker and had a unique shade of blue on some strands on it.

"She looks just like Madison," Jesy whispered next to me, and I nodded in agreement.

"Oh look, it's the loser-- oh, my God, it's Little Mix!" The girl squealed as I looked at the girl. I smiled weakly at the girl as she fangirled. "I'm such a big fan, I love your song "Wings!" It's so amazing and I can't function right now oh my-- mama! Papa! There's some special people here!" Her parents came in a matter of seconds. They were smiling at us, and being the polite girls we were, we smiled back, but I couldn't help noticing the father glaring at Madison, and my smile quickly faded. I took a glance at  Madison, and she looked afraid. If I was Madison, I would have told her parents off, because she was amazing, but her family thought otherwise. I clenched my hands, feeling like my insides were about to explode out of animosity.

"What's wrong?" The mum asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"What's wrong? What's wrong?" I demanded. "What's wrong is that this little girl," I gestured toward Madison, "is scared of you guys and you ask me what's wrong?" I spat out, and I felt like lashing out at the family, but Jade held me back. Madison's sister laughed.

"Okay, I love you guys, really, huge fan, but we're being pranked, right? I mean, helping little Madison is really pathetic, right?" I didn't want to cuss, but Bloody Hell, this girl.

"What's pathetic is you, bullying a fragile girl like Madison," said Jade, and immediately, the girl shot back.

"You guys were my role-models. Now I know you guys are really just pathetic. The song "Little Me?" You think you guys were helping other girls, and you were, like me, but now I know the real truth. If you like her, why don't you just adopt her?" She snarled, and my eyebrows furrowed. She still didn't answer our question.

"Why do you hate her so much?!" Jesy demanded, getting impatient. Turning around to look at her, it looked like Jesy was about to cry, to cry because of how idiotic the girl was. All the girl did was smirk.

"Because," she answered simply, "she deserves it." I wanted to give this girl a cussing fit. "And besides, why help her? We are helping her already to see her big, ugly self. The song "Little Me" doesn't get to her. Nothing will. No one gets inspired by your songs any more if they see the real Little Mix in person. You just lost a fan." Satisfied with her answer, my eyes were furrowed into a glare, and I was unable to say anything, because this girl was hopeless.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Madison's sister and I staring at each other, I said something.

"'Little Me' inspires many girls, okay? Who cares if we loose you? At least our other fans are loyal to their sisters. And the song does help girls, really. It made us think about ourselves when we were going through a hard time. Plus, we don't need your opinion. In fact," with a smirk, I turned toward Madison, who had her mouth a gape, stray, dry tears dissolving into her skin. "We're asking little Madison here to go on tour with us." Furious, the girl slammed the door in our faces, but we were too busy looking at Madison with anticipation.

"You can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you want to be," I reminded Madison. "What do you think, do you want to go on tour with us?" For the first time, Madison's eyes lit up, and she gave me a warm smile. All four of us gave her a genuine smile back.

Instead of her usual small voice, she said in an imperturbable voice, all calm, the word "Yes." We all enveloped her in a group hug, and there was a car that just passed us. In that car, I could distinctively hear that the person was listening to the song "Little Me" on the radio. 

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