Darkness meets light

My name is Lia . My life was normal like the other girls but when I met him ,Harry,my Harry my life become complicated . He's betrayals to me . And my friends ,everything and from then I stopped trusting anyone . Harry and I are completely opposite he's the Dark and I'm the light ( Darkness meets light).
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8. Chp 8

The room was very big but dark, only few little red lights are lighten up , the view wasn't clear enough for me to look at it but I saw things for those people who are bad, punk , very very bad maybe the men who buy strippers ?!that I really shouldn't look at it or even think about it It was really scary in there . I was afraid of Harry to lock me in there with him and doing those things that they do ,like fuck each other or taking drugs and liquor ......... And many other stuffs .

"Soooo after watching the room quietly , did you like it ?" I know he is teasing me because he know that I'm not the type of girls that he fucks ! If he fucks them ! Maybe , I don't know!

"Of course not " I scream to him with anger for teasing me .

"Thought soooo"

"You're teasing you know that I'm not the type of girls that you actually fuck .And you called me in the last hour a 'nerd girl ' remember ?so stop teasing , okay ? "

oh my gosh I blurt the words without thinking . It's his fault ,don't be nervous Lia , don't be shy from the word 'fuck' . Don't be . I said to myself to relax

"Woahhh , slow down a little bit woman ,I was kidding "

"No you're not"

" okay my bad "


"Are you going to stay in this room?"

"I told you before. Yes." Why am I being rude to him ?because he called me names?or because he was teasing me ?

"I was just asking cause , I thought you were going to change you're mind because of the room is like that . You know not you're type ."

"Just ,shut up"

"Hey don't call me like that , understand ?" What is he thinking he is ,the king plus the queen in ENGLAND? I nod and before I walk past him he grab me by my wrist pressing harder and harder on my hand and pull me to him. Outch .

"What are you doing ,let go of my wrist you're aching ." I said to him with an angry face .and hitting him on his hard ,strong chest to let go of me .

"Stop" I nod and continue hitting him. "I said stop it " he repeat

" no I will not only if you let me go."as I said the words and he directly pulled me closer to him and kissed me . I begin to back away and jerk him but his to strong . His mouth was warm and sweetie. It taste red whine mixed with beer . Then he stops and directly go to the door then stops again .

"I will get you back to you're place about half an hour ,meet me outside" he Said and disappear threw the hall.

Now ,I'm frozen in my place. And feeling guilty . I don't have to feel guilty ,he started it , he started to kiss me . How could he dare kiss me . I barely know him . And I don't like him and of course he don't like me cause I'm the 'nerd girl' that what he calls me

( hey guys !hope you like this ⭐️chapter ⭐️)

\Love you all <3 \

~Goodnight 💫sweet dreams

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