Darkness meets light

My name is Lia . My life was normal like the other girls but when I met him ,Harry,my Harry my life become complicated . He's betrayals to me . And my friends ,everything and from then I stopped trusting anyone . Harry and I are completely opposite he's the Dark and I'm the light ( Darkness meets light).
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7. Chp 7

"Truth or dare ?" Louis said to Sandra

"Dare" .

" I Dare you to kiss Harry". Louis said to Sandra and I directly turn to not see the kiss of Harry and Sandra.

This is uncomfortable , for me being here . I wish I could never went to this crowded party . I wish my night wouldn't like that. I wish I could go home right now and be with my parents talking to them , listening to their voices or being with my best friend ' Avery' watching 'Celebrity talk'.

When I turn to the side of the group Harry and Sandra are still kissing . Her lips was attached to him , moving fast .OMG for how long this is Gonna last .And Finally someone talk .

"Okay now . Enough kissing " Louis said and They stop kissing .

It's Been an hour sitting here and watching the group . For how long the game is gonna last ? I can't handle anymore . So I said to harry :

" I think I'm gonna go " .

"I'm coming with you " he whisper back . And the both of us stand on his feet . And walk threw the door .

"What are you going to do now?" . Harry said looking at me .

" I wonder if you can take me back to the dorm ." I said to him uncomfortably .

"I can't drive you to the dorm now , it's only 10:30 pm "

"For how long you're gonna stay?" I said to him nervously and we arrived to the last room of the frat house .

" I don't know , but you can wait in this room ."

After two minutes of conversation ,I decided to wait in the room than to wait downstairs with drunk peoples or waiting with those people who are playing 'truth or dare' .

(Happy Easter !💐#everyone# !)

(I know this chapter is too short but I will be updating more chapters the next days cause I have a holiday for 11 days .)

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