Darkness meets light

My name is Lia . My life was normal like the other girls but when I met him ,Harry,my Harry my life become complicated . He's betrayals to me . And my friends ,everything and from then I stopped trusting anyone . Harry and I are completely opposite he's the Dark and I'm the light ( Darkness meets light).
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6. Chp 6 "truth or dare "

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When Harry join his friends and I followed him . They were sitting on the ground ,smoking , drinking and doing other Stuff...........

"Where were you Harry" a voice from the group that Harry has joined has called.

" nothing important " . Harry said to the girl

"Ok " . The girl said . And Harry sit on the ground with them and I sit next to him.

"Harry , who's that girl ? is she you girlfriend ?" A girl with White and yellow hair said to Harry . And I can tell she is mocking me .

" No , of course not !" . He shouts . And To be not not humiliated I introduce myself .

"I'm Lia Young " I said to the group .

"Cool name " she said and I nod .

" Ok people. Let's continue the game !" A boy with many piercings in his face has said . And a girl turned the bottle of beer on the floor .

"What is this game ?" I whisper into the ear of Harry

"Truth or dare Sandra ?" He nod . I think the name of the game is truth or dare .

" dare"

"I dare you to drink 5 little cups of vodka " . Woah !!!! That is much more than I expected .

"Ok". The girl that is called Sandra said . Than she begin to drink cup after cup . How she's not drunk after all this amount of vodka !.

"Truth or dare louis ?" Sandra said to the guy


"Who is louis ?" I said

"Louis Tomlinson is the guy with sneakers and a red shirt And with green eyes and brown hair. " a guy said .


"I dare you to kiss Lia" . Oh no

"I'm not playing " I said to her

". Ok. But he's playing and I dare him to kiss you "

" forget the fuck about it . She doesn't want ! Give him another dare . ". Harry ordered and all of his friends are surprised by his reaction.

" slow down dude , we used to play like that , what change your Mind . " a guy said to Harry

" I didn't change my mind . But I'm sure that the nerd girl doesn't want ." Uh ! ... Why is he calling me a ~nerd girl~ . So unlike him and like him in the same Time for telling Sandra that I don't want to kiss louis the random guy that I don't know .

"Ok" . Sandra said to Harry and gives Louis another dare and I can tell she is terrified from him . And me and even all the members of the group .

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