Darkness meets light

My name is Lia . My life was normal like the other girls but when I met him ,Harry,my Harry my life become complicated . He's betrayals to me . And my friends ,everything and from then I stopped trusting anyone . Harry and I are completely opposite he's the Dark and I'm the light ( Darkness meets light).
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5. Chp 5 "lost in the party"

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When we arrived to the frat house, the music was too loud, everyone was drinking .

Stephanie, Niall , Emely and Harry walked to the kitchen and I followed them. They began to feel their cups with drinks. I stand in the corner don't know what to do .

After 5 minutes

Stephanie begin to walk toward me with her two cups full with drinks in her hands .

"Here , Have this drink ." Stephanie said

"Actually, I was going to tell you that don't drink." I said to her with embarrass . Cause this is not my type and all the people in the party are drinking .

" come on Lia . This is a party and you are in a frat house . You should drink,you should have fun not stand in here and watch us like an idiot .

"Uhhh,........." I don't what to say .

"Fine . I will leave the drink on the table and if you change your mind drink it ! ". She said to me leaving the green cup on the table and walk thew the door .I begin To follow her , but because of the throng, I lost hair but I refined her but then I lost her again . Damn it !

When I was walking in the hall . There was plenty of room that I don't know what for. But I can tell this is not good for me to stay here .maybe there's bad things happening inside of the rooms. I should go back to the dorm. OH no ! I don't know how to get back , and my car isn't with me and I lost the guys that I came with . Oh god ! This is the worst day ever ! Uhhhh ...

After walking in the hall for a few minutes . Finally and thank goodness I find someone that I just met . And it's Harry .

"Hey ! "I said to him when I walk toward him.

"Hey . Lost and bored ?"

" Actually yeah .Stephanie makes me go to the party . I didn't want to . " I said to him

" so?"

" can you help me find Stephanie that she can get me back to the dorm ?"

" first I don't know where she is ,

Two the car it's for me . So when I'll be ready to go you can go with me ". What a rude person he is . I turn on my heels to go but he quickly grab my wrist . He's hand is so strong . He's is hardly pressing my wrist with his big hand .

"You can stay with us . And if you don't you will be lost again ." I know he is mocking . But he is right . If I will go I will be lost again .

" ok. You can let go of my wrist now " he let got of my wrist and join his friend and I follow him.

( sorry if that was a short chapter :/ but I will be updating Tomorrow . Bye :) hope you like my story ! Love you guys <3)

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