Darkness meets light

My name is Lia . My life was normal like the other girls but when I met him ,Harry,my Harry my life become complicated . He's betrayals to me . And my friends ,everything and from then I stopped trusting anyone . Harry and I are completely opposite he's the Dark and I'm the light ( Darkness meets light).
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4. Chp 4 "changing look"

When I get back to the dorm. Stephanie and Emely was there.they were putting make up . They are going to another party ? If they are , I will be here alone and I will get bored.

"Hey Lia." Stephanie said and Emely wave her hand to me .

"Hey . So what are you guys doing today ?" I hope they are not going to another party . Maybe I should join them and not be here lonely .

"We are going to the party ! " Emely answer .

"A new party or the one that you goes to her last night ?" I ask Stephanie because she's the one who told me that she will go to that party.

"No. The same party of last night " Stephanie said .

I think about it for one minute if I join them or not then decide what to do . Maybe I should go with them . So I ask the two of them if I could go with them .

" Hey can I go to the party with you ?" I ask Stephanie and Emely .

"Uh huh ......... Yeah ! Emely tell me .

"Yeah ! Of course ." Stephanie said .

"Well ok ". I said . And I grab my purse and walk to the door to wait for them .

"No no no no no . Wait ! Wait Lia . You aren't going with those ridiculous clothes , aren't you? ". Stephanie begs .

"What ? Why ? I like those clothes . " I said to her . With a sadly face.

"Emely , give my make up bag now and handle me the clothes that I bought them today . And you pretty girl sit in front of the mirror now ! "

"What?" Oh no! She will change my look ! OMG no no no ! I can't be those type of girls who wear everything short and put full make up on her faces and do piercings and tattoo .

"You heard me Lia . Now sit down , if you don't want to anyone mocks at you in the the party ." I like that she cares about me . So I sit down like she orders me . She begin to put black eyeliner , black eye shadow . I can tell that I will look like a scary vampire with my white skin . Then she puts red lipstick . And black nail polish . And then curled my hair and sprinkle a little bit of a red colour on my hair with her spray .And she gives me a black dress open a little from the front and open from the back witch it will be tight on my body .

" I can't wear this dress it's too short and open ". I tell Stephanie and I can tell she will not accept . She nod and pushed me to the bathroom to change and close the door behind her .

10 minutes later . ( Niall and the the boy with curled hair came l)

When walk out of the bathroom . Stephanie , Emely , and now Niall and the boy with curled hair are staring at me .

"What?" I said . I can tell that they are amazed by the look that Stephanie make it to me .

"You look so damn pretty to fuck " . The boy with curled hair finally is talking to me when he nods me yesterday . I'm very embarrassed . I'm disgusted by him for using those type of disgusting words . And not just that , he said it in front of everyone in the room !

" Harry !" Stephanie said . Now I know his name

"Sorry for that ! That's Harry ." Emely said to me.

I can't believe he didn't apologise for me .

"Let's go now enough talking . We will be late again like last time. " Niall said and everyone walk out of the room .

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