Darkness meets light

My name is Lia . My life was normal like the other girls but when I met him ,Harry,my Harry my life become complicated . He's betrayals to me . And my friends ,everything and from then I stopped trusting anyone . Harry and I are completely opposite he's the Dark and I'm the light ( Darkness meets light).
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2. Chp 2 "Darkness"

. When I was walking in the hall to find my dorm , there was 2 or 3 lights only . And when I walk more the darkness been more darker then before and I begin to hear footsteps coming . I was very afraid .Suddenly ,I saw a group of punk boys. They are wearing only black and there black hair mixed with red is pulled straight . I don't like those looks . I'm disgusted by the looks .

Hey there ! The tallest one in the group said to me .

Hey. I said to him quickly . And before I walk away, he grab my arm and pulled me to him . OMG

Suddenly ,principal "Carly" appears . And the boy let go of me before she see him and he goes and the group followed him . Thank goodness she's here . If she didn't came ,I don't know what will happened

Hey. Did you find you dorm? She said to me

Umm......... . What I will say to her . I'm confused . If I tell her I will enter big troubles . And if I didn't they will annoy me over and over. I can't believe this is happening all in the first day in my college .

Ms Young ,are you okay ?

Actually ......... . I was going to tell her but I directly shut my mouth .

Yes. I'm fine . And no ,I didn't find my dorm .

Oh . Give me the key . I want to see witch room number . I handle her the key and follow her.

Here's your dorm , pretty girl . She said and I nod

The room was small Enough for 3 small beds and 3 dressers . The wall was painted in black and the floor too . Everything black .there are posts of vampires, Woolf blood, zombies , the punk band , ...... And many others on the wall !

The door opens , and A punk girl enter the room with 2 punk boys too !. One boy with curled hair and the other with a blond hair with a little of violet . They all have piercing and they all are tattooed. And the one with curled hair have the most of tattoo . I mean plenty of tattoo.Is everybody is punk in this college ? It can't be !

Hey ! She said

Hey , I'm Niall . The blond haired boy said

Hey , I'm Lia Young . I said to the two of them .

Hey . I said to the boy with curled hair and he nod why ? I don't know .

You'r the new girl ? Yeah .? The girl ask .

Yeah. I answer her .

So you will be living in this dorm ?

Uh yeah .

Great . You'r my roommate then . And there is one more roommate with the two of us . She is coming now . She smile to me and I smile to her .

We have to go we will be late . Niall said

Oh yeah ! She said and walk by the door . And stops . "I'm Emely by the way " she said to me and go with the 2 boys .

Now , I have to wait for the other roommate to come . 5 minutes later the door open . And I saw my roommate ,she's wearing a short pink skirt and only a black brat . She have many tattoo and piercing much more tattoo than the boy with brown curled hair that came with Emely and Niall. And her hair is yellow , long, on one side and the other side of her head it is coloured with green and mostly shaved.

Hey . I said to her

Hey I'm Stephanie .

I'm Lia Young .

So you are the new roommate ! everyone who saw you talk about you! Sorry teasing .

What ? Why ?

Don't worry they are saying that you are a pretty smart girl . That's all !


So ,are you going to the party tonight. .?

What . What party?

The party in the frat house. That it made at midnight .

"Oh . No thanks . This is my first day in here and I have to call my mum . And I have more things to do ." I Lie.because, I'm not the type of girls who usually go to parties.

But it will be fun. Trust me ! You can meet friends in there . If you want .

No . Really I have things to do !

Okay . But you'r messing a cool party ! She said and gets out of the room

Hope she is not mad at me because I don't want to go to that party . I regret because I know that this party will be,not my type . The people in there will be all punk and drunk .And maybe I don't know. Maybe they're doing bad things . Of course they will they are punk .

This is not my type ! It's just all.

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