Darkness meets light

My name is Lia . My life was normal like the other girls but when I met him ,Harry,my Harry my life become complicated . He's betrayals to me . And my friends ,everything and from then I stopped trusting anyone . Harry and I are completely opposite he's the Dark and I'm the light ( Darkness meets light).
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10. Chp 10

I woke up , Stephanie and Emely are sleeping , I tried the best to not wake up them . I brushed my teeth and washed my face then I wore black pants and a white shirt that is wrote on it "Smile" it was my favourite shirt. then I went to my classes

Liam was there .when I entered the class he waved his hand to me and then I did the same and went to sit next to him.

"Hey " He said with a warm smile on his face .


"So how are you ?"

" I'm Good" I said and at the same time I removed my books from my bag . And then the Professor entered the class.


I've been with Liam all day . He is a really smart guy and a funny one . I didn't get bored with him , he was telling me more and more about HARFORD college. That there was in the past a professor who loved a teenage girl and she loved him and her parents knew that so they told the responsible of the college and when they knew that there was a relationship between the Professor and the young girl they directly fired him but they could have putted him in jail now if his lawyer wasn't in his side . And other stuff has happened and after all that he didn't give up for the one who love her and she too . And then I don't know what happened but they ran away together far from the parents of the teen girl .

" and that was the story about the Professor and the girl." Liam said to me as we walked to find a coffee shop near the last class . The art class for me that I told him about it when we were talking . Oh . And him . What about him ? What class do he have now ?

"What do you have now ?" I said to him.

"Uhh......... I have a singing class now". by his expression I can tell that he's shy by telling me that his last class is the singing one . wow he sings? it never came to my mind that he will sing .

" really ? Good . I'm happy for you......" I want to ask him about his voice but I didn't cause I don't want to make the talk more awkward . Cause his face turn to red when he told me that he is participating in the singing class . But I want to ask him something about singing to have more informations about my new friend. My best friend .

"Thank you" he said to me with a smile on his face.

" what is your favourite singer or star ?" I Ask him .

" it's Justin Timberlek and you?"

" aww. I like Justin Timberlek but my favourite star is Mika " I do like Justin Timberlek but my favourite star is Mika .

" the one who sing "underwater" ?"

"Yeah .the one who sing "underwater " " I can tell he forgot who is Mika

"Oh .yeah .yeah I remembered . Actually I like him I love this song."

" yeah . Me too". I said to him and it's time to go to class .

"Well. It's time to each of us go on his way to class before the teacher begin to punish who is late . Teasing" he said and we both started Into a laugher .then he takes his way to his singing class and mine to the art class.



From me ❤️to you

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