Just Getting Started

Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie, and Jade are four aspiring singers that are fresh into the music business. They each share the same dream- to be famous. Working their way up from talent-show performers to X-Factor finalists seemed to be enough work, but little do they know they're just getting started.


2. Chapter 2

Perrie's P.O.V

I laced up my combat boots and headed to the dining part of our tour bus. There sat our road manager Mike in front of his MacBook Pro. I picked up an apple and took a bite out of it. "Hey Mike," I smiled, some applied juice dripping down the corner of my mouth. "Good morning," he said politely. Soon, Jade and Leigh-Anne came in laughing about something and Jesy was also in the conversation adding in a joke or two. "Hey girls," I waved. "Hey Perrie. Seems like you got the earliest start out of all of us, eh," Leigh-Anne said, picking up a bottle of water. "Oh of course. My mum made it a rule for us to never be tardy," I explained. "Wow ladies," Mike included. "It's great to see you all getting along." "Well, the girls are very nice," said Jesy. We all shook our heads in agreement. "So," Mike began. "We have some promotional work we have to start on, starting with small gigs here and there. Rehearsal is mandatory for a great performance, to today we're getting our head start. Sound like a plan?" I took another bite of my apple. "Today?" I asked confusedly. "Well, didn't we just start a few months ago?" "Yes Perrie but we have to start early so that we're highly prepared for the actual events. Trust me, it'll pay off in the end. Okay?" said Mike. "Okay", I sighed. I was pretty excited though, despite the hard work that was ahead of us. "So Perrie," Jade said. "Have you been adding anything on to the song we've been writing?" I pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket. "Yes, in fact I have." I handed her the slip of paper to see the verse I wrote. She hummed the tune as she read the lyrics and a small smile formed on her face. "Wow Perrie, this is great!" She said excitedly. "Thanks, it took me a while," I said. "What's that?" Jesy asked referring to the song. "Um, it's a little thing Perrie and I have been working on, nothing serious," said Jade. Jesy took the slip of paper and began to read the lyrics. "Nice!" she said. "Thanks! We've been working really hard on it," I said. "You know what?" Leigh-Anne began. "Why don't you guys sing this in vocal rehearsal today?" I flipped some loose strands of hair out of my face and Jade's eyes widened. "Uh, Leigh, I don't think we can-" "Oh come on!" Leigh-Anne interrupted. "This is just what we need, self-written music! I'm sure our manager will love it, it's a great song. Come one you guys, what do you say?" Me and Jade were still a little iffy about the idea. "We'll do it. C'mon Jade it won't be so bad," I confessed. She agreed. "Well, I guess it's settled then,"Jesy began. "We have ourselves a hit!" I looked at her cluelessly. "A hit? It hasn't even been heard by our manager!" Jesy laughed. "I know that but that doesn't mean it won't be once he hears it!" I scratched the back of my neck. "I guess you're right. It really could be a great song!" I admitted. Suddenly, a feeling of contentment flooded over me and Jade once we began to think of all the positive things that would come as a result of our song.

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