A Second Chance (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Nikki Carlisle used to date Harry Styles, but they were separated when Nikki's parents found out she was pregnant with Harry's baby. Now, she's engaged to James Durbin from "American Idol", but she realizes she still has feelings for Harry. Nikki and Harry eventually get back together, but what will happen when Nikki's dad finds out?


7. Chapter 7

Nikki’s POV


“Thank you, Glasgow!  One Direction will be here in a little bit!” I shouted into the mic.  I bounced backstage, only to be confronted by someone saying my full name.  I turned around and saw a tall girl with long blonde hair, bangs, and a little too much lipstick on.  She looked vaguely familiar.  Wait a minute…Taylor Swift?! I thought.


“Taylor Swift?!  What are you doing backstage?” I said out loud.


“I’m here to see my boyfriend,” Taylor said.


“Who’s your boyfriend?”


“Harry Styles.”


“What?!  He’s MY boyfriend!  We just got back together!”


“Well, he was mine first!”


“No, he was MINE first!  We met in high school!”


Taylor laughed.  “Yeah, right!”  She punched me in the eye and walked in the direction of the guys’ dressing room.




Harry’s POV


The lads and I were doing our vocal warm-ups when there was a knock at the door.  I went to answer it and saw my ex, Taylor Swift, standing there.  “Taylor?!  What the bloody hell are you doing here?!” I asked.


“I came to win you back, Harry,” she said.


“You can’t have me back.  I already have a girlfriend—the lovely Nikki Carlisle.  Why do you want me back, anyways?  You only wanted me for my fame!”


“The guy I was with broke my heart.”


“Why don’t you go stab yourself with a spoon?” Liam said from behind me.


“Yeah, you heard Liam!  Go stab yourself with a spoon, Taylor!” I said.


“Well, I heard your girlfriend’s MARRIED!” Taylor said.


“Apparently, you didn’t hear the latest news.  She divorced him for ME!”


“That was all a publicity stunt!  She was PAID to divorce the guy and come back to you!”


“Is this true, or are you starting rumors?”


“It’s true!  Ask Nikki!”




Nikki’s POV


After the guys finished playing, Harry pulled me aside.  He looked like he was about to scold me.  “Nikki, we need to talk,” he said seriously.


“What’s up, Harry?” I asked.


“Don’t ‘what’s up, Harry’ me.  Did you really divorce James?”


“Well, it’s not final, but yeah, I did.  Why do you ask?”


“My ex-girlfriend told me it was all a publicity stunt, and you don’t really love me.”


“But of course I do!  I visited you in the hospital and everything!  I even slept with you last night!”


“And to think you did it for love!  You’re OFF the tour!  Find someone else to open up for!  I heard Carrie Underwood needs someone.”


“FINE!”  I ran off to my dressing room and cried my eyes out.


I had almost fallen asleep when there was a knock on the door.

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