A Second Chance (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Nikki Carlisle used to date Harry Styles, but they were separated when Nikki's parents found out she was pregnant with Harry's baby. Now, she's engaged to James Durbin from "American Idol", but she realizes she still has feelings for Harry. Nikki and Harry eventually get back together, but what will happen when Nikki's dad finds out?


21. Chapter 21



Delilah is still recovering from her surgery and needs an oxygen tank.


My parents have invited me over for Christmas.  They don’t know I got back together with Harry or that I had his twins last month.  Well, they know I had twins, but they don’t know they’re Harry’s.


Harry and I got out of the car with the kids, and I rang the doorbell.  Daddy answered the door and took on a shocked expression when he saw Harry.


“Daddy, you remember Harry,” I said nervously.  I could tell Daddy didn’t like what he saw.


“The boy we told you to break up with three years ago?!” he said.


“Yeah, we got back together!  Isn’t that great?!”


“Yeah, that’s awesome,” Daddy said sarcastically.  He pointed at Harry.  “You!  Go back to England, where you belong!”


“Oh, honey, let him in!” I heard Mom say.  “He’s a nice kid!”


Daddy turned his head.  “No!  He stole Nikki’s virginity!”  He turned back to Harry.  “You’ve got three seconds to run, Styles!”


Harry backed up in fear.


“Daddy, you’re scaring him!” I said.


“Good.”  It was then that he noticed my ring.  “IS THAT AN ENGAGEMENT RING ON YOUR FINGER?!”


“Yeah, Harry and I are getting married in June.”


Daddy got in Harry’s face.  “Get outta my sight, boy!  You will NOT take my daughter away!”


“Honey, let him in!  It’s Christmas Eve!” Mom called.


Daddy rolled his eyes.  “Fine, but if he even SUGGESTS sex, he’s outta here!”


Harry and I carried the girls inside to meet Mom.  She smiled when she saw the twins.


“Aren’t they just adorable!” she gushed.  “What are their names?”


“Daphne Michelle and Delilah May,” I said.  “Delilah’s the one with the oxygen tank.”


“Why does she have an oxygen tank?”


“She was born with a hole in her heart and needed surgery.  She’s still recovering from it.”


“Oh, you poor thing!”  Mom bent down and kissed both babies on the forehead.


Cadence hugged Mom’s legs.  “Hi, Grandma!” she said.


Mom turned around and picked her up.  “Hello there, sweetie!  How’s my granddaughter?”


“I’m good.  I’m this many now!”  Cadence proudly held up three fingers.


“Three!  Wow, you’re growing up fast!”


Cadence nodded.




 Sam’s POV


I rang the doorbell while Zayn held Zayn Jr. in his carrier.  Daddy answered it.  “Sammy!  Come out of the cold!  Who’s this?” he said.


Daddy let me and Zayn inside.  “Daddy, this is my boyfriend Zayn from One Direction.  Zayn, this is my dad,” I introduced.


“And this is our son Zayn Jr.,” Zayn added, holding up the carrier.


“Nice to meet you, man.  Where are you from?”




Mom came out from the kitchen.  “Hello, Sam!” she said, and noticed Zayn.  “I see we have company.  What’s your name?”


“Zayn Malik,” Zayn said, shaking Mom’s hand.


“Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Zayn!  Well, dinner’s almost ready, so wash up.”


After Zayn and I got ready for dinner, I set Zayn Jr.’s carrier on the couch and joined the others.


“So, how did you meet?” Daddy asked.


“We met at Nikki’s wedding,” I said.


“Yeah, the lads and I were helping Harry try and win her back, and Sam was one of her bridesmaids,” Zayn added.


We spent much of dinner talking about my relationship with Zayn.

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