A Second Chance (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Nikki Carlisle used to date Harry Styles, but they were separated when Nikki's parents found out she was pregnant with Harry's baby. Now, she's engaged to James Durbin from "American Idol", but she realizes she still has feelings for Harry. Nikki and Harry eventually get back together, but what will happen when Nikki's dad finds out?


19. Chapter 19

We all followed the doctor into the OR so we could watch the C-section.  Well, everyone except for Mum.  She had to stay in the waiting area with the kids.  Anyways, when we got there, I took Nikki’s hand in mine and told her everything would be alright.




Nikki’s POV


“How do you know, Harry?  One of my babies could be dead!” I said after Harry assured me that everything would be fine.


Harry shushed me and kissed me on the lips.  “She’ll be fine.  Mum says this is the best hospital in Holmes Chapel.  This is where I was born.”


The doctor pulled out a screaming baby.  She certainly had lungs like Harry’s.  “It’s a girl!” he said.  He gave her to the nurse and pulled out the other baby.  This one was letting out little short cries, and her skin was a bluish color.  “We need to send this one straight to the NICU.”


The nurse gave the first baby to me.  She had Harry’s green eyes and brown hair.


“She’s beautiful,” I said.


“Yeah, just like you,” Harry said, kissing her on the forehead.  “What do you wanna name her?”


“I think I’ll let you name her.  I named Cadence, so it’s only right that you name the twins.”


“Okay.  In that case, this one will be Daphne Michelle Styles, and the other one will be Delilah May Styles.”


I giggled.  “Only you would come up with names like that.”


Just then, Anne came in with Cadence and Andy.  “Hi, Mummy!” Cadence said.


“Hi, baby,” I said.  “This is Daphne.”  I let her touch Daphne’s hair.


“Why is there only one baby?  I thought you were having two?”


I started to tear up.  “The other one’s sick, sweetie,” I said.




“I don’t know.”  I burst into tears, and Harry put his arms around me.


“Shh…it’s alright, love.  She’ll be fine,” he whispered.  “You go back to your room and rest.  The rest of us will wait in the waiting area.”




The doctor wheeled me back to my room, and once I was settled in bed, I went to sleep.




Harry’s POV


Twenty minutes later, the doctor came out of the NICU.  I got up.


“How’s my Delilah?” I asked.


“Well, Mr. Styles…you better sit down.”  I sat back down.  “Delilah has a hole in her heart and needs open heart surgery immediately.  Because of her young age, she might not make it through the night.”


I started to cry, and Mum put her arm around me.  “Cheer up, darling.  At least you have one healthy baby,” she said.


“That’s true.”  I sniveled, and Mum gave me a tissue.


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