A Second Chance (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Nikki Carlisle used to date Harry Styles, but they were separated when Nikki's parents found out she was pregnant with Harry's baby. Now, she's engaged to James Durbin from "American Idol", but she realizes she still has feelings for Harry. Nikki and Harry eventually get back together, but what will happen when Nikki's dad finds out?


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14


“Oh, no.  This was never supposed to happen!  Nikki’s pregnant!” I freaked.


Camryn giggled.  “I love the way you freak out.  You were amazing in bed.”


“Oh, God!  Was I…loud?”


“Oh, yeah.  You were moaning the whole time!”


“Shit.  The press probably already knows!”

“Already knows what?” Caitlyn asked, coming out of the bathroom.


“We had sex last night!” Camryn chirped.


Caitlyn’s mouth formed an O.  “Ooh, I’m telling Nikki!”


Before I could respond, Caitlyn took out her cell phone and dialed Nikki’s number.  “Hi, Nikki, it’s Caitlyn.  Harry is cheating on you.  I repeat, CHEATING!  He had sex with Camryn last night.  See ya!”




Nikki’s POV


The next morning, I saw that I had a missed call and a voicemail from Caitlyn.  I called voicemail to listen to the message.


Hi, Nikki, it’s Caitlyn.  Harry is cheating on you.  I repeat, CHEATING!  He had sex with Camryn last night.  See ya!


Irate now, I ended the call with voicemail and dialed Harry.  He answered on the second ring.  Before he could even say hello, I started talking.




“Babe, I can explain!” Harry said.


“No!  You don’t need to explain!  I heard it all from Caitlyn.  How DARE you have sex with a THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD!  That’s RAPE!”


“But love—“


I cut him off.  “I’m not your love anymore!  We’re OVER!  I’m sending Cadence to live with you!”  I hung up and turned to Devin.  “Devin, fly Cadence to Sheffield.  I think that’s where the guys are now.  She’s living with Harry from now on.”


“Did you just have a falling out?” Devin asked.


“A falling out is an understatement.  We’re not together anymore, and we never will be!  Call Harry and tell him you’ll be at the Sheffield airport in a few hours.”




Devin’s POV


A few hours later, Cadence and I arrived in Sheffield.  Cadence had been crying the whole time.  I guess telling her Mommy and Daddy broke up was a big mistake.  Harry had told me to meet the guys at baggage claim, so I went there.


Sure enough, Harry was there with the rest of One Direction.




Harry’s POV


I smiled when I saw Devin holding Cadence, but the smile faded when I remembered why she was coming.


“Come here, love,” I said when Cadence was within arm’s reach.  “Why were you crying?”  I kissed her on the cheek.


“I told her what happened,” Devin said.


“Well, that was the wrong thing to do, wasn’t it?”


“Yeah, I realized that.  Cadence, have fun with Daddy, okay?”


Cadence nodded, and Devin kissed her on the cheek before boarding her flight back to the States.

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