The King and I

Harry's my daddy and this is the story of my life...


2. Charlene

"Hiya Sweetie, what's your name?" Said Charlene the falseness of her smile and voice was unbelievable, it was as if she was impersonating someone in a mocking way. She ruffled Hazel's hair. Hazel fixed her hair and politely said:

"Princess Hazel Ria Styles." In a cold tone it was very apparent that Charlene hadn't won Hazel over with her falseness.

"Well sweetie you can call me mummy." Replied Charlene falsely once again.

"But I have a mum." Said Hazel abruptly.

"Well I'm your new mum."

"But I don't want a new mum." Said Hazel. Charlene slapped Hazel across the face making her cry.

"Well grow up and deal with it I'm going to be Queen and I'm not letting a 5 year old stop me, more cheat like that and they'll more punishments." Charlene walked away with a sly grin on her face. Hazel ran to her room, her eyes bulged with tears and a red hand print across her face. Hazel knew that Charlene didn't like her but she never thought she'd use violence. Hazel decided that the best thing to do was tell her dad. So she ran down stairs and found her dad talking to the butler.

"Excuse me dad but can I talk to you." Asked Hazel.

"Of course my little Princess. Frank I will speak to you later. What is it my angel." Said Harry, Hazel waited until the Butler was out of the room.

"Well, em Charlene hit me."

"WHAT? Hazel don't make up stories."

"I'm not dad, believe me I'm not."

"Don't make lies about your mother."


"WELL SHE'S GOING TO BE YOUR MOTHER AND YOU HAVE A SIBLING ON THE WAY AND WE'RE GETTING MARRIED AND WE'RE ALL GOING TO LIVE TOGETHER AS A HAPPY FAMILY SO YOU BETTER NOT RUIN IT, GOT IT? Shouted Harry. Hazel ran out the dining room and ran to her room crying. It took her a moment to process her fathers words. Sibling? Married? Mum? I can't live with her hazel thought. Hazel decided there was only one thing she could do. Run away. Hazel stuffed some clothes and money in to a bag and put a coat on. She sneaked past the staff and got out the door. Where to go? She decided that she should follow the path so she began running not wanting to stop, running with a fear of running, running not knowing whether to go back. She found her way into an old village she accidentally bumped in to a tall women with brown hair and hazel eyes rather like hers. The women starred at her then said:



"Hazel come with me" Hazel followed the woman since she had no where else to go. She followed her into a quaint little house.

"Hazel why are you not at the castle" asked the woman.

"Why should I tell you." Said Hazel in a rude manner.

"Hazel, I'm your mother."

"Mum?" Gasped Hazel. Hazel stood there frozen, shocked. The woman hugged Hazel she felt warm against Hazel. Hazel began to tell her mum everything. After she had finished Ria said.

"I think you need a break, your going to stay with me for just now." Hazel agreed. Ria showed Hazel to her room. Ria started shutting the door, stopped and said.

"Hazel I want you to know that the reason I left you was because I thought you would have a better life without me. I regret that I never got to see my beautiful daughter growing. I couldn't be more proud off you sweetheart." Then she closed the door completely and walked away.

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