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2. Personal for India

Your boyfriend, Harry Styles, is planning on brining you home to meet his family. He met you on tour and, being the cheeky chap he is, snuck you his number. The two of you have been exchanging flirty texts, intimate Skype calls, and cryptic tweets ever since. Somewhere along the way, in one of your many Skype dates, he asked you to be his girlfriend. Although you knew it would be quite the challenge, what with all the crazy rumours, lying paparazzi, and, most of all, distance, you decided to accept his cheeky offer of becoming his girlfriend.

It was now one year after he asked you, and you hadn't seen him since. That was soon going to change, though, because you were vaccination in England during one of the few times he was having a break from tour. He had already set his mind in bringing you to meet his family tonight, though you honestly hadn't even seen each other since he gave you his number.

As you were putting the finishing touches of your make up on, you heard a knock on your hotel door. Looking through the peep hole in the door, you saw a cheeky bot with a helmet of curls surrounding his face. Fighting the smile that was trying to make its way onto your face, you pull your door open, "I'm sorry I don't think I ordered any room service", and the start to close your door.

"I'm not room service, I'm house keeping,2 he retorts, sticking his hand out to stop you from shutting the door in his face.

"Oh, well, ok. You've got a lot of work to do in here," you say, with faux embarrassment. In fact, your room isn't very messy at all. You'd only be staying there one day so it didn't really have time to get messy.

"Yes, I do. I better be getting a tip for this," he said, stepping inside your room and placing a kiss on your cheek.

"OH, definitely," you said sarcastically, walking back to the mirror to finish up your make up. Harry just chuckled and sat down on your bed, waiting patiently, or, maybe not so patiently.

"India, hurry up! I've been waiting for, like, 5 minutes," he complained, standing up from your bed and shaking his hair out.

"I thought it was more like 10 minutes, but thanks for waiting patiently either way!" you respond, rolling your eyes. Obviously you were being sarcastic again. "Anyway, I'm ready."

"Thank God! Come on, follow me," he instructed, taking your hand in his and pulling you down the hallway behind him. You get  in the elevator and arrived on the main floor in no time. Harry led you out of the building and out to where he had parked his car.

In response to Harry opening his car door for you, you murmur, " Aw Harry," and ruffle his curls. You try your best to climb into his car elegantly, which isn't the easiest task in your heels and skirt, but you managed it.

Once you were in, Harry shut your door the door and got in on the drivers side. He drived out of the parking lot and started the drive to his house. You both made a little small talk on the way there, but you were too nervous to really get into it. When you got to Harry's house, you finally noticed the security that had been trailing you. Good thing they were there because there were loads of fans outside his house, ready to mob him, and you, if they could get to you.

"Ugh, I'm sorry! I didn't know all my fans were going to try to meet me here!" you exclaimed jokingly, though you knew they were there for Harry.

"Did you tweet about it or something?" Harry retorted, playing along.

"No" How do they always find me? Oh, it's so hard being me," you complain dramatically.

"I bet it is," Harry responds, parking the car. He waits until the security behind you to get the crown under control before exiting. When he comes around to your side again, he hands you one of his cute beanies and some sunglasses. You give him a look, but he just shrugs and puts the glasses on for you. You put the beanie on and climb out of the car, grabbing his hand for balance.

"I can't believe I have to wear this, it's totally messes up my hair," you jokingly state, rolling your eyes.

"I'm sure it'll look fine, The disguise is for your own good anyway," Harry explains, pulling you along and into the house, throwing a few waves at the crowd.

Once safe inside, he pulls of the beanie and glasses and says, "See, you still look beautiful."

"You don't look so bad yourself," you reply cheekily and pat his chest.

"Why, thank you," he says, adjusting his collar. You just roll your eyes and wait for him to say what's next. "Ready to meet the family?"

"I guess." you mumble, your nerves acting up again.

"Don't be nervous they'll love you!" Harry explains, leading you out to his living room where his family are waiting.

"Hello there!" his mom exlaims, standing up to come and greet you.

"Hi, I'm India," you introduce yourself, extending your hand in greeting. Surprisingly, she swoops you into a hug.

"Harry's said so much about you!" she gushes excitedly, giving Harry a pointed glance.

"Oh, really?" you ask, raising your eyebrows at Harry. You make a note to question Harry about that later.

Being the suave ladies man he is, he just winked at you and smiled, not becoming embarrassed at all. he introduces you to the rest of the family, making small talk with all of them as his mother goes to finish dinner. He and his stepdad get into a heated conversation about sports and other manly things, so you wonder off to help his mother with dinner.

"Need any help?" you ask, stepping into the kitchen.

"Um, would you mind setting the table for me? I'm afraid I need to dedicate all of myself to the meal," she says with a laugh.

"Yeah, no problem," you chuckle, grabbing plates and silverware and walking out of the dining room. Once you finished with that, you go back out to the kitchen to see if she needs anymore help.

She politely rejects your offer, but you stay to keep her company and have small chat. She asks a few personal questions, attempting to get to know you, and you crack a few jokes, earning a couple resounding laughs.

"You are so much like Harry!" she squeals, happy with her sons choice of girl.

"Thanks," you respond with a small smile.

Anne finished up the meal and summons the boys and Gemma out to the dining room. As you sit down to eat, all attention turns to you. They all ask you questions and tease you, warming up to you fairly quickly. You reply with smart and quirky remarks, using your sarcasm as a go to tool to get a laugh. Everybody seems to like you.

The dinner goes quickly, and afterwards Harry takes you up to his room to finish off the date. You joke around, wrestle and flirt incessantly, enjoying actually hanging out with your favourite person in the world.

When it stars to get late, Harry drives you back to your hotel and walks you up to your room. "I'm so glad we got to hang out in person, finally," he murmurs, giving you a peck on the lips.

"Me too. I really like your family," you respond smiling.

"I think they like you too, you were great" he reassures you, giving you a hug.

You chuckle and say, "Thank you, I spent all week practising!"

"Well, it worked, he replies, laughing.

"Good. Hey, I gotta go. Thanks for tonight," you respond, pouting your keycard in the door.

"No problem. Goodnight, babe," he says, turning to go.

"See you!" you exclaim, walking into your room and shutting the door. You go in and lay down on the bed, reliving the whole evening. Smiling, you make a not to remind Harry how much you love him tomorrow and how perfect he is for you.

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