one direction imagines and prefrences


4. He cheats on you (part 1)

Harry: "What the hell is this?" you yelled throwing the magazine at him. He grabs it from his lap and looks at the front cover. On it was a picture of him leaving another girls house. They were saying goodbye and he kissed her on the lips. "This isn't me, it must of been photoshopped," he said. "Don't give me that shit! I know you did it, a fan saw you leaving her house and said you did exactly all of that!" He sat there, looking guilty. "Okay, I did kiss her, and I did spend the night, but we didn't do anything!" he yelled standing up. "Bullshit! It seemed kinda obvious you did do something seeing how you kissed her before you let!" "You don't have proof that we did something" he said. "But you did have sex with her, didn't you" you yelled stepping back from him. He stayed silent, looking at the ground. He cheated on you. You didn't know what to do, so you took a step and let your hand come into contact with his cheek. You slapped him. He held his face and looked at you shocked. "What the hell was that for?" he asked. "You should know" you said walking away to the bedroom. You pulled out an overnight bag and packed a few pairs of clothes in it before walking back out and Harry was still standing in the exact spot as before. "Where are you going?" he asked following you to the door. "Out. Don't expect me to be back Styles. Have a nice life." Those were the last words you said before slamming the door in his face and making your way to your car and driving to Niall's place. "Hey, What are you.." He stopped and saw your tear stained face. "Oh my God, you saw didn't you?" He asked. You nodded. "Come, you can stay with me as long as you want," he said grabbing your arm and pulling you inside.

Liam: "I thought your were coming later?" he said as you stood outside his room waiting for him to let you in. "Well I came early, is that a problem, now let me in," you said trying to push the door open. "Just let me go and put a coat on then we can go for a walk yeah?" he said. "Liam, let me in," you said pushing the door open. The first thing you saw was a girl laying on the couch, only with her bra and jeans on. You looked at her, then to Liam. He went to speak but you stopped him. "Don't try and say your sorry, you said you would wait for me and not go off with some girl!" you yelled pointing to the girl. You felt a tear escape your eye. "Just let me explain, We can got for a walk or something to talk." he said. You shook your head "No" you whispered "We can't, I think we need a break, and in the time of out break, I'll think if I need to break up with you." you said walking back to the door while dialling Niall's number. "Hello?" he said. "Hey, it's me. I need you to pick me up from Liam's hotel" you said stepping into the elevator. "I'm guessing he cheated on you," he said. "Yeah," you said quietly. "I'll be there in 5, wait outside the front." he said before hanging up. You sat on a bench outside the hotel waiting for Niall to turn up.

Louis: "Why do you keep believing these rumours! They are not true!" he yelled. "How can I not! All those pictures of you and her kissing turned up on twitter, some in magazines. They're not rumours if there's proof." you said. This has been going on for 5 minutes straight. "I'm sorry okay, I just got lost in the moment," he said. "Is that seriously the bes excuse you can come up with?" you asked. "After all we've been through you decide to do this. Those dates we had, dinners, movie nights, fun, holidays, meant nothing to you. I should've known you would go and cheat on me when I told you I was pregnant!" you yelled. He stood there silent, tears slowly falling down his face. You grabbed your phone and keys and made your way to the door. "Please don't leave." you heard him whisper. You ignored him and walked out the door, wondering down to your car before going to your parents house. They were gone for the weekend so you figured you could sleep there and then go find somewhere else when they come back. You called Harry and asked him to meet you there and he gladly agreed to. You fell onto your childhood bed and closed your eyes, still letting the tears fall down. Slowly you drifted off to sleep.

Niall: You walked into the new apartment you and Niall shared. Yes, new, for you, he asked you to move in with him a week ago. You put your coat on the coat hanger near the door when you saw another coat, and it wasn't Niall's. It was pink woollen coat. You took it off the rack and started walking through the house looking for Niall. You opened the door of our bedroom and found him laying on the bed watching TV. "Hey, babe, you're home early" he said not taking his eyes off the TV. "Yeah, they let me fly home early. Anyway, who's is this?" You asked holding up the pink coat in front of you. His face fell. "It must be yours, I mean I don't let any other, uh, girls in the apartment unless its your best friends." he said putting his arm on the other side of the bed and reaching down to the floor. "Niall, what's down there?" he instantly stopped. "nothing, just a bug. All gone." he said laughing nervously. You threw the coat on the bed and walked over to the other side of the bed and got to your knees looking under the bed. There was pink lace underwear under the bed, that's what Niall was trying to hide. You grabbed it and saw there was writing on it D.A. Dani, your best friend. "While I was gone, for 2 days, you couldn't control yourself so you had sex with my best friend." you said, trying not to raise your voice. "I'm sorry, it was a mistake, it meant nothing to me" he defended. He came to you and put his hand on your arm but you slapped it away, stepping back a few steps. "Step away from me!" you yelled. "You cheated on me, with my best friend." you said. You grabbed your bag and made your way to the front door. "Y/N, where are you going?" Niall yelled following you. "Somewhere else, away from here" you said before walking out of the apartment and down to your car. You sat in the car and burst into tears. You dialled Louis' number hoping he would answer. "Hey, what's up?" he asked. "I need a place to stay tonight, can I come to yours?" you said your voice shaking. "Yeah sure, is everything alright?" you took a deep breath. "Niall cheated on me with my best friend." you said. You heard Louis gasp. "Okay, come over here and you can stay as long as you want you know that." "Thank you Louis" you said before hanging up and making your way to Louis'.

Zayn: You didn't go to Starbucks often but your sister wanted to go there before you went shopping. You were sitting at a table, drinking your coffee and enjoying spending time together until she mentioned you and Zayn. "I'm guessing you and Zayn are really happy together, I saw you two in a magazine and you looked like your were having the time of your life with him" You smiled and nodded before a face that you couldn't forget caught your eye. That someone had his arm around another girl, who had her head on his shoulder. Zayn. "Sis, what's.. Oh God."  You watched them for a few seconds and the it happened. She leant up and kissed him on the lips and he responded, not wanting to pull away but thankfully she did. "That's it" you said getting up and ignoring your sisters protests. "You asshole" you yelled as your approached them. "Y/N, it's not what it looks like." he said pushing her off him. "Really cause it's exactly what it looks like. Who the hell are you?" the girl glared at you before answering. "Sarah, his girlfriend. Who are you?" she asked in a snobby tone. I looked at Zayn. "His ex" You said before walking away, hearing him running after you. "Please, just listen to me" he said grabbing your arm and turning your around. "No! You fucking cheated on me Zayn, there's nothing to explain cause it's quite clear what happened in there." You said pulling your arm away from him. "You have to believe me that I'm sorry and I love you." he pleaded his eyes wet. "I don't! And I'm not going to, just stay the fuck away from ! We are over." Those were the last words you said before walking off towards your sisters car and getting in the front seat and bursting into tears. You heard the car door open and close and you looked up to see your sister next to you.  "I saw the whole thing, and I'm so sorry. You can stay with me till you figure out what you're going to do." she reassured me. You smiled and thanked her before she started driving back to her place.

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