Why did you?

relationships are not always as you want it to be, they are complicated and hurting. For this one girl her relationship with her boyfriend meant everything to her. But it didn't turn out well. He betrayed her in a way that was more painful then anything else, she burst out in tears at kept on for days, until she decided to write him a letter.


2. you


My dear Tiana


Please, please forgive me. I do want to be with you. I do, I do.

You are the one, the one for me. And I never meant to hurt you, not at all.


We had great times together; we had fireworks whenever we wanted. You gave me the sparkle, you gave me the smile, you gave me the laugh and you gave me the love.

Me leaving was the worst decision I ever made, and I mean EVER.


And yes… I did love everything back then. I didn’t know want went wrong that made me leave. It hurts; it hurts so bad knowing that I hurt your feelings. Trust me your feeling mean a lot to me. And to be honest I still have feelings for you.



I think you should know that Ashley and me are not together. She left me for another boy that also played on the football team. And I know we were meant to be.

When Ashley left it was. She left for Jacob, you know my best friend. Well not anymore.


We were getting married, she never showed up. I was standing there ready to see her walk down the aisle, but I never did. I waited and waited. People were breathless, my heart stopped beating. My brain stopped working, everything was black that day.

I realized she didn’t love; she didn’t love me at all. She wanted to hurt your feelings and she used me to do it. I fell right into her trap, and now I have no idea what to do.


So now you know. And I respect fully if you don’t want me back, just tell me.

Just know I am really sorry.

You made me feel like I never felt before, you made me feel special and loved.

I have nothing else to say except…. I love you!



With love from Carl


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