Will You Catch Me?

Ashley is just and ordinary girl that has a passion of dancing. She becomes a dancer for Justin Bieber's upcoming tour "Believe" What happens when during tour Justin starts catching feelings for Ashley? Ashley builds her walls up high, very high, only because she had a horrible past relationship. Will Justin be there to catch her or just leaves her? Read it find out!


10. Stop it

Ashley's P.O.V.

''Who is this bitch?'' She cruelly asked staring at me, Justin got off of me.

''This bitch is his dancer.'' I answered

''Shut the fuck up.'' She rolled her eyes at me

''Who the fuck do you think you are talking to?''

''An ugly ass bitch.''

''Oh shit. You are gonna get it now.''

I charged after her but before I could get to her Za swung me over his shoulder.

''Za put me downnn!!!'' I ordered. He took my far away from the living room. Nicole followed.

''Ashley relax.'' He put his hand on my shoulder

''I just met her and she is being cruel like what the fuck!?''

''Ash it's gonna be okay. Don't let her get to you.'' Nicole said. I took a deep breath.

''Okay, I'm relaxed.'' We went back into the living room. Justin was hugging Selena.

I don't know why but I felt a little jealous. It's whatever. She soon left. Justin came back to lay on my lap but before he could, i stood up.

''Come on Nicole, it's getting pretty late, we should leave.''

''Okay.'' We waved bye to them and left. I could feel Justin eyeballing me.

We got to the car and drove off.

*Next Day*

We got to rehearsals. If i have to be honest I do not want to be near Justin. I know I'm somewhat starting to get attached and I do NOT want that.

''You are stretching with me, okay?'' I told Nicole

''Okayyyy.'' She said

We put our bags down and started to stretch.

''So where's Justin?'' She asked

''I don't know.''

''Whar happened?'' She asked, I stopped stretching and just sat on the floor.

''I've been growing small feelings for Justin and it's so so so annoying. Like yesterday, I almost kissed him. I don't want that. He's a really cool guy. I want him in my life. Why does he have to be so sweet and good looking?''

''Ash if you want him in your life don't keep pushing him away. Talk to him. Be best friends with him then maybe later in life you'll be together or just stay friends.''

''You inspire me so much. I love you so much.'' I hugged her.

''I love you too.'' She smiled, i pulled out of the hug.

''I'm gonna go talk to Justin.'' I stood up and smiled.

I looked around the room and saw Justin sitting on a gigantic speaker. He had his headphones in and had his eyes closed. I walked up to him. I rested my hands on his knees. I snapped him out of his daze.

''Hi.'' I greeted myself with a smile, he smiled back.


''What's up?''

''Waiting for rehearsals to start.''

''Look I'm sorry for just leaving yesterday.''

''It's cool but why did you?''

''I don't know... I just thought it was the right thing to do. Selena felt pretty upset because I was there.''

''It doesn't matter what Selena felt.''

''Come stretch with me.'' I grabbed his hand and we started to stretch.

A/N~ Sorry this chapter sucks! I'll update again soon:)

I love you😘

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