Will You Catch Me?

Ashley is just and ordinary girl that has a passion of dancing. She becomes a dancer for Justin Bieber's upcoming tour "Believe" What happens when during tour Justin starts catching feelings for Ashley? Ashley builds her walls up high, very high, only because she had a horrible past relationship. Will Justin be there to catch her or just leaves her? Read it find out!


15. Starbucks

Ashley's POV

Justin and I just sat there laughing together and talking. We soon stopped whenever Nicole and Za walked up to us.

''I'm gonna go to the hotel with Za. Can you go with Justin?'' Nicole told me

''Is it fine with you if i do?'' I asked him

''Perfectly fine with me.'' He responded

''Okay. I'll go with Justin.'' Nicole and Za nodded their heads and left.

''Do you want to go somewhere before we go to the hotel?''

''Where do you want to go?'' I asked him

''You choose.'' He told me

''Starbucks!'' I said smiling. Justin and I started smiling at each other

''You're beautiful Ashley.''

I felt myself turn bright red. This boy makes me feel some type of way. He doesn't even have to try. My stomach starts doing all these turns and gets millions of butterflies.

''You're an incredible guy Justin.''

''Ehh I try.'' I just smiled at him.

We were singing a long to songs and talking. I took a picture of us. Justin was looking at the camera smiling and so was I.

''Would you mind if I put it up?'' I asked him

''The real question is, would you mind?'' He asked me

''No. There's nothing going on between us anyways.''

Justin's POV

Is it just me or did i feel completely friend zoned? Ashley is an incredible girl. I really like her. Just makes me feel some time of way.

''Put it up.'' I smiled, she smiled back.

Oh her smile. It's so beautiful.

We got to Starbucks and we ordered. Fans came up to me.

''Justin can I please get a picture with you?!'' A fan asked.

I wanted to really bad but I was with Ashley. I didn't want her to feel out of place.

''I would but i'm with Ashley. I don't want her to feel out of place.'' I told the fan.

''Oh okay.'' She said sadly

''Wait no. Justin take a picture with her. I'm not gonna feel out of place.'' Ashley said, the fan smiled at her. She smiled back

''Here i'll take it.'' Said Ashley smiling

The fan handed Ashley the phone. Ashley took photos while the fan and I pose for it. I heard a couple clicks go off before Ashley handed the phone back. I hugged the fan goodbye.

''You're so sweet.'' I told her

''She obviously wanted a picture with you. I don't want you to stop taking pictures with your fans because of me.'' She said. We both exchanged smiles.

Our order soon came. We turned around and you could see the paparazzi all outside waiting for us. I knew it was gonna be hard get to my car.

''There is an exit in the back Mr. Bieber.'' An employee told me. I nodded my head at them and we went to the back exit.

None of the paparazzi saw us walk to our cars but they saw us get into our cars. I quickly turned on my car and left.

''Do you always go through this?'' Ashley asked me

''Yeah.'' I answered

We just listened to music the rest of the way to the hotel. We had to go through the back because there was paparazzi and everything in the front. We got inside.

We were talking all the way up to our rooms.

''Ashley I want to get to know you better.''I started, ''you're an incredible girl.''

''I want to get to know you better as well.''

''How about tomorrow?''

''I would love that.'' She responded with her beautiful smile

A/N~ YAYYYY!!!! I finally updated lol. It MIGHT be a while before i update again. My grades aren't doing so well and i got to focus on that for a while.


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