Will You Catch Me?

Ashley is just and ordinary girl that has a passion of dancing. She becomes a dancer for Justin Bieber's upcoming tour "Believe" What happens when during tour Justin starts catching feelings for Ashley? Ashley builds her walls up high, very high, only because she had a horrible past relationship. Will Justin be there to catch her or just leaves her? Read it find out!


2. Nerves

Ashely's P.O.V

*Beep beep beep* *Beep beep beep*

Dumb alarm hadd to wake me up! I stayed in bed. It started ringing again.

''Fuckkkkkk!'' I murmured

I soon heard it go off.

''Babe.'' I heard a voice call

I looked up and saw my boyfriend Tye.

''There is my beautiful light skin girlfriend.''

''There is my handsome light skin boyfriend.''

''Come on get up Ashley. You have an audition today.''

''5 more minutes.''

I dug my head back into a pillow. I shut my eyes.

''Ashley it's gonna get late.''

''No it's nottt.'' I whined. I was soon lifted off from the bed.

''Tyeeeee put me down.''

He put me down and kissed my nose.

''Go get ready baby.'' I smiled and pecked his lips before heading to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth before going into the shower.

I slid my clothes off and hopped into the shower. After 15 minutes I was done. I got changed into shorts, a white t-shirt and a plaid shirt wrapped around my waist. I wore my vans.

My hair was naturally curly. It was tiny curls. That's something i love about myself, my hair.

I walked back into the room and Tyler was asleep in bed. I couldn't help but smile. I crawled on top of him.

''I gotta go baby.'' I kissed his cheek.

''Good luck.''

''Thanks.'' I crawled off of him and left the room.

I walked into the living room and saw my sister, brother, and parents there.

''Where's Tyler?'' My brother, Jake asked

''He fell asleep.'' I answered

''You ready?'' My mom, Lisa asked

''Yeah.'' I smiled and we walked out the door. We all got into the car and drove to the dance studio.

''Has Isaac called you?'' I asked Nicole

Isaac is our manager.

''Oh yeah. He said he was gonna meet us there.'' She announced. I nodded and got on my phone.

I took a picture of Nicole and I. I put it up in Instagram.

@ashley_moore_: Heading to the #Believe auditions! So nervous!

I got multiple likes and comments. A lot of people were telling me 'good luck!'

I put my phone away, whenever I realized we got there.

A/N~ it's 3 am and I'm writing chapter 3 lol. I should be sleeping but I'm nott. OMG Drake Bell blocked me on Instagram lmaoooo😂😂😂😂 I said he had no fans and was talentless. Hehe I hate him.

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