Will You Catch Me?

Ashley is just and ordinary girl that has a passion of dancing. She becomes a dancer for Justin Bieber's upcoming tour "Believe" What happens when during tour Justin starts catching feelings for Ashley? Ashley builds her walls up high, very high, only because she had a horrible past relationship. Will Justin be there to catch her or just leaves her? Read it find out!


3. Audition

Ashely's P.O.V.

Okay, today is the day. Today is the day that your dream could become true. The day you've been waiting for.

We all got out of the car. We saw Isaac there.

''You two are gonna kill it!'' Isaac encouraged

''Thank you.'' I smiled

''Thank you Isaac for everything! Without you we wouldn't be this close of living our dream. I just hope we both make it!'' Nicole thanked

''You two are incredible dancers. Make it or not you two will always be amazing at dancing.'' Isaac announced. Me and Nicole both smiled.

''Come on girls. Lets go get you signed in.'' My mom said

We wall walked inside. Nicole and I signed ourselves in. The dance studio was huge! The walls were see through. So the people are able to see you audition. There was a huge mirror all the way across of the front of the room.

''If you are auditioning and already signed yourself in, come in and stretch! If you are not auditioning you can stand outside and see them through the glass. We are starting in 5 minutes!'' Nick announced

They wished us luck then Nicole and I walked inside. We started to stretch.



''If you make it and I don't, know that I am completely proud of you. I will support you no matter what.''

''Aww thank Ashley. If you make it an I don't, I'm gonna go to every concert. I won't be a jealous brat. Good luck. If its not me dancing up on that stage, I would want it to be you.'' She smiled

''Thanks Nikki.'' We stopped stretching and hugged each other.

''Twinsss.'' Nick walked up to us.

''Yeah.'' We both said at the same time. All 3 of us started laughing.

''How long have you two been dancing?''

''I loved dancing ever since I was little, I talked Nicole into dancing too. Ever since we both loved dancing, mostly together.''

''Good luck, lightskin twins.'' Nick walked off.

''He gave us a name.'' I laughed

''Lightskin twinss.'' We started laughing.

''Come on everybody!! Take your placess!!!'' Nick announced

''It's time.'' I told Nicole.

''Lets dance like there is no tomorrow.'' We walked to our spot.

''Okay. I'm gonna show you part of the dance from Beauty and the Beat! Then we are gonna dance it. After that we are going put you in little groups and we will pick from there.'' Nick instructed

All the girls nodded their heads. He showed us the dance. I made sure to watch every step he did. I think I got it. We all clapped after he was done showing us.

''Come on your turnsss!'' He ordered.

We all started dancing. I was putting every ounce of effort into the dance. We were done trying it for the first time.

''Againnnn!'' He commanded

We started dancing again. I was looking at myself dance from the mirror. Someone walked in. I looked over but continued dancing. Justin Drew Bieber just walked into the room.

I have to try even HARDER now. He makes the decisions. I could feel him eyeballing me. He was moving his head to the beat of the song.

I looked at him, he smiled. I smiled back and looked away. The song ended. We all started clapping.

''He keeps checking you out.'' Nicole whispered noticing. She raised her eyebrows and smirked. I laughed a little and focused again.

''Okay guys! We are gonna separate you into groups of 5! First 5 is Jessica Newman, Taylor Long, Stephanie Gonzalez, Jayden Webster, and Samantha Hurt.'' Nick announced.

The rest of the girls were in the back. We gave them a lot of room so they could dance. Nicole and I obviously sat beside each other.

''Sugga sugga.'' Nicole looked at me

''What?'' I asked

''Justin keeps looking at you.'' She pointed out

''Don't forget, I'm taken.'' I reminded

''Something called as breaking upp.''

I looked over at Justin. We made awkward eye contact. I looked away and looked at Nikki (Nicole)


''But why nott.''

I opened my mouth to say something but I was interrupted with claps.

''Okay good job girls. You can go take a seat. I now need Aaliyah Dallas, Brooke Morton, Alondra Williams, and the light skin twins.'' Nick announced smiling. Nikki and I laughed as we got up.

We got to our spot. My stomach started getting all these knots and butterflies. I jumped up and down trying to shake off my nerves.

''Ready.'' The music started playing, which means I started dancing.

I danced my ass off. I put ALL my effort into it. Not a single mistake. I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. I smiled. I was really confident. The music soon stopped.

''Nice job girls!!'' We all clapped. I hugged Nikki.

We went to go sit down. Nick called the other groups. I just sat there watching the dancers. I also drank a lot of water. I needed it. After 1 hour auditions was over.

''Okay that is the end of auditions! You all did amazing! I wish you could all dance but there can only be 6. I would give you a call if you make it. Thank you all for coming.''

''Come on lets say our goodbyes.'' I told Nikki

We walked up to Nick.

''Bye.'' I smiled and shook hands with him.

''You are an incredible dancer.'' He complimented

''Thank you.''

''Goodbyeee.'' Nikki shook hands as well.

''You are incredible tooo. You two are talented twins.''

''Thank you.'' We both said in unison.

''Okay we gotta go now. Bye Nick.'' We waved.

We were on our way out and Justin stopped us.

''Hi.'' We both greeted

''Light skin twins.'' He smiled

''That's usss.'' Nikki said. We all laughed

''I didn't get your names.''

''I'm Ashley Moore.''

''I'm Nicole Moore. You can call me Nikki.''

''Well it was nice having you Ashely and Nikki.'' We smiled and walked out. I could feel him staring at me.

''He staring at your ass.'' Nikki smirked

''Oh shut the fuck up.'' We both laughed. We walked up to our manger and family.

''Oh my gosh! You girls did sooo amazing!! I couldn't be more proud!!'' My mom hugged us.

''Talented Twins!'' Isaac complimented. We smiled.

''I am so lucky to have you ugly ducklings as sisters. You two are incredible dancers.'' Jake hugged us.

''Nikki, Ash. I hope you two get to be backup dancers! You're extremely talented!!'' My dad complimented. We hugged him.

''Lets go home. Nikki and I take a shower. Then we go eat. How does that sound?'' I suggested. They all nodded there head in agreement.

We walked back to the car. Now all I need is that one special phone call, that could change my life forever.

A/N~ WILL ASHLEY OR NICOLE GET IN!?!?!? But oh my so much drama last night! But whatever. This fandom is the one with most drama.

I love you💕

You're beautiful😍

Stay Swaggy😎

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