Will You Catch Me?

Ashley is just and ordinary girl that has a passion of dancing. She becomes a dancer for Justin Bieber's upcoming tour "Believe" What happens when during tour Justin starts catching feelings for Ashley? Ashley builds her walls up high, very high, only because she had a horrible past relationship. Will Justin be there to catch her or just leaves her? Read it find out!


7. Another Day

Ashley's P.O.V

I woke up the next day and had a lot of missed calls from Tyler. I didn't bother calling him back. I just got ready for another day of rehearsals.

I changed into grey sweatpants and a black tank top. Also a plaid shirt to cover up my bruises. It was summer but it wasn't that hot. I put my hair up into a ponytail. For shoes I wore my converse.

The most important thing to do in the morning, besides eating, is brushing your teeth. I went to go do that. I started humming Beauty and a Beat

I walked into Nicole's room and she was done.

''Lets go bitch.'' I ordered

''Why didn't you come to Justin's yesterday?'' She asked fixing her hair in the mirror.

''Oh-I was still kinda tired from rehearsals and yeah. But did you have fun?''

''Yeah. Justin's house is gigantic! We should go after rehearsals.'' Nikki looked over at me

''Um- sure. That'll be fun.'' I half smiled, she smiled back.

We both went out the room. I grabbed an apple, Nikki grabbed a banana and we headed out to rehearsals.

We soon got there. Justin, Za and a guy dancer Cameron were doing flips.

''Okay my turn.'' Justin started smiling.

He put one hand down on the floor and the other in the air. He did a cartwheel instead.

''Yo stupid that a cartwheel.'' Za pointed, Justin started laughing.

''Shut the fuck up.'' We all started laughing.

''Hey bitchesss.'' Za greeted us as he smiled.

''Hey dickhead.'' I greeted, Justin and Nikki laughed.

''Hello lightskins.'' Justin smiled

''Sup white boy.'' Nikki greeted, we all laughed.

''I find that offensive.'' He pointed at Nikki

''Whoops.'' She shrugged and laughed

''Come on guys stretch!'' Nick commanded

I started stretching. Justin soon walked up to me.

''Lets stretch.'' I looked up at him, he smiled at me

He put the bottom of his shoe, on the bottom of mine. I gave him my arms. He pulled me to his side.

''So how are you?'' Justin asked

''Are you just asking to ask or are you really wondering?'' I asked

''I'm really wondering.''

''Well I've been good, how about you?''

''Good.'' He smiled

''How are you and Selena.'' I pulled his arms towards me.

''We are broken up...''

''Oh I'm so sorry.''

''It's okay.'' He smiled. We just stared into each other's eyes. I soon looked down.

''White boy.'' I laughed

''Oh i'm gonna get you for that.'' He let go of my hands and got on top of me and started tickling me.

''Justinn stoppp.'' I screeched

He got a hold of my arms, I winced in pain. He let go of them.

''Ash what happened?'' He got off of me.

''What do you mean-nothing happened.''

Justin revealed my arm from my shirt.

''Oh my gosh Ash. What happened?'' He looked at me arm.

I couldn't tell him what really happened. Or should I? Ugh I don't knowww!!!

''Ash what happened?'' He asked again.

''Um- My boyfriend Tyler kinda pushed me against a wall and yeah that happened.'' I looked down embarrassed.

''Ash-'' He was cut off by a very familiar voice

''Ash can we talk?'' Tyler asked in the doorway

''There is nothing to talk about.'' I reminded

''Please.'' He pleaded

''You have 2 minutes.'' I walked out with him. I looked back and saw Justin. He looked worried.

''I'm sorry.'' He apologize


''Ash please forgive me.''

''The fuck bitch? I'm not gonna forgive you that easy. In fact I'm never going to forgive you.''

''Please I love you.''

''Nigga fuuuuuuuuckkkk youuu! It might be your first 'I love you' but you are a piece of shit. And you don't abuse the people you love.''

''I promise I won't do it again.''

''You said that last time but yet look. You did it again.'' I waved my hands in his face


''Goodbye Tyler.''

I turned around but he grabbed my hand.

''Don't fucking touch me!''

I tried pulling my hand out of his grip but it just got tighter.

''Listen to me!''

''TYLER LET GO!'' His grip got even tighter

''SHE SAID TO LET GOO!'' Justin yelled. Tyler let go

''Oh look what we have here. I pathetic little boy.'' Tyler got closer to Justin

''At least a treat a woman right.'' Justin stated, I saw Tyler jaw clench.

''I treat a woman right.''

''By abusing them?''

''You just want to get with Ashley. Well guess what she's mine.'' Tyler told Justin.

''No i'm fucking not.'' I interrupted

''She doesn't like your irrelevant ass.''

''It's gonna take you a lot more than make her your dancer for her to open her legs.'' Tyler stated. Before he could continue Justin swung his fist to his face. I gasped

The continued to punch each other.

''Stopppp!!!'' I shouted. I tried pulling Justin off of Tyler but it didn't work.

I ran back to where everybody was rehearsing.

''Sorry to interrupt but I need help to stop Justin fighting Tyler.'' I announced.

Scooter was the first one out. Security guards went after. I ran behind them. They pulled Justin off of Tyler and kicked Tyler out.

Justin was taken to another room.

''Oh shit, I missed a good fight.'' Za licked his lips. Nikki nudged him with here elbow.

''What happened?'' She asked.

I told her everything that happened.

''Oh shitttttt.'' She said.

''I know. I'm gonna go check on Justin. I'll be right back.'' I walked to the room Justin was in.

I heard chattering. It sounded like he was talking to Scooter. I put my ear against the door so I could hear better.

''I just can't believe it. She has been hiding this for who knows how long.'' Justin sounded sad

''Everything is gonna be alright.''

''No it's not. I need to talk to her.''

''Justin I doubt she would want to talk.''

I looked down and saw a spider. I scooter forward more but it caused the door to open a little and squeak.

''Ashley?'' Justin called. I revealed myself.

''I'll leave you two alone to talk.'' Scooter dismissed himself.

I sat down where Scooter was sitting down.

''Why didn't you tell me?'' Justin asked. I looked at him but he still had his head down.

''Nobody knew.''

''You should've never let him take over you. You are a very beautiful girl Ash. How long has this been happening?''

''A month.'' I looked down in embarrassment. He lifted my chin up causing me to look him in the eyes.

''I know I just met you but trust me you can tell me anything.''

''Do you have any idea how much I've heard that? My friend Cassidy, I trust her with everything and then she backed stabbed me and got with Tyler. I felt worthless.''

''But you aren't worthless. You're worthy of.'' Justin was looking me in the eyes. There was soon a knock at the door.

''Come in.''

''We are starting practice now.''

''Okay.'' We both got up and walked where practice was.

People kept on staring at us. I walked to my spot away from Justin and near Nicole.

Practice was over after 2 hours. I told Nicole I'll wait for her in the car. I usually stay there for a little bit more but today I wanted to get out of there fast.

While I was walking to my car beliebers walked up to me.

''Hello aren't you the girl Justin put up a picture of?''

''Yes, I am.''

''Can we get a picture of you?'' A belieber asked

''Sure.'' I smiled

I took pictures with all of them.

''Oh my gosh, you're so beautiful.'' A belieber complimented

''Aw thank you, you're beautiful as well.'' I smiled

''Can I have your advice?'' A belieber asked

''Sure, what's your name?''

''My name is Brianna, and I wanted to ask advice in a relationship. I'm dating this guy but sometimes all he wants is that. But I'm not ready, what should I do?'' I couldn't help but smile on what she wanted advice on

''I had a boyfriend like that before. If he doesn't respect that you aren't ready then he isn't the guy. My boyfriend and I had arguments about that before. Never give in because of pressure. You are a very beautiful girl, a guy someday is gonna come in your life unexpectedly and trust me he'll be the one. It might take time but it's gonna be worth it.'' I advised

''Thank you so much. Can I have your Instagram name and Twitter so I can follow you?'' She asked. I gave it to her.

We all continued talking. I learned there names. Nicole soon came. Beliebers started going crazy.

''You have a twin sister!?'' Britney asked

''Yeah.'' I chuckled

We all talked for 5 minutes and headed home. Nicole was driving today. I was scrolling my feed on Twitter. I saw that Justin tweeted a picture of us two.

@justinbieber- You are a very strong person, never forget that:)

A/N~ Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I've been so busyy!!! But I'll TRY to update again someday this week or early next week:) I love you😘

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