Holding back no more

Elizabeth Harrington is the daughter of two very rich people who keep there memories of a past son a mystery. Instead focusing on their newborn son and.... special daughter. They tell her to keep it under lock and key. But how can she when it just so easy... just so natural?


1. No not another one!

                                                   No not another one. My first memory starts with those words and my mother's face. I was just playing around when I grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it into the air. Now any normal person would go that would make a really bad mess now who is going to clean it up? Well if you thought that then obviously you don't know my parents very well. They are technically the world's most richest and powerful couple. So they have servants on hand for just about everything.

                                                       Second of all it never landed on the floor. Just about at that moment your thinking, ok this girl probably needs to go to the loony bin. Maybe your right. The dirt never came back down because it was no longer dirt. See just a few minutes earlier my nanny was reading me a book about butterflies. I imagined thousands upon thousands of brightly colored wings and masses of those tiny insects.

                                                                Next thing I knew a weird instinct took over. I grabbed the soil from the potted plant and held it in my hand. I kept the images of butterflies in my hand then threw the dirt upwards in the air. The dirt levitated for a second and then changed. It was to quick for the eye to truly witness the transformation. Just like that image in my head had become a reality. As you could tell I was in awe.

                                                              My mother had chosen that exact time to walk in. " Ellie!'' She screamed, " Please tell me you didn't make those did you?'' she held me close to her face. In my young innocence I nodded. " No not another one!" The scream rung out and hurt my ears. And my feelings. I started to cry my two year old cry. My mother dropped me and took action,'' You. You no nothing of this. This NEVER happened.'' she demanded of the poor nanny.

                                           " Yes ma'am. I mean no ma'am. Good bye ma'am,'' the nanny nearly ran out the door. Then when she was done hyperventilating she picked me up and looked me right in the eye,'' You have to keep this thing.....under lock and key understand?'' she put me down on the pure marble tile floor. I just sat there nodding. Though on the inside I was already planning on when to do that thing again.


                                                        A yard stick slammed down on my desk. " Ms. Harrington focus for the sake of your parents,'' the teacher said. Some snickers entered the room. I felt my cheeks grow warm,'' Yes. Errr I'll focus.'' the teacher moved on and a note was placed on the palm of my hand.

                                                                  The thing at recess. There will be people.

                                 Perfect was all I was thinking.

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