Full action and adventure.


5. Where are we?

The dust from the collapse has started to clear,the captain stumbles to his feet and turns his head lights on to see if Andrew is still ok,he lays on the other side of the pillar and with no way for the captain to reach him,but he sounds fine.
'Andrew are you okay?'
'I'm fine Cap,but how did you get on that side of the pillar.'
The pillar seems to have a wall on the side of it that goes out on each side,it cuts Andrew and the Cap of.But 
'I have no idea Andrew but we have to get out of here,see if you can find a way out.'
The Cap looks up to see if he can find a way out but its to high.On closer inspection he realizes that what he is standing on isn't ground but a metallic floor,the dust from the fall makes it barely visible.
'Andrew,look underneath you,it isn't ground.'
'I see Cap,it looks more like metal,but how?,sir do you think this may be...alien?'
'I have no idea,but I bet if i follow the wall Ill find out.'
'Okay,but I can't the tunnel collapsed ,so ill wait here for the team.'
The Captain look's down the dark tunnel,it seems to stretch for a while.He walks in about 3 meters when the tunnel shakes and collapses behind him,it's dark and his suits battery and ogyxen is starting to run low.
'Ok Ill have to make fast If got about 20 min of oxygen left and 5 min of battery.'
The Captain walks,every step makes a sound on the metallic floor,but about 2 min into the tunnel he spots a light about 20 meter away,he makes his way closer the light seems to come from the floor,its a window big enought to fit through if it was open.He starts kicking the window.
'Break you peach of shit!'
The last kick breaks the glass and a strong burst of air hits the Captain,almost pushing him over.When the air stops blowing out he realizes when the tunnel collapsed it made a seal that keeps air from getting out.He slides down into the hole.He lands on his feet into a hallway.The floor he thought he walked on was really just the roof of the ship.
'Ok if got no idea,what this place is but I don't think its human'
'Andrew do you copy...'
The communication is lost the Captain is alone,in a strange unknown alien vessel with nothing but a pocket knife.
Will the Captain find his way out of the ship and back to his crew,or will he find nothing but aliens.
(This story is still in the making,if you like it pls comment,and stay tuned for the next chapter.)

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