Full action and adventure.


4. So,what do you do?

The new team seems to have found their place in the station.It seems Conley is taking charge of the group when the captain isn't around and for most the station is still standing,I believe the captain has kept his word to Adams.
"Cpl this is command we just want to know if everything is running as planned at the station.'
'Copy command,things are running smoothly and for the team everything seems to be working right,we are planning to make our first scanning run today'
'Confirmed Captain,send all data collected on spots of interest,how copy'
'Copy command,Cpl.Rogers out.'
The Captain moves to the control panel and searches for area's on the Moon map.
'Pvt.Conley,get the team here,I got something to say.'
Conley walks to the intercom and calls the team.
One by one the team enters the command room.
"I know you have only been here a day and I haven't yet truley met all of you,so thats why we are going to do a run today to see if there is spots where we can begin mining for Heluim 3.'
The crew looks at each other and back to me and then Conley says.'Cpl I think you should take Engineering Andrew,he knows more about this,we are just here to do our indivual jobs.'
'Ok,Andrew you up for a run'the captain says with a smile on his face.
'Sure cap,just let me get suited and we can head of.'
Andrew and the captain walks of to suiting area.
"So Cap,how long have you been here?'
'2 years,and I have not been out of this place since I landed,so this will be new for me to'
'You mean you haven't searched for Heluim 3 spots since you landed?'
'Yes I did search but with rovers and such and I think I found something strange in a crater not far from here,that the main reason I want to go.'
'What do you mean strange...alien strange or just natural strange.'
'I dont know and that is why im going to go find out,but just dont tell the rest.'
'Sure thing Cap.'
They climb on the mobile rover and they set of to go find the crater.
About 10 min in and the Captain stops infront of the crater,he climb's of and shows Andrew the thing sticking out in the center of the crater.They slide down the side and they make a save landing on the ground.
'Cap what is that thing'
'I have no idea,let get closer.'
The Captain walks closer to the pillar shape object that is now shining like metal.He reaches out and touches the object.
'What do you do?'.sayes the Cpl to himself.
When his hand touches the pillar a strange noise emerges and the ground sakes.
'Cap what the hell did you do,lets get out of here...'
The ground collapses under neath them and they fall down a dark hole the fall knocked both the caprain and Andrew out cold.
What will they do now...

(this story is still in the making if you like pls comment) chapter 5 on its way

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