Full action and adventure.


2. LunarShore your getting visitors

'LunarShore this is command do you copy'

'This is Cpl.Rogers copy command,do you have intel on my new crew's location'

'Confirmed Cpl,your team in 20 min out,copy'

'Copy that command LunarShore out'

'Well shit ill be leaving earlier than I thought'.Behind the Captain stands one of the engineers that helped build the LunarShore station.

'Adams I didn't see you there,do you got everything packed'

'Yeah Cap'.He looks out the window pointing to Earth and says'You know Cap,I was born on that planet and I will die on it to,but this,this place is my home Cap.'

'I understand Adams,but don't worry ill keep her clean and neat for you.'

'You better,this place was not easy to build nor was it cheap.'

'I know,I know we had this talk the moment I landed here Adams'.The Cpl give a chuckle.

The intercom start up.

(UNKOWN)'Hello anybody there,this is Pvt.Conley.'

'We copy Pvt, this is Cpl.Rogers from LunarShore and you must be part of my new team'

'Yes sir,we will be landing in 5 min sir'

'And we will be waiting Pvt'

'Copy that sir,Pvt.Conley out'

Adams turn towards the captain and says.'We will be waiting...ill be waiting'

(This story is still in making,if you like my story so far please leave a comment)

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