I Won't Forget

I look at him, his blue eyes, his brown hair. Claire has that. He smiles at me, a little smirk, enough to make me want to run back into his arms again. Enough to make me want to put behind all our conflicts and have him next to me. I almost let that feeling overcome me. But then I remember what I had just seen. How much that had hurt me . . .no. How much he had hurt me. I won't forget.

Follow Kate and Adam as they discover love, what it means, what it is, who deserves it, and how they can make theirs work.


5. Chapter 5: Past

“Adam has a girlfriend,” I said as I plopped my tray next to Arielle and Lindsay at lunch. Our lunch table was in the far back corner, one of the smaller ones. Lindsay picked it out at the start of this year, saying it would be good for gossip, as that’s all we usually did in lunch anyways.

“Who?” Arielle asked.

I sat and pushed my tray away from me. Suddenly, I wasn’t hungry. “Danielle Godsdeck.” Both girls gave me a sigh. A sigh of pity.

Danielle Godsdeck was a pretty sophomore. She had strawberry brown hair that always looked like perfection in a hairstyle, whether it was straight, curly, anything. She also had the body of a goddess. She was curvy, but still skinny. And she had to be at least like, a C-cup. The level of excellence that was Danielle Godsdeck was unattainable, and this left me in a state that was similar to absolute hell.

“When did he ask her?” Lindsay asked after an uncomfortable silence. Lindsay looked exceptionally nice that day. She wore a floral print dress and a green vest. To finish the outfit, we wore her cream combat boots, and her flame red hair (not dyed, she insisted) was done up in a messy bun. I looked down at my own outfit: dark jeans and a “Be Green” sweatshirt, though ironically, it was blue. I looked at Arielle. Even in her skinny jeans and blazer she still looked amazing. Her brown hair was in loose ringlets that hung around her shoulders. I looked at my own long brown hair, done in a fishtail braid that took me all morning. It still appeared messy. I frowned. Then a sudden thought struck me. Did I always look this underdressed around my friends? I made a mental note to upgrade my fashion selections for school.

“In the hallway,” I muttered, messing around with my potatoes on my tray. I still wasn’t hungry. “Just before I came here I saw him ask her to the spring formal. They’re going to match.” I dragged out ‘match’ in my best impression of a nasally Danielle.

“Then they aren’t actually dating,” Arielle pointed out, waving her fork at me.

“Au contraire,” Lindsay corrected, sliding her phone across the table to us. “They’ve both just changed their Facebook relationship statuses. It’s official.”

I sighed, loudly, and dropped my fork again. It wasn’t as if I was eating the food anyway. “Already? Relationships are so superficial now-a-days.”

Honestly, it wasn’t as if I was expecting Adam to ask me on a date. It had been a month since he’d asked me to study with him. A month since I’d promised myself to never be seen with him. But still, those little smiles in the hallway that he gave me, and the way that he would dawdle in the area by my locker for no apparent reason . . . It gave me hope that he still had feelings for me. But worst of all, it kept reminding me that I still had feelings for him.

We all sat in silence for a little while. Arielle tapped her fingers on the table, Lindsay’s thumbs moved furiously as she typed a message to someone, and I sat staring at my food. How the hell had I let myself get so attached? I scolded myself.

Finally, interrupting my verbal assault on myself inside of my head, Arielle spoke up. “Well, there’s no need to mope!” I looked over at her. “We should take you out. Get you a new man-crush.”

Lindsay’s eyes lit up. “Okay, so we’ll go to Top Notch today. Then we’ll hit up the mall and get Kate something awesome to wear to the spring formal—”

I raised my hand, wondering if I was the only one who noticed Lindsay’s mistake.

“Yes, Kate?” Lindsay said, authoritatively. Like a teacher. Lindsay as a teacher? I stifled a giggle.

“Freshmen aren’t allowed at the spring formal.”

The spring formal was a dance, like homecoming and the winter ball. But it was not prom. It was a weird in-between. But there was one main rule: freshmen were not allowed.

Lindsay gave me a smile that reminded me of a female version of the devil. It scared me. “We’ll see about that.”



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