You saved me.

Oliva Springfield is an average girl, in an average life. From what everyone else can see. But no, its much worse. She's in pain. She always gets hurt. Everyone around her, hurts her. Can she ever trust again? She doesn't know.


1. Chapter One; Just a Normal Day

"Olivia, Get your god damn ass down these fucking stairs." My dad screamed as loud as he could from downstairs. I tensed up and slowly got off my bed. I made my way down the creaky stairs and to my dad. He had nothing on, but he carried a belt. I held back my terror, my fear and my tears. 

"Get on the fucking floor you skank." I started quivering and slowly got down, but not slow enough, he snapped his belt and whipped it across my back. I bit my lip and held back everything I'm feeling. I went straight to the floor and he got on top of me and started beating my face and head. Everything slowly started fading into black. Then i heard banging and screaming, not from me, or him. I couldn't see, and my hearing slowly faded away too. 

My eyes slowly opened open and i wasn't home. "Where am i?" I thought to myself. I looked around the room, it was fancy. There was paintings, famous paintings, and i was laying in a king sized bed. I slowly got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I flinched. I looked at my arms and legs, bruises everywhere. I got up and looked at my face. "Oh my gosh.." I whispered as i touched each bruise on my face. 

I heard the door creak open. I turned around and seen a unknown face. "Oh! You're awake!" He said in a British accent, then he come fully in. He had black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, tattoos, ear piercings, he looked perfect. "Um.. Yes.. Yes i am.. Where am i?" I stuttered. He smiled and said, "Were one direction. We moved in beside you. We saved you." My mouth dropped.

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