The new girl

Kathryn is new to town and her best friends are the coolest people in school. Will she find new love to? Basically to find out more you should just read it.


10. 8


K: Don't go please!

B: I have to. Its okay! It looks worse than it feels.

K:I'm coming with you!


K: Yes!

B: I'll be back tomorrow you cant come! I love you.

K: I love you more.

I kissed him and watched him walk out the house off to Carli's house. I waited for 15 minutes. I walked off to Carli's house. I peered through her window and saw Bret tired to a chair.I felt like a stalker but I had to see if he was okay and what has going on. Just then everything went black. The last thing I saw was Bret being slapped. I struggled to free myself. I couldn't tell you was holding me but it wasn't a girl. I was thrown down on to a bed and my hands were hand cuffed to the rails. The mask was removed and standing over me was Evan.

K:Evan! What are you doing?

E:Listening to my boss.

K: Carli?

E: Duh

K: Why?

E: Because I love you.

K: You don't know me.

He sat on the bed and grabbed my face. He softly kissed it but I pulled away.


E: Yes, lets bring Bret up.

E: Carli, bring him up!

C: OK!

She came walking threw the door with Bret in front of her. He tried to get free but his hands were tied behind his back.

B: Kathryn! I told you not to come here.

K: I'm sorry. 

B: Let her go.

E: Bret I'll treat her so much better than you.

He walked over to me and grabbed my boobs

E: see?


Evan bent down and kissed my neck Multiple times.

B: Evan stop!

Evan moved my shirt up exposing my bra. He kissed the edge of my bra.

K: Evan don't do this!


 He put his finger over my lips. I looked over at Bret and was Carli kissing his neck while sitting in his lap. I heard footsteps but didn't say anything. By this time Evan had taken my shirt and pants off leaving me only in my bra and underwear. That bitch in the corner only had Bret in his boxers. Damn, I was scared was he really about to take my V-card. I wanted to cry but didn't because it would say that i was weak and i'm not weak! Evan was rubbing me through my underwear. He started to kiss my stomach. He slowly took my underwear off. He put a finger in and moving it in and out. It was hard not to moan because i mean come on i didn't find him the biggest threat in the world and i was being pleasured at the same time. He went faster but stuck 2 more fingers in now that there were 3 I was in pain. A tear rolled down eye. Out the corner of my eye was Bret's  mouth was being taped and his eyes blind folder but that didn't stop him from trying to get free he was now being tied to a chair. Carli walked over to where we were. Holy shit was this chick BI. Carli leaned down and un-did my bra and started to play with my breast. She sucked and pulled my nipples. Evan was licking me. I was about ready just to break down. Evan had 4 fingers in there. Carli got off of me and went and got a "toy". She gave it to Evan and got back on top of me and went back to my breast. Evan had the vibrating toy on my parts. He stuck it in and i screamed a little. Carli was laughing.

Zach busted through the door with the other guys.

Z: Holy shit.

Evan pulled the thing out of me and looked at Zach and the rest. Zach ran over and just flat out knocked the shit out him. The other 2 ran and pinned Carli down. Zach came over to me and let me out of the hand cuffs. I quickly put my clothes on and ran to Zach. 

K: Thank you so much. Can we get Bret now?

I quit hugged him and get got Bret all undone. Bret grabbed me and made sure I was okay. He was crying.

B: I'm so sorry are you okay.

K: Yes

NO. I thought.

B: Thank you Zach.

He walked over to Zach and gave him a bro hug. We tied Carli ad Evan together. We called the cops. They showed up within minutes.

Cop 1: These guys did what!

I told them everything and then Bret told them what Carli did to him. A cop loaded the two into a car a drove off.

Cop 1: We will tell their parents and they might be sent to prison.

K:Thank you officer.

Zach left with the guys to go to something without telling us.

Bret and I walked to my house. My parents left a now on the counter. That said Duty calls. That meant they would we gone for weeks.

B: What does it say?

K: They wont be back for like weeks.

B: Mine should be back in at least a week. Do we need to talk about what just happened?

K: I love you but I kinda don't want to talk abut it right now.

B: okay.

He grabbed my hand and we walked up to my room. We watched a movie and i fell asleep in his arms.

Bret's POV.

How could i have let that happen to her i feel so bad. I couldn't help but cry. I know that's not manly but looking at how beautiful and what just happen to her made me cry. She was sleeping which was great. I'm so thankful for Zach hes like my best friend. I have to do something for him. Evan I'm going to kill that asshole. How could he do that I've known him forever. He couldn't love her more than me or at all. I looked down on her. It was like looking at an angle. I started to play with her hair because i love to its so soft but it woke her up.

B: Did you have a good nap? 

K: Yes.

I kissed her but she didn't kiss back.

B: Baby whats wrong?

K: Think about what just happened. Bret I was kissed by a girl. I really don't feel like it right now.

B: She kissed you. EW!

I'm going to have a lot to say because i can't hit a girl. Only i kiss Kathryn.

K: I know.

She rolled out of bed and fell on the floor and just laid there.

B: Are you okay?


B: Come back up here.

K: No.

B: Why?

K: Cause.

I got down and picked her up and plopped  her on the bed and tickled her. She screamed and screamed. I finally stopped because she punched me in the stomach and it really hurt. I started to fake pout.

K: Baby i'm sorry forgive me.

B: NO!

K: Fine then be a baby!

She got up and walked out the room.

I ran after her down into the living room but she wast there. I walked into the kitchen and she was on the counter eating ice cream. I walked over to her and took her spoon and ate a bite. She started crying.

B: If eating your ice cream was going to make you cry i would not have ate it.

K: I cant believe you!

B: Baby i'm sorry.

I hugged her and she started to laugh.

B: You little asshole.

I kissed and she kissed back. We kissed what seemed like forever.

B: Baby, Will you go on a date with me tonight?

K: of course.

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT GUYS! I'm going to keep going because even I wanna know the end of this book.









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