The new girl

Kathryn is new to town and her best friends are the coolest people in school. Will she find new love to? Basically to find out more you should just read it.


5. 4

(Sunday night)

I was over at Bret's because he was cooking me supper. I was fine with it because who doesn't like a guy who can cook. He was making pork chops because they were my favorite food. He got done cooking and made me a small margarita.

B: you look beautiful.

K: thanks.

B: I got you something.

K: what?

He pulled a small white box again.

B: it's a charm for your bracelet of a school. Because tomorrow will be a day to remember.

K:awwwww Bret you are so sweet.

We kissed for a second and finished eating. We went to his bedroom just to talk. We laid on his bed facing each other.

B: if I asked you to be my girlfriend, what would you say?

K: I don't know. What if I asked you to be my boyfriend what would you say?

B: HELL TO THE YES. Are you asking?

K: haha no

B: oh. Well good. I don't want to be anyway.

K: wow whatever.

I pulled him in by his shirt and kissed him. We kissed for like 5 minutes until I got tired.

K: will you take me home?

B: why, just stay here.

K: we have school tomorrow and I don't have clothes.

B: don't you want to sleep with me tonight.

K: maybe.

B: I could come to your house and bring clothes and we could get ready together and go to school in the morning together with the rest of the guys.

K: I guess now come on.

We locked his house up and drove to mine. We walked through the door and Bret put his stuff down. I looked back out the door and there was a black jeep slowly riding past my house staring at us.

K: ummmm there was a black jeep riding past my house slow as all get out.

B: oh shit! Oh shit!

K: what!

B: that was Carly.

K: oh ok well I'm going to get ready for bed you coming.

B: you aren't worried?

K: nope.

Yes I was just a little though not a lot.

B: ok let's go get ready.

We walked up the stairs and changed in separate rooms. We walked back into my room after doing what you do when you go to bed. I laid on my bed and my crawled up beside me. He only had on boxer claiming he forgot his other stuff. I was fine with it. You could see his abs perfectly. We cuddled and fell asleep.


My alarm went off and woke Bret and I up.

B: good morning

K: morning.

We rolled out of be and picked out our clothes. I wore a t-shirt that said made in the south, shorts, and flip flops. Bret wore kaki shorts and a blue button down. Bret went to make breakfast. I went and did my make up and flat ironed my hair. That took about 20 minutes. Breakfast was done so I ate fast and went with Bret to pick up the guys.

We all pulled up to school and hopped out that car. We looked like a gang. Everyone was staring at me because of course I was new and already best friends with the most popular kids in school. We were walking down the hall way when a small blonde preppy girl stopped Bret.

C: hey boyfriend.

B: Carly we aren't together anymore drop it.

C: who's the bitch?

I whisper to Zach

K: if I try to fight hold me back.

Z: ok

B: she's not a bitch. You are. Now why don't you run along back to being single.

C: oh and you aren't.

B: yes but it was my choice to be.

She grabbed him and kissed him. Bret pushed her away as quick as he could.

C: baby you know you miss me.

B: haha no.

K: Zach let's go.

I walked off with Zach. I need to get away before I killed this chick.


C: there goes your cowardly girlfriend.

B: we aren't together and she's not like that.

C: come on baby let's get back together. I'm more of a woman than she'll ever be.

B: quit and no I'll never get back with a whore like you.

C: I'll be here waiting. I love you more than that bitch ever will.

I walked off to find Kathryn she looked like she was about to hurt her. I walked around the corner and saw Zach hugging and rocking Kathryn. Ugh this was about to stop. I walked up to them.

B: Zach I got it from here.

Z: ok just trying to help my BEST FRIEND.

Kathryn just walked off to her class. It didn't matter cause I was in all her classes. I walked in the first class Of the day math. Ugh gosh I hate math. I sat down and saved a spot for her because she was at the front of the class about to talk about her self.

K: hey y'all my name is Kathryn and I just moved here from Georgia.

Mr.piper: that's great why don't you have seat by Bret. Do you know him?

K: yes sir. We met when I first moved.


As I walked to my seat I could feel Carly's evil stare which scared me. I sat down and smiled at Bret and he winked back. 30 minutes into class Bret passed a note.


I'm sorry she called you those things. It won't happen again if I can help it. I want you to know that I like you a lot like a lot a lot.

Love Bret.

I turned around a shook my head. At the end of class I walked back to my locker and a note was hanging out. I thought it was Bret but it wasn't it was Carly.


Stay away from my man. You are a slutty hoe who can't keep her hands to herself. Bret is the love of my life. Hoes like you wouldn't understand.

Hate you, Carly.

Bret was right my first day would be memorable. The next two classes were boring I had to talk to people and learn but now it's lunch time. I walked to the lunch room, grabbed my food and looked for the guys. I saw them waving from and and walked over. As I was walking over that bitch Carly tripped me and made me fall face first on to the floor. Bret ran over and helped my up.

K: I think my nose is Cracked.

B: let's go to the nurse.

All the guys and I walked to the nurse. I sat down on a white bed.

Nurse: not cracked nor broken just bruised. How did you fall?

K: some girl names Carly tripped me.

Nurse: are you taking with Bret?

K: kinda why?

Nurse: this isn't the first time. I'll notify the principal.

I got up and walked out the room. The guys ran up to me at once.

Z: what happened?

B: baby,are you ok?

He called me baby but I just let it slide.

K: it's just bruised.

Z: good. I'm glad it wasn't cracked.

Bret hugged me and kissed my on the cheek.

B: I'm so glad you are ok.

K: clam down you are over reacting. But this bitch better quit. So shit he she comes.

I kissed Bret right in front of her. I locked my arms around his neck and he grabbed my waist and we kisses until she finally left.

N: damn longest kiss ever.

We laughed and went to class. The rest of the day Carly didn't bother me. At the end of the day we walked out to the car and she was watching us. I grabbed his hand. As we were walking to his car I told him to kiss me on the car. We got over to the car. He laid my back on the hood and kissed me. I forgot all about the bitch. I loved kissing Bret it was like nothing I'd ever felt. Finally he stopped he picked me up and spun me around. He set me down and looked back at Carly and shot her a bird. We drove off. Dropped the guys off and went to my house. I set my book bag down. Bret came behind me picked me up and carried my to my room. He laid me on my bed. He kissed me like he had never be for. He kissed my neck. He then pulled my shirt off.


He looked at me with a sexy look in his eyes.

B: I can't do without you. I need you. You can't toy with someone all day and not expect not to. If you want me to stop then I'll leave now.

I didn't know what do to I wanted him so bad. I just didn't think it was right if we weren't dating.

K: I don't think that would be right cause we aren't together.

B:you've never heard of friends with benefits for a day.

K: I'm sorry but no.

He got up and left with out saying a word.

The rest of my day went super slow. I was on edge wanting Bret. It was finally six so I ate a sandwich and went to bed. I laid there for 30 minutes and finally fell asleep.


I woke up did my thing and texted Bret.

K: you picking me up.

After 10 minutes no answer so I tools that as a no and skateboarded to school. I got there and Bret's car wasn't there and it was almost eight. I went to class to try not to think about it. He missed 1st. He missed 2nd. He missed 3rd. At lunch I realized there was no Carly either. I got super worried. I told Zach I was going to Bret's house and to tell the teachers I was sick.

I skateboarded over to Bret's. As I rolled up I saw the black jeep. I jumped off and ran to the door. I opened it so no one would here it. Then I heard


Aw hell naw I was about to beat this bitches ass. I snuck up the stairs and peek through the door. Somehow she managed to have him tied down to the bed in nothing but boxer. Wow she really was crazy.

C: Bret honey I love you and this bitch has to go.

She leaned over and kissed him and kissed and kissed. She went lower leaving a trail of red lipstick marks along his body. She reached his boxer and started to mess with him. I got fed up with it. I busted through the door and punched her right in the face. She fell over on Bret. I grabbed her hair and drug her off the bed and punched her again. She was out cold.

B: Kathryn! Oh shit! Thank gosh your here.

K: save it.

I untied him. He tired to grab me but I rejected him.

B: are you mad at me?

K: no

B: this wasn't my fault I woke up like this. Tied up and she has just been crazy. She knows.

K: knows what?

B: that I love someone else.

I looked right in to my eyes. When he said love I could have kissed him I could have said yes.

K: oh. We should probably sent her home.

B: ok.

He sounded sad I didn't say it back. I almost saw him be raped. I knew now wasn't the time I wanted to say it back.

He got some clothes on and he drove her to her house and stuck her on her couch. We left. On the drive back home.

K: Bret?

B: yeah. (Still sounding sad)

K: I love you to.

He stopped the car.


K: yes

We laughed and kissed. He dropped my off at my house. We walked up to the front door.

B: goodbye I love you soooo much.

K: I love you to. This doesn't mean we are a couple yet.

B: ok my love.

He kissed my cheek and left.

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