The new girl

Kathryn is new to town and her best friends are the coolest people in school. Will she find new love to? Basically to find out more you should just read it.


18. 14

We had an hour before it was time to party so I was getting ready. I had already put my clothes on which was a pair of short blue jeans shorts and a and a pink tank top that said country girls have more fun. My hair was going to be wavy and my make up done like usual. Within 45 minutes i was completely done. I slipped on my brown cowgirl boots and walked over to tom's room. Bret and tom were sitting on the bed playing a video game.

K: Ready?

T: yeah hold on.

K: Hurry or ill unplug the game.

T: Go get in the truck and crank it up.


I walked down stairs and outside. I got in the truck and turned it on. The guys came out ad i had to sit in the middle but Bret made me sit in his lap. His arms were wrapped around me and his head on my shoulder.He started to whisper in my ear. 

B: You look amazing.

K: Thanks babe you look handsome.

He kissed my neck a couple of times then we pulled up to the house that was having the party.

I turned around and looked Bret in the eyes.

K:If i see you with another girl I will kill her then you.

B: I would never.

Bret's POV

Kathryn looked BEAUTIFUL. We walked into the house ad you could already smell the beer. I knew i was going to have to stay sober for the most part. Well maybe 4 or 5. Kathryn Grabbed my hand and pulled me to the kitchen and grabbed us both a beer. She kissed me and started to drink. I could already tell she was going to get out of hand. After Kathryn had a few more. I could tell she was feeling a little better.

K: Babe lets dance.

B:I don't know.

K: Come on. You've only had 2 beer? No wonder you are wanting to go. I'm going to get you something a little stronger. Stay here.

She walked off. I stood there and looked super awkward. Luckily she came back but she had a shot in her hand.

K: Drink this.

I grabbed it and drank it. A few minutes later i was feeling pretty good. 

K: Lets dance.

She grabbed my hand pulled me on the dance floor. She started to grind on me. We continued to dance. I felt a pair of hands on my ass and turned and saw a brunet. I kinda shoved her off because she was drunk. I turned back to Kathryn. She was about to take her shirt off but i pulled it back down. We danced for a while but then Tom came up and told me it was time to go. Kathryn wasn't ready so i picked her up and put her over my shoulders. We drove to the waffle house and ate. Then went home. Kathryn and I got undressed and crawled in bed. She wasn't ready to sleep though.

B: Babe its 2:30.

K: Come on babe lets do it.

I was sober but not Kathryn because she refused to eat at the waffle house. She sat on my waist. The fact that she had already undress her self wasn't help me reject her. She leaned down and started to make out with me.

B: Kathryn stop.

She made a pouty face and began kissing me again. But i rolled her off and pulled close to me where she couldn't move soon she fell asleep. She looked beautiful while she slept. I fell asleep watching her that night. 







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