The new girl

Kathryn is new to town and her best friends are the coolest people in school. Will she find new love to? Basically to find out more you should just read it.


14. 10

I cried for what seemed like hours. I'd never felt this pain of loosing someone I loved so much. Have you ever lost that one person that makes you feel like you are on top of the world? It all just crumbled down. You want them back but they just won't listen. You want to talk but they are done with you. Like you are some piece of cake but then they got to the end and decided that they were full and tossed you out.


I ran to Bret's house and the door was wide open. I could hear him screaming from the top of his lungs. He was screaming why over and over. I snuck up stairs and peeped though the crack of the door. He laid face first on his bed. I walked in and crawled beside him.


K: listen. I know you think that I cheated on you but I swear to god I didn't. I love you and would never cheat on you. He must have put me in his lap.

B:why was he over there!

Bret yelled.

K: he was there when I got home.

B: whatever!

K: why don't you believe me?

B: I just don't!

K: if you did love me you wouldn't have jumped to conclusions and listened to me. But you are just a dick don't come around me ever again.

B: no problem!

I got up as stormed out. I walked to my house and laid on my bed. I plugged my ear phones in and listened to so far away by avenged seven fold.


The next day I laid in bed. I picked up my phone to text Bret but then I remembered what happened and what went down. Just thinking about it made me cry.  I wish I had someone to call and tell everything to. Well I did but not anymore not after he broke up my relationship. Bret's friends are just weird first Evan and now Zach. I'm just going to keep to myself. There was a party tonight and i deiced to go and maybe get my mind off him a little. Not to be a hoe and sleep with guys all night long but just to have a good time. I took a hot bath and blow dried and curled my hair. I went down stairs and ate a sandwich. I looked at the clock and it was 4 only had an hour left. I ran upstairs and did my makeup. I looked through my closet. I picked out a skin tight blue strapless dress and picked out some black pumps. I got done and hopped in my car and drove to the party. The place was already crazy. People were pouring into the house. I got out the car and made my way through the crowd to the drink table. I got something off and took a sip and damn was it strong. I sat on the couch and started talking to some people I have seen at school. I tall brown hair and green eye guy walked up to me and asking if i wanted to dance. I told him sure and asked his name his name was Austin. We "club danced". People were everywhere bumping into us and dancing just having a good time. I thought i saw Bret but he was turned the other way so i couldn't see. I missed him so much but i was having fun with Austin.

A: Hey you okay?


A: i'm going to go get us more drink.

K: Okay!

He walked off but i continued to dance. I felt him come up against me.

K: Did you get the drinks?

I turned around and saw it was Bret. I pushed him off and ran outside. I was a little drunk but not bad. I walked around and got in my car. I wasn't going to drive. I cried. He came knocking on my window but i didn't roll it down. He was crying to. he walked around the and got in. 

K: Get out.

B: No.

K: Fine ill leave. 

I got out my car and so did he. He walked to the other side and turned my car on and drove off. I wasn't all that mad. I knew where he was going. I got home and my car was parked and the lights were on. I walked inside and Bret was sitting on the couch. I didn't say anything i just walked into the kitchen and warmed up leftover pork chop. I needed to sober up. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed my waist. I was trying not to cry and i pulled away.

K: Please leave.

B: No I love you.

K: No you don't because if you did you would have believed me and we would still be together.

B: I'm sorry. I know that i should have listened. 

K: Sorry doesn't make it better.

B: Kathryn let me make it better.

K: HOW?!

He grabbed my cheeks and kissed me i kissed back. He picked me up and carried me to the bed room. He laid me down on my bed and kissed my neck over and over again. He pulled my shirt over my head and threw it across the room. He took his shirt and pants off leaving him in just his boxers. I bit my lip at the site of him like that. He laughed and finished removing my pants. I was in my underwear and bra.

B: you ready?

K: are you sober?


K: then yes.

He smiled and took my bra off. He played with my boobs. I moaned a little but not a lot just to tease him. He rubbed my vajayjay and took my underwear off. He licked me and put 2 fingers in. I moaned with pleasure. He stopped and kissed me and put on a condom. I took him boxers off and gave him a BJ. He moaned and moved my head back and fourth. He stopped me and put me on my back. He got on his knees and put his in me. I winced in pain but once he started to move it got better. I moaned. He got super excited and went faster. I screamed and let out. He pulled himself out of me. He laid down beside me. Our breathing was heavy. I got up and put a large shirt and underwear on. He slid his boxers back on. We crawled in bed.

B: do you forgive me?

K: having sex isn't going to make me forgive you all the way but you do get some points back. I promise that I didn't cheat on you and I love you so much.

B: I know you didn't and I love you to.


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