The new girl

Kathryn is new to town and her best friends are the coolest people in school. Will she find new love to? Basically to find out more you should just read it.


1. 1

I had just moved to my new house in Washington. I was from Georgia so I had that sexy, sweet southern accent. We moved out side of a little town called Walla Walla, Washington. The subdivision we moved in was called little lake and only 45 people lived in the subdivision.

I got done unpacking and wanted to go for a walk. I walked out the door and there were 4 or 5 guys riding skateboards. 3 rode over to me.

Z: Hey sweetheart. I'm Zach. You must be new.

K: Yeah I'm Kathryn. I just moved in.

Z: so where you from cause you have a heavy southern voice.

K: I'm from South Georgia.

J: Sweet. I'm Jacob.

N: I'm nick. Can you skateboard?

K: no.

Z: we will show you.

We walked over to the other two. All of them and blonde hair except for one he had brown.

E: damn guys who's the girl.

J: this is Kathryn she's from Georgia.

E: I'm evan.

K: nice to meet you.

The brunette didn't say anything but only stared.

N: sorry. He is shy but he is Bret.

He just waved.

J: alright Kathryn hop in the board.

I stepped on the board. Jacob explained all the steps. I got it in a heart beat. It was soon night. We all exchanged numbers.

I walked in my house.

M: hey sweetie make new Friends?

K: yes mama I did.

I walked to my room and laid on my bed. My phone made the noise it made when I get a text. It was from Jacob.

J: The boys and I got a surprise for you. You will get it tomorrow. 😁

The sun shone through the window. I woke up and went down the stairs to the kitchen. I made a cup of coffee and walked outside in my robe. I sat on the porch and drank my coffee.

Across the street I could see Bret skateboarding. He was really good. He could do all kinds of flips. He was in the middle of doing another flip when he slipped and fell on the side of his face. I ran out to him to make sure he was ok.

K: Bret are you ok. That was a hard fall.

He had a deep scratch.

K: come on let's get your cut cleaned.

We walked inside. He sat in a chair while I got a rag and peroxide. I turned he face and lightly pressed the rag. We got done and he left as soon as he could.

Ping! My phone we off.

J: come outside!

I walked outside and all the guys were there. Jacob and a brand new skateboard in his hand. The bottom of it had a Georgia sticker and my name.

K: awwwww guys that's sweet y'all didn't have to.

Z: I love it when you talk.

B:let's ride.

That was the first thing he said since I've meet him. His voice was deep but still not man deep. I loved his voice.

We hoped on and rode to a near by burger place. We all got milk shakes and drank them down.

E: anybody up for movie night at my house.

All the guys said yeah so I said sure. I texted my mom and told her I would be out late tonight.

We rolled up to Evans house. They happened to pick out my favorite movie Pitch Perfect. I sat on the couch with Zach and Bret beside me. The rest of the guys sat on the floor. Zach put his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. I could feel Bret starring at Zach. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up to hear the last part of pitch perfect. Once the movie ended Bret said he would ride home with me. We walked outside and rode to my house in silence. I rode to the steps and hopped off.


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