It's complicated

Sofia is just 18 years old when her best friend leaves her with her baby. Now Sofia is forced to take on the role as mother, while working full-time at a diner. What happens when a certain boy band goes to that specific diner, and takes interest in Sofia? Read to find out :)


2. It’s just me and you now

It’s just me and you now

“TADAAH!” I said proudly to Hannah as I opened the bedroom door. I had put in Dara’s crib, and hung up a lot of cool pictures, a baby mobile and some toys around the room. I was very proud of my work. I had decided to do it as a gift for Hannah, because the day was the day she finally came home. She had, had to stay at the hospital for the past week. So I had been taking care of Dara, getting us both into a normal routine, but we had visited the hospital everyday.

I looked at Hannah wanting to see her reaction. She smiled at me, and then put down her bags.

“Thank you so much Sofia, I love it.“ She looked grateful but somehow seemed preoccupied.

“And I thought, that you and Dara could take the bedroom permanently. I’ll take the couch.”

“You have done so much for me, thank you.” Then ran over and hugged me, with tears in her eyes. It was weird. She is not the overly emotional type of girl. But something seemed off with her that day. I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to leave her alone with Dara, but I had to go to work, I was currently supporting all three of us.

“Your welcome Hannah, but I need to go to work now. Call me if there is anything at all okay?” I hugged her tightly and then left for work. Hannah and me were super close, but we didn’t start of this way.

We had gone to school together for many years, but we were very different types of people. She was the party girl, who would get drunk every weekend, smoke cigarettes, sleep with a lot of guys and get bad grades. But she had a god heart, and that is what matters. Me on the other hand, I was just normal, I got good grades, had some good friends and never got in trouble. But everything changed, from the minute she showed up on my doorstep. It turned out that she had gotten pregnant, and didn’t know what to do. All of her friends wouldn’t help her, and her parents had kicked her out, because she wanted to keep the baby. So she turned to me of all people. But I couldn’t send her away. So she moved into my tiny one bedroom apartment. And since then we became best friends.

She turned 18 a week before she delivered Dara, and I was 18 but a couple of moths older than her. We both dropped out of school. I started working at a diner, and took online classes. She stayed at home, preparing for the baby. From the day she turned up on my doorstep, my whole life has changed. But I don’t know if it has changed for the better. I really wanted to become a chef, and go to culinary school. But I had put that dream on hold, to take care of my best friend.

I was walking home after my shift. I was looking forward to seeing Hannah, and how her first day alone with Dara had been. I walked into the tiny apartment.

“Hello?” No sign of Hannah. She must be in the bedroom or the bathroom. I looked both places but she was nowhere to be found. Dara was in her crib sleeping. Did Hannah leave her one-week-old baby alone? What the fuck? The more I looked around, I saw that all of her stuff was gone. On the kitchen counter was a note. It read:



Dear Sofia

I’m so, so sorry, I just can’t. I can’t take the role on as a mother.

My parents offered to take me back, if I gave up custody of Dara.

Behind this note is a contract, giving you guardianship of Dara.

Me and my parents will be moving far, far away. Don’t try to find me.

Take care of my baby.


Behind me I heard Dara crying. I was speechless how could she do that to me? To Dara? I slowly turned around and looked at the crib.

“It’s just me and you now.” 

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