Regret Nothing

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  • Published: 5 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 5 Jul 2014
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Poppy has the college under her feet, laughs with her two best friends who happen to be going out and has a boyfriend who she trusts. Or so she thought. When she gets slapped with information that ruins their relationship, she is determined to show that she can move on.

With a plan to romance the nerd of the college to get back at her ex, not everything goes to plan.

A/N - I wrote this a while back and haven't gone back over it in a while now. It'll have some rough batches, but I hope you enjoy anyway!


1. Wednesday 2nd October 2013


I turn around and a waft of her strawberry perfume fills my nose before I can register arms wrapping over my shoulders.  Mel squeals with excitement as she squeezes me tighter and we almost topple over but Max catches us before we do. Over Mel’s shoulder I see people looking our way. No one is ever this happy in college. I mean, its college. Long days and learning. So happiness is a rare sight since everyone is normally just on the verge of throwing themselves off of the college tower, also known as the chemistry block.  

"Oh my god it was amazing! Max took me to the best bistro ever, Vigneto! And he even took my order for me," an uncontrollable grin covers her face. She bounces with excitement, her golden curls bounce with her. She leans in and whispers in my ear, "and you know I love it when Max does that!"

Max lets out a chuckle and puts his arm around her waist, pulling her petite figure into muscular body. Max is rated the hottest guy in college. I see girls who drool over him as he walks past, releasing his “stunningly attractive” smile. But since me and Max have been best friends since birth, I am probably the only person immune to his charm. I lean against my locker, grinning at her excitement.

"How was your night then?" Max asks, pushing back a loose strand of his mahogany hair in the oh so typical boy gesture.

"Not as amazing as yours that's for sure! Me and Griff just stayed in. Take out. Movie. The usual. You know how it is with him since he’s been on the team."

"Awww, just wait until you get to your year anniversary. I'm sure he’ll organise something incredibly sweet.” Mel says, making her southern belle accent seep through, as she starts to open her own locker which is located two spaces away from mine.

"Alright, I'll let you girls catch up. I'm gunna go talk to Luke and then hit the gym." Max says, leaning down to give Mel a quick kiss on the lips, winks at me and strides away.

"Ok, so give me the dets!" I hop one space closer to her.

She gives me a sneaky smile before grabbing her books out of her locker, slamming it shut and then leaning her back onto it.

"It was so romantic, you have no idea."

But she was wrong. I did have an idea. I knew exactly what happened because I helped Max set the whole evening up. Let’s just say Max and lavish romantic gestures don’t mix well. 

"I was really worried at first because he told me to go into the restaurant and wait for him. He said he was running late and I completely freaked but when I went inside there was a card at the counter and the waiter told me to open it. It said ‘follow the petals’ and there was this trail of petals to the corner table which was all decorated with candles and roses. It was amazing. I can't believe he did that for me. He was really nervous and kept having to wipe his hands on his trousers. He’s so cute. He stood there with his smug grin on his face. It was perfect," she pushes herself off the lockers and we make our way to our lesson, "I don't know how he's gunna top this off next time!"

I'm not sure how I will either!

"I forgot to say, I love your dress! It's super cute. Where's it from?"

"Juliet, who else?" I say, doing a little spin the front of her.

There are several perks of having a mum in the fashion business. Not only do I get to go to all the PoppyLillies fashion events, Juliet, my mum’s PA, slips me a few new season fashionable freebies. And yeah, PoppyLillies. She named me after her fashion brand. But anyway, technically, they aren’t freebies; it’s more that Juliet just grabs things that she thinks would suit me and gives them to me. When she showed me this cream laced A-lined dress, I squealed so high shattered all the glassware in the house. My mum never monitors what goes missing so it’s fine. She’s in Japan.

"You look hot! Where is Griffin when you need him, huh?" Letting out a little laugh to herself, “He'll find it hard to keep his hands off of you. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes off you!"

I let out a laugh. I know she is right. I did wear this dress for a purpose. But where was the person I wanted the reaction from?

"I haven't seen Griff all morning. I hope he's alright." I say as I scan the corridor to find his face. Nothing.

"I'm sure he's just running late or something. I'll see you at lunch."


The morning goes as well as it could go. No one listens to Mr Glaston in English, so he goes through his "inspirational" speech but, seriously, everyone is even more inspired to leave. Maths is so jokes cause our teacher is off sick so we get Mr Ferric, whose thick but free-flowing saliva seems to hit everyone in the front two rows. Luckily, me and Sami always sit at the back and we got the pleasure of watching the victims get hit.

I’m packing away my stuff when I overhear a hushed conversation in front of me. Most of my other classmates have scurried off to lunch. I slow down my process and to listen in. I mean, who wouldn't? Muttering conversations basically equals gossip. Wonder what it is today? Fights? Sluts? Cheating? Something about me?

"At least now we know he's not a starving bastard anymore. He's found someone very 'willing'."

"I can't believe it man. I never thought he'd pick Stephy. Even if she was the last person in the world, I would never touch her."

I could throw up just by the sound of her name. Wannabe Stephy. She is an overexcited dog you can't get rid of. Always following, always yapping on about who knows what and always covered in ten centimetres of makeup. Don't get me started on her clothes!

"That's why it was so easy for him, she was basically begging. But it's what I said before he got with all 'serious', she will never give him anything. I don't understand why he's still with her."


I silently laugh to myself. This guy is gunna have some serious crap later. He's screwed. Ain't gunna be pretty. I lift my head up to see who the males are. Freddie and Josh, midfielder and goalie of Griff's football team. Ace. I can ask Griff about more deets when he finally gets here. If he gets here.

Where is he?


I reach the cafeteria to find Melissa at the table with Max. It looks like they're having some sort of private conversation. Although Max's face is turned away from me, I can see Mel's and it's far from the ray of sunshine I saw earlier today. I do a little scan over the food at the cafeteria before joining them; let them have a bit more time to talk. Strangely, I’m not hungry.  I’ve been worrying so much that I haven’t even thought about my hunger.

"Alright there girl?"

I snap out of my trance to see Darren looking at me with a smile. He has his backpack slung over his shoulder and holds a packet of crisps and can of coke in one hand.

"Yeah, I'm good. Just thought I'd give Mel and Max a bit of time alone; they seem to be talking about something serious."

I glance over to the table and now see that Rick and some of the other football team have joined, along with Sami and Viv. I look back at Darren and smile.

"Well, maybe not now.” I shrug, “I guess I can head back over there. You haven't happened to see Griff have you?"

"No, can't say I have Poppy."

I sigh.

"I'll pay for these and meetcha at the table. Save me a space will ya." He winks before we part ways.

I reach the table and a wave of laughter echoes through the hall. Mel looks up, notices me and moves her bag for me to sit next to her. Whilst everyone is distracted by conversation I turn to Mel to ask the only question that I've basically only asked all day.

"Have you seen Griff?"

She turns to me nervously and bites her lip.

"Urgh, no..." She trails off but I see her nudge Max from under the table. What on earth has happened to Griff to make him completely MIA?

"Yeah, what's up?" Max turns to me is slightly taken back by my worrying expression

"Please tell me you've seen Griff? Did I do something last night to embarrass him or something?" I questioningly whisper.

“I've already texted him 20 times in the span of this morning and no use. Nothing. He's giving me nothing.” I say turning to Mel.

Max clears his throat, "Listen Poppy, I think you need to talk to-"

"Talk to him? Where the heck is he? How am I supposed to talk to him if he's not even here Max?"


Conversations come to a halt and everyone awkwardly shifts. I follow Max's eyes as the flicker up to someone behind me. I turn around.


"Hey buddy, how you doin'?" Elliot says, sarcasm dripping off his sentence, before he does one of those “lads” wink. 

Griff tenses up.

Something is wrong.

Something is terribly wrong.

He lowers his mouth down to my ear.

"Can I talk to you somewhere....quieter?" His voice is shaky and the rumour I heard springs to mind. Is it about him? No, no, no. I nod, leave my stuff with Mel and follow him out the door.

He doesn't turn to me until we reach a part of the empty hard-court. He rubs the back of his neck, turns to face me but not meeting my eyes.

"Pops, I'm not sure how to say this so I'm just gunna say it," his normally spiked hazel hair is disheveled, his t-shirt and trousers are from yesterday and his brightly lit blue eyes are now unreadable and covered by his heavy eyelids with panda like circles beneath them. Whatever he has to say, I’m glad he’s gunna rip the plaster off first, "it's kept me up all night and I am...I don't..."

He's cheated on me. Those rumours are about me and him. He's using me for status. He slept with Stephy. That bloody basta-

Let’s not jump to conclusions yet, Poppy, let him say it first.

"I'm moving to New Zealand," he says finally looking up to meet my gaze.

"WHAT?" I blurt.

"I'm moving to New Zealand."

I am completely stumped. I reach for the bench behind me and sink on to it. Relief washes over me. I'm too shocked to respond.

"My dad told me last night after I got home from yours. It's the usual case of getting a promotion at work but we're leaving a month’s time."

"A month?" I squeak out.

"Yeah, everyone's moving out there for dad’s promotion. It's alright for Suzie ‘cause she's only just started primary school but I just- I tried to argue my side. I can't just stop and leave college. I haven't even- I wanted to- I don't want to leave you," he lets out an exhausted huff before joining me on the bench, "It's all I could think about. What about Poppy?"

He turns to face me.

I don't move. What do I even say? Do I encourage him to go? 'Oh yeah, that's great, you're going to New Zealand. Yeah, that's where they'll be hot females around everywhere and you'll forget about this hell hole and me in no time'? But I guess this is it then. I'm about to get dumped ‘cause long distance relationships never work out.

"My parents told me there was nothing I could do. The trip is inevitable, Pops. I felt so sick. Dizzy. Baby, I feel like we had- we have something perfect going on." He reaches for my hands and I become increasingly nervous. His eyes seem pained, "I ran to Derek's. I needed to talk to my best mate. But he was throwing a spontaneous party for his brother. I told him I shouldn't stay, but he shoved a drink in my hand and insisted I stayed. So I did. I didn't know where else to go. I didn't want to go back home."

Well, thanks for considering me. It’s nice to finally know my importance. The word ‘girlfriend’ is a little bit more than just someone to be with when bored.

"My mum kept calling me so I turned my phone off. I needed a distraction. I had a couple of shots with the guys and six maybe seven beers or so. It all kind of kept on flowing. God, baby, I knew I should of left, but I stayed. I'm sorry, I never even saw Derek after that. Stephy was the only person in our year there I knew.”

Numb. I am completely numb.

"Baby, I was vulnerable, you've gotta understand that. I wasn’t thinking straight. But one thing led to another. Baby- " He cupped my hands then kissed them gently, slowly adding, "I'm so sorry."

Griff’s tenderness has turned into a death grip on my hands. He continues to talk. All I hear are empty apologies. He knew how much I loathe Stephy and now he decides to go behind my back and play lovey-dovey with it. That disgusting blonde with her tight cropped tops, huge breast and miniskirts that always blow up in the wind to show off her lace thong. Every. Single. Time. Seriously?! Is that really who he chose? If this much is true I guess he is using me for status? But how the heck did Freddie and Josh find this out if they weren't at the party? He's lying. URGH! When I find Stephy, she'll never see daylight ever again.

"- just left. I had to come in and tell you straight away ‘cause you know I'd never lie to you. That's what makes us work."

I yank my hands out of his. He’s startled by my sudden movement. I can't look at him. I can't touch him. He's touched her. She was the last person to touch his skin. Every part of his body. How is this bloody possible? I stand up and quickly stride away from him. I start to shake. Why am I so freaking upset? I hate him for making me feel this way. I HATE him. Everything around me goes cold. I don’t care about him anymore. I don’t care. He grabs my arm, trying to pull me back but I push him away from me and almost trip by my own force. It’s no use, he grabs my elbow. I almost trip over my feet as I try to escape.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I scream. My face is wet, when did the tears start? "WE'RE DONE! DONE! DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME EVER AGAIN!"

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