Regret Nothing

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  • Published: 5 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 5 Jul 2014
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Poppy has the college under her feet, laughs with her two best friends who happen to be going out and has a boyfriend who she trusts. Or so she thought. When she gets slapped with information that ruins their relationship, she is determined to show that she can move on.

With a plan to romance the nerd of the college to get back at her ex, not everything goes to plan.

A/N - I wrote this a while back and haven't gone back over it in a while now. It'll have some rough batches, but I hope you enjoy anyway!


10. Tuesday 22nd October 2013

The aftermath of the Max and Mel break up isn’t exactly how I pictured it. Max is prancing around with a huge grin on his face and Mel is missing. I imagined Mel being heartbroken, but Max? He still has that, now, very annoying grin on his face. When I see him leaning against his locker with a flock of females surrounding him, their obnoxious laughter echoing the halls, something within me snaps.

“Move!” I shout over their laughter’s, shoving them all away. They all return by giving me evils, “Wipe those jealously looks off your faces, I just need to talk to Max for a few minutes,” none of them move, so I do a shooing motion with my hands, “try not to miss him too much.”

Out of the corner of my eye I see Max raise his hand to his ear making a phone shape and mouth “call me” to the twig brunette, who was getting way too cosy with him a few seconds ago. As soon as I snap my head back to him, he tries to hide his actions by scratching the back of his head.

“So what happened yesterday? Mel isn’t here so clearly you haven’t sorted anything out.” I snap.

He turns and opens his locker. The halls are starting to clear and there are the one or two late students running here and there, but other than that, it’s just me and Max.

“I told you - I explained it all to her and she didn’t agree with any of it so all she did was wail,” he explains as he violently empties his bag with all the folders and shoves them into his locker, “She slammed the door in my face twice and can I just say that I did try ‘cause the second time she jammed my hands in the door,” he holds up his hand, it’s wrapped in bandages. I didn’t even realise.

“Max, I just don’t understand why you did it so soon after your year anniversary. If you were getting cold feet before why didn’t you do it before? I mean, yeah, it’d still be a bit hard hitting but, the sooner the better right?”

“Because, Poppy, I didn’t know what- I mean, who I wanted.”

“Oh great. Is it that twig brunette bimbo who is covered in so much fake that I don’t even think she holds anything real? You deserve way better than that Max. Mel gave you everything and you’ve made her hate you!”

“Oh god, here we go again, back to Mel. You know you don’t control my life. I can do what I want. I can date who I want. Yes, you’re my best friend but you don’t get to dictate my life choices ‘cause you aren’t doing too well yourself y’know.”

“And where the hell did that come from Max? You don’t think I fucking know I don’t dictate your life? I know that. And you also should know as your best friend, I say what I think is best. If you don’t want to hear what I had to say then you should have told me sooner so I didn’t need to waste my breath on you.”

“Yeah, maybe I should of. You were the one who wanted to speak to me. I was busy before you came along.”

“Max, you need to grow up!”

“Grow up? You’re telling me to grow up? Who’s the one imagining that her family isn’t in shit right now? Who’s got this stupid plan to show her ex that she is over him? Who’s using Ben? And not just for tutoring sessions? You’re telling me to grow up Poppy but you need to take a look in the mirror ‘cause I’m not the one who’s acting like a child right now.”


The door opens.

“Poppy, hey what’s wrong?”

“Mel, can I come in? I could really do with a friend right now.”

“Yeah, of course. What happened? Ben didn’t find out did he?”

I need a friend and I know no matter what Mel will be there for me.

“No no. This has nothing to do with Ben. I feel really selfish dumping more things on you, especially since yesterday but it’s actually has to do with Max. ”


“You didn’t come in today. I tried to stand up for you. He was openingly flirting with all these plastic people at college and that isn’t right, right? He shouldn’t be doing that the day after a break up!”

I look her up and down and am little taken back by her collectiveness. She seems fine.

“Thank you Poppy, for standing up for me. But you should have just left it. Me and Max are done. We aren’t getting back together and I think I’ve had enough time to think about it all. To be honest I feel relieved.”

“But Mel, he dumped you for someone else. He told me! Aren’t you mad? Who knows how long he’s been seeing her now! It could be months. You should be raging, destroying everything that belongs to him, burning them.”

“Well, she’s been by his side way before I came so I would of never stood a chance. I was stupid to think that he’d really care about me more and I guess I knew that anyway. We’re going to be moving out from the roofs of our parents soon. We can’t dwell over these things too long. I made believe that I was in love with him, even when something stronger was in front of my eyes. And to start my new beginning I want to tell you some exciting news. It comes in two parts. First, my mum is having a baby! I’m getting a baby brother!”

“Aw, crongrats!”

“I’ve always wanted a young brother too.” I think of Ben and our conversation about his siblings, a smile forms. “But for part two. Whilst Max and I were going out, we spoke about University applications and he made me apply. I got three out of my five offers!”

“That’s great, Mel. I’m really happy for you!”

“Not everything bad has to affect the rest of your life Poppy. You should stop worrying about others and sort some of your own things out.”

“You know?”

“Max told me. You shouldn’t have been so afraid of telling me. I’m your best friend, ok? Next time just tell me. Nothing changes.”


“Mum, I’m home!”

After a whole week of ignoring my mum, I didn’t expect much when I yelled something at her which isn’t abuse. It’s time I spoke to her.  It’s 11:00pm, I’ve gone over my curfew by an hour.

I go to the kitchen and she’s sitting at the dining table with a cup of tea and the latest edition of Vogue.  She ignores me as I walk towards her.

“Hey, mum.” I say, fiddling with the hem of my top. I slowly sit down, I’m scared that if I make a sudden unexpected movement, she’ll release her T-Rex side for being out so late, “I need to apologise about my behaviour for the past couple of weeks. I haven’t been in the greatest mood. Griffin broke up with me, then you returned to say that you’d spent all our money and then Max and Mel issues. It hasn’t really been my month. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. If there’s anything I can do to help just let me know.” I take a deep breath, I think circling round the block before coming home worked out well.

I count three seconds before she breaks the silence and looks at me.

“Poppy, you’re a teenager. If you were all calm and pleasant about the situation, I think I’d freak out more! I expected the reaction you gave me and your father. Maybe the clothes throwing took me by surprise but I should have predicted that. Juliet handed you everything I created and I let her because I didn’t know how to give gifts to you myself.” She holds my hands in hers and smiles up at me, “Your father told me to let you be for a while and you would come around. I didn’t believe him but I did what he said,” she moves her hand to my face, moving her thumb over my cheek, “I didn’t think you’d become such a brave woman to confront me after what I told you. I was never good at being a mother. It was all your father really. And he did a magnificent job, minus the tantrums.” She lets out a chuckle.

“I’m sorry.”

“No.” She shakes her head, “You don’t need to apologise to me for anything. It is the other way around. I need to apologise for not being here with you and keeping secrets from you.”

She leans over and gives me a hug. I stand as an awkward bean, unsure wheat to really do. My mum, a woman who doesn’t hug or show much emotion to me is hugging me!

“I’ve found a job a block away that has perfect hours and great pay. I’ll be home more often and we can catch up on all the mother and daughter time I’ve missed with you. How does that sound?”

I nod, my head still resting on her shoulder.

“It sounds great, mum.”


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