Regret Nothing

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  • Published: 5 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 5 Jul 2014
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Poppy has the college under her feet, laughs with her two best friends who happen to be going out and has a boyfriend who she trusts. Or so she thought. When she gets slapped with information that ruins their relationship, she is determined to show that she can move on.

With a plan to romance the nerd of the college to get back at her ex, not everything goes to plan.

A/N - I wrote this a while back and haven't gone back over it in a while now. It'll have some rough batches, but I hope you enjoy anyway!


2. Saturday 5th October 2013

It's been three days. Three days since I found out. Three days of eyes full of sympathy. Three days of hell.

My phone has been going off for three days.

My phone is still going off.

Griffin calling.

What is wrong with him? Does he not get the message? I’m not picking up my phone for a god damn reason and that reason is him.








Three days ago and not being cliché or anything, but it felt like that was yesterday. Still a fresh cut. The only memory that clogs up my brain. The words ring through my head like an ongoing siren.

After I found out, Mel was ready with my stuff in her hands. She said she thought it was a rumour and nothing more. She said she wanted Griffin to explain the full truth. But everything she said didn't matter. Not after I knew the truth. Not now I'm lying on the couch with ice-cream and a duvet, wishing I could disappear.

"Knock knock" a voice comes from the hallway.

I carry on digging my way through my tub of double chocolate brownie ice-cream when Max's head pops through the living room doorway.

"I brought more junk." he says before holding out a bag full of sweets and cakes. He tactfully dodges his way through the rubbish that has managed to blanket the floor. Whoever came up with the phrase ‘eat yourself happy’ is a big fat liar.

"Did you know?" I whisper.

He sighs before sitting down next to me. I turn to face him, folding my legs together.

"No. I didn't know - I knew he was moving. He didn't tell me about the other thing. I'm sorry."

I don’t know what to say so I continue eating my ice cream.

"Is your plan today to scoff your face?" He looks a little sad, as if he was expecting me to jump up and down and say 'Let's have fun!’ or something.

"Max, I've had the last three days in the public eye because Griffin so happily told me the news on Wednesday. My parents are both at work and I have the house alone. Why would I choose to go out? I've had enough saddened looks. If you expected something more exciting to do today then go find Mel." I snap. I'm allowed a day to mope around. I need my me time and if he doesn't understand he can just get lost.

I lean back onto the armrest and continue to eat. I hear him sigh before standing up and walking out of the room. I am surprised when I don’t hear the front door slam, but instead I hear his feet drag their way upstairs and into the spare bedroom before coming back down. He returns looking like a human duvet burrito, just like me, and plonks himself on the couch facing me.

"Well, I don’t have anything better to do so I'm here to mope around with you," he smiles before cracking open the bags of Oreo truffles, “hey, don’t eat all the damn ice-cream!”

He snatches the spoon from me, taking the mountain of ice cream I so carefully made on the spoon and eats it in one go.

“Oh, that is good! Mmmmm, yeah, that is so good!”

I surprise myself and let out a laugh. I guess company isn’t such a bad day when I want a bit of me time.

“So what do we do on this day of moping? Cause as much as I enjoy scoffing down some body ruining food with you, I don’t like seeing you upset.”

“Yeah, I don’t like it either, but what am I supposed to do? I’m just second-hand goods now.”

As I reach over for some Oreo truffles and he takes another scoop of my ice cream.

“Ah, come on now. ‘Second-hand goods’ is a bit of an understatement, isn’t it?” He says with his oh-so-dashing smile is plastered over his face. He’s enjoying this.

“Shut up!” I crack a smile. “I hate you, you know that?”

I shove him with my foot, trying to get him off the sofa but he doesn’t budge.

“What? You’re the one who stated a false fact. I’m only telling the truth. But you know what I’d do? I’d find something else to focus on other than mope around your house.”

 “My house is safe and away from the public eye, why would I risk that?” I shrug, “And what do you mean ‘something to focus on’? Like a project?”

“A mission. A pizza. A pie. A quest. A project. Call it whatever. You just need to put your focus on something else.”

 “A pizza, huh?” Trying to compress my laughter, I raise an eyebrow.

He nods, “yerp, a pizza. The base, the extra toppings and then solidified by the cheesy top. A beautifully built pizza.”

 “And what sort of pizza do you suppose I focus on?”

“I don’t know. That’s for you to know and me to find out, I guess.”

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