2. Chapter Two

Daisy's P.O.V:

My friend Vanessa dragged me into a dating website two days ago. Right now she's scrolling through a ton of requests I got and I'm saying no to all of them.

"Okay then let's click 'find a match'" she said. A list of guys popped up.

"Woah what about him?" I pointed to the fourth guy that showed.

"His name is Harry Styles." She said clicking his profile. "He's 18.. His likes are girls with bright eyes and has a dangerous side but also a soft side... His dislikes are girls who have no self respect - so whores -" she adds in. " Hobbies, baseball, travel, and volunteering at an animal shelter, awwww!" She gushed.

"Fine, do it." I said.

"Do what?" She said knowing exactly what I'm talking about.

"You know you want to." I taunted.

"Oh okay!" She gave in.

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