Harmony is probably the luckiest person on the planet. She, after releasing her single "For You", gets to, after her best friend's brother invites her to come with him, gets to come with One Direction on their Where We Are tour! The only thing is, even with a close-to boyfriend, she falls for Liam Payne! What happens is an adventure of depression, happiness, and crying. While her heart is for Liam, Ben's heart is for her, and Liam's heart is to Jordan, Harmony's best friend.


6. From then on

After that I sang Rude by Magic,  A thousand Years by Christina Perri, Price Tag by Jessie J, and Where have you Been by Rhianna. I also sang Sandy Efforts, an original.

And suddenly a boy/man comes up to me and says, "You've heard of One Direction, right?"


"I'm the drummer's brother, Ben." He shakes my hand.

"Want some coffee?" I nod.

We get coffee and he has to go but gives me his number and leaves.

Ben Devine.


BEN DEVINE!!!!!!!!


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