My girlfriend is a Mermaid

After working hard for three months, Niall and the rest of the 1D band goes on a vacation to a tropical island. one day, when Niall goes out on a paddle boat ride into the big reef near the island, a sudden storm occurs which causes him to drown and black out. When he wakes up, he finds himself on shore with a girl sitting beside him. Before he could get up and ask her name, she disappears. After a few days, on a full moon night, he meets a strange girl who looks exactly like the girl who saved him and she claims to be a mermaid. She says that when he drowned, his lungs got damaged and would have died if she hasn’t given her energy source, known as the bead. What is that? Is she telling the truth? Or is she just making up stories so she can stay with the famous Niall Horan of one direction? Read this story to find out more.


2. the Aquarium

“wow! This festival is amazing!” Zayn said drinking his soda, as we walked down the colorful streets of the small city which was filled with food stalls, shops, game booths and competition corners. Kids ran around flying kites, munching on candies and fast food snacks, playing tag and stuff. The rest of the group was having fun while I tried to bring back the memory of last night.

Who was she? Did she save my life? I never saw her before! Where did she come from? She is unusually prettier than the girls I have seen before.

“still thinking about that girl?” harry asked me. I smiled in reply. “love at first sight eh?” he asked. “what? No way! Its not like that!” I replied. They all looked at me. “if you guys saw her, you’d be the same!” I told them. “why is that?” Liam asked. “her beauty is unearthly and her voice sounds so beautiful!” I told him. “yep! Its love at first sight!” harry declared. I gave him a slight punch on his shoulders. “its not like that!” I told him laughing. “lets go and check out the aquarium near here!” Louis said. “there is an aquarium near here?” I asked. “yeah! They even build an aquarium at your house if you paid them for it.” Zayn replied. Excitedly, we all headed towards the aquarium.

Millions of colorful fish swam in large wardrobe sized aquariums. People excitedly walked around snapping pictures of colorful fishes and pointed at some which seem to look weird to them. Walking around and joking with the rest of the group, I approached a tall stand with a sea shell necklace displayed on it. The shell looked beautiful and expensive.

“that is a very rare shell. Only can be found at the bottom of the deep oceans.” The man next to me said. He must be a guide from the aquarium. “how did you find this one?” I asked him. “it was left on the beach where the waves crash ashore. Some say that a mermaid left it there, forgetting to take it back with her.” He replied. “Excuse me?” I asked. “a mermaid?” he smiled. “Yes. A mermaid. This island is popular for mermaid sightings. Some people even claimed that they see a girl on every full moon night swimming gracefully in the reef.” The man said. I chuckled. “ think she would come back for it?” I asked as a joke. “who knows. Maybe. If she does, the government will sell her to the U.S.A for millions and millions of dollars! They would make a fortune!” the man replied. I just stood there, blank.

This guy believes in mermaids for sure! I can tell. I mean, who would talk about such thing so seriously? Maybe he is just doing his job. Good actor though!

After thanking for the useless information he gave me, I walked up to the rest of the group members. They  were all huddled at a big aquarium which was filled with Short Fin Marko sharks (world fastest sharks.)

“wow! Look at that one! Its huge!” said Zayn. “what do they feed them?” Louis asked. I looked over to the biggest shark in the tank. It slowly swam down to the other side of the tank where people were crowded at the bottom, trying to take a glimpse of the magnificent sharks. After staring at them for a while, (which was unusual) it turned and swam away. That is when I noticed. That’s when my eyes went wide and focused hard on the crowd of people on the other side of the tank. I saw the white blond hair, the misty blue eyes which were locked on the shark. She was smiling at herself as if someone had cracked a joke. It was her alright. The same face, the same features and the same everything!

Without a word, I started to run towards her. The rest of the group was startled. “Niall!! What is wrong? Where are you going?” they called. I didn’t reply. When I think about myself, I myself don’t even know why I am running towards her. Some unknown force dragged me towards her. I noticed that she was wearing a light blue dress which matched her eyes. No jewelry, no makeup, no high heels or stilettoes. Just a nice knee-length light blue dress with a pair of white shoes.

Finally, I reached her after going around the large aquarium. Startled a bit, she looked at me. I smiled at her. I wanted to speak with her before, but when I finally met her, I was out of words. What should I say?

“did you save my life last night?” I finally said. I know it sounded weird to ask someone whether she saved my life once at the first time I see her, but I had no other question in my mind that time.

With a cute and sweet smile, she replied. “yes, I did!” her voice was clear and beautiful. I couldn’t stop staring at her crystal clear misty blue eyes. “I have been looking everywhere for you!” she said. She was looking for me? but we don’t even know each other! “really?” I asked confusedly. “yes!” she replied cheerfully.

She seems to be the same age as me. nice shape. Pale skin. Round and cute face. Why am I observing her so much??

That is when the rest of the group reached us. when their eyes set on the girl, they all gasped. I knew they would be the same if they saw her!! They all couldn’t utter a word as they stared at her. “so, who is your new friend here?” harry broke the silence. “it’s the girl I told you guys about!” I replied. They looked at me in a surprised expression. “is that true, miss?” Zayn asked. the girl nodded. “it was last night after sundown when he rode the paddle boat to the reef. Then a sudden storm came which toppled his boat. Sadly, he don’t know how to swim so drowned. That is when I saw him blacked out under the water, slowly drifting away by the current. I carried him ashore, realizing that he is alive.” The girl explained. “that is when you came running, calling for him.” She said pointing at Zayn, who got startled a bit. “I went away after making sure you were safe.” She finished. They all were amazed. “she surely is the one you talked about!” Zayn finally said. She smiled in return. “what is your name?” I asked her. “my name is Aaya.” She replied cutely. “what is your name?” she asked.

Wait, she doesn’t know us? the famous 1 Direction? How could she not know us?

“you never heard of us?” I asked. she shook her head no. “not even one direction?” I asked. again she replied the same way. I felt weird introducing us as a famous boy band as I never had to before!

I introduced us to her. “hello everyone!” she greeted waving her hands. “shall we explore around together?” Liam asked. “sure! I love to explore!” she replied. “what are you doing?” I asked him in a whisper. “making friends here! Duh!” he replied grinning. With that, we began walking around together

“so, Aaya, how come you happen to be in the water when I was about to drown?” I asked her. “oh, I love the sea very much! I was born there!” she replied. Wow, she must love the sea to say that she was practically born there!

“you were swimming in the middle of the sudden storm?” I asked her. She nodded. “you know that is very dangerous, do you?” harry asked. “same to Niall who was riding the boat in the middle of the storm!” she replied looking at me. “but I have to ask you, why were you there at the middle of the night, Niall?” she asked me. “ what’s with a ride to relax your nerves?” I asked. but the way she looked at me, I knew she didn’t believe me. “I saw something out there too, okay?” I replied. “oh! That must have been me!” she replied smiling. I looked at her confusedly. “it didn’t look anything like you!” I told her. Does she think she is a fish?

After a while of walking around and talking, we stopped at the aquarium exit. “well, it was fun hanging out with you today. We will be going home now. Hope to see you again!” I told her. She nodded and began waving at us with a smile. With that, we left home.

On the way home, in the car, we had a little discussion about Aaya. “she is cute.” Harry said. “and very cheerful. She always seems to be smiling at us while she talks!” Liam replied. “where is she from, anyway?” Zayn asked. “we forgot to ask that!” harry said. “she matches you a lot, Niall. Why don’t you get to know her a bit?” he asked me. “guys! I told you, it is not love at first sight!” I replied. They all laughed. “at first, you’ll say that. But at the end, it will be different!” Louis replied. I quickly thought of a way to change the subject.

“hey guys, did  you see the rare sea shell necklace there?” I asked them. “no, we haven’t. what about it?” Louis asked. “the guy who was giving information about it said that it belongs to a mermaid!” I chuckled. “I mean, who would believe in such non-sense?” “who knows? It can be true.” Harry told me. “don’t tell me that you believe in them!” I said. “they are known to eat human flesh and kill them for fun!” Louis said in a whispery voice, trying to make it spooky. “guys, no matter what you say, it is not real!” I told them. “who knows? You might even meet one!” harry said. “make sure you protect yourself from them if you see one. They are said to be hungry all the time! Try keeping a fishnet between you and it to keep distance. That might work!” Liam said nudging me. they all laughed. “give me a break!” I told them. I mean, there is no such thing as mermaids, right? little did i know that i am going to meet one that night...

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