My girlfriend is a Mermaid

After working hard for three months, Niall and the rest of the 1D band goes on a vacation to a tropical island. one day, when Niall goes out on a paddle boat ride into the big reef near the island, a sudden storm occurs which causes him to drown and black out. When he wakes up, he finds himself on shore with a girl sitting beside him. Before he could get up and ask her name, she disappears. After a few days, on a full moon night, he meets a strange girl who looks exactly like the girl who saved him and she claims to be a mermaid. She says that when he drowned, his lungs got damaged and would have died if she hasn’t given her energy source, known as the bead. What is that? Is she telling the truth? Or is she just making up stories so she can stay with the famous Niall Horan of one direction? Read this story to find out more.


1. the mysterious girl

The sky was bright blue and clear, the air smelled sweet and fresh. Cool breezes brushed against my cheeks. Waves slowly crashed ashore. The beach was crystal clear and clean with pure white sand and beautiful shells. Tiny crabs crawled around, in and out of their tiny little homes. This place was like paradise! I was soaking in the great moment, until someone pushed me into the water.

“Hey!! Louis! That was NOT funny!!” I cried out. He laughed, splashing me with water. “you looked so funny when you fell into the water, Niall!” he said. I splashed him back. The rest of the gang, harry, Zayn and Liam came running and dived into the water. “guys! I was having a great time here!” I told them. “it was just too quiet!!” Harry said laughing as Liam tackled him in the water and splashed all around. I looked at myself. All soaked. Well, you got to have some fun now and then! I began splashing at everyone.

We are one direction, one of the most popular boy bands in the world. After two whole months of touring around the world, holding concerts, stage shows, interviews, giving out signatures, meeting fans, we got one month off for the hard work. We decided to go for vacation at an island, where many people don’t know us so we can have some peace, away from the reporters, cameras and stuff. And this location is the best ever. And the best thing is, this island has a huge reef where we all can snorkel. But of course, I can’t swim so I don’t go snorkeling. But I did go on a paddle boat once to fish with the gang. It was really fun!

After the unexpected swim, we all headed back to the beach house we are staying. (it is really huge and beautiful.) I dried up and went into the kitchen to grab a bag of chips. harry and Zayn were playing video games while Liam and Louis were reading comics. Since all of them looked busy to talk to, I went out to the balcony. From there, I could see the whole beach and the reef under the bright sunlight. The water was so clear that I could see the fishes from here too! Suddenly, a large blue fish jumped up from the water from the reef and dived back down. That was strange. The fish was large as a person. It looked shiny and had very long and extremely tin fins at the sides. What was that? For surely, the owner of the beach house said that there are no sharks or dangerous fish in the reef here. Then what was that large fish? I was filled with curiosity. But still, I ignored.

That day, when it was about to sunset, I was in my room surfing the net when I looked out of the large window. And that’s when I saw it again: the large fish, jumping from the water. Not only once. It kept jumping up, diving down again and again. This time, I wanted to find out what it was.

I went downstairs. The rest of the gang was watching TV. “hey, uh, guys, I am going out for a paddle boat ride into the reef, okay?” I told them. They all looked at me as if I was mental. “by yourself?”  Zayn asked. “yeah. What?” I asked and hurried out without waiting for a reply from them.

After a while of dragging a small boat into the water and pedaling, I was almost up to the reef. It was already getting darker and for some weird reason, the sky was covered with dark clouds. It was clear this morning. Ignoring, I paddled faster toward the reef. The water was calm and dark as the sun had already set. I took out the torch I bought just in case and switched it on. No sign of fishes around the area I was. After a few minutes, I stopped searching. “what a waste of time! All for nothing!” I said to myself as I paddled back ashore. Suddenly, it began to rain slowly. “oh-no! oh-no! this is bad!” I cried out as it began to pour heavily. We were informed that the reef can be VERY rough if it rains! Panic flowed through my veins as I tried to paddle harder. But the wind kept me from going forward. I was wet from head to toe. But that didn’t matter. I had to get back ashore alive!

The boat began to rock violently and waves crashed on it. Worst of all was that I was being blown towards a huge rock which was above the water. Before I could say Rumplestiltskin, the small boat crashed into the rock, causing me to fall into the cold and dark water. Every noise went blurry all of a sudden when I fell into the water. I tried to surface but it was no use. Fear came over me as my feet didn’t touch the ground. I felt myself going deeper as I blacked out


First, I heard a voice. It was the voice of a girl, singing close by and She was singing a beautiful song with words I don’t understand. Slowly, I opened my eyes. For one thing I knew is that I was on shore. Everything else was blurry. My whole body felt stiff as I tried to tilt my head. I looked around. That is when I saw her. The singing girl. she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her hair was white blond, her eyes were in misty blue color, her lips were shell pink, her smile was cute and her voice was beautiful. All I could make out was her face. Everything else was all blurry. She sang while looking at me. I wanted to get up and ask who she was, but I felt stiff and cold all over.

Suddenly, someone called my name. it wasn’t the girl as she turned to the direction where the voice called me. “Niall!! Niall! Where are you??” it sounded like Zayn. The girl looked at me. Then at Zayn (who must be running around the beach freaking himself out as his buddy was missing!) then she dashed away just as Zayn ran up to me and helped me up. “Niall! Are you okay? I was so worried! Why did you go out to the reef all alone like that??!!” he said. I slowly got up and searched around. There was no sign of the girl. “did you see her? The girl sitting next to me?” I asked him. He looked at me confusedly. “what girl? there was no girl here! Now get up and come inside to get dried up.” He said. The rest of the group came running. They all helped me inside.

“so your saying there was a girl next to you when you woke up?” Zayn asked when we got inside and when I got dried up. “yes. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! She was singing when I came around. She has white blond hair and misty blue eyes. Didn’t you see her?” I asked. He looked at me as if I was from outer space. “there was no one there! Not even a foot print other than ours!” he replied. “didn’t any of you see her? I think she saved my life. There is no way I’d end up ashore after I drowned far out in the reef!” I told them. They all sat thinking. “that is true. But where did she disappear that fast in a split second?” Harry asked. “I don’t know.” I replied. “this is strange! Maybe you hallucinated. You drowned which reduced oxygen in your lungs and it causes hallucination!” he suggested. “no! she really was there! I know it!” I told them. “the girls in this island mostly have black or brown hair. Then that girl you saw must not be from this island, right?” Liam asked. No one answered. For surely, I knew there was a girl sitting next to me when I woke up. But the question is, who is she and where is she from?

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