Long Way Home (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Rose moves to London to go to colege and that means she has to leave her family and friends behind.When she moves into her new appartment she meets her new neighboor Harry,and she didn't thought that this guy will change her life forever.


1. New home,New life

I finally was at London my new home.I got a taxi and got into my new appartment who was very close to the university i was going into.I got inside and unpacked my stuff.The appartment was pretty good for me it had a magical view on the park and i could see everything from my room.I was hungry so i decided to make pasta,but while i was making pasta someone knocked on my door.I didn't knew anyone so i wondered who was and should i open the door or not.I decided to open the door.When i oppened i saw the most beautiful boy i have ever seen in my life.He had curly hair,green eyes and the most perfect smile ever.I was staring at him and then he killed the silence and started talking.

"Hello is there something on me?"  "No why you think that?"  "I don't know you were staring at me"  "I m so sorry i didn't know what to say" "Are you new here?"he asked me smiling. "Yes i just moved here" "That's awsome i guess we will be neighboors,i m Harry by the way" "Nice to meet you Harry i m Rose"  "Rose?" "Yes is there something wrong with my name?'i asked him with a strange look."No nothing's wrong just it's pretty rare and cool" "Thanks,so what you need my pasta is gonna burn" "You are making pasta and don't wanna invite me?"he said with a weird look but i loved it. "But i don't know you " "Well we can get to know each other than" "Okay then do you wanna join me for dinner?" "I would love to"he said and entered in my appartment.What am i doing i m letting a total stranger in my appartment but i can't help it he is handsome.We sat on the table and had dinner we talked and he seemed like a very nice guy.He was doing this flip with his hair that made me to have butterflies in my stomach.Stop it Rose you can't fall for a guy you just meet.When we finished dinner he helped me clean everything up and then we sat on the couch."So what make you come from LA to London Rose?" "Well personal stuff" "Personal?" "Yes stuff i couldn't escape from" "But everything has a solution" "It does but mine was haunting me" a tear fall on my cheek and Harry saw it and came closer to me wiping  my tear.His touch made my boddy shiver and i felt those butterflies again but this time much stronger."I m so sorry Rose i didn't meant to make you cry" "It's okay Harry you didn't knew" We continued talking and i found out he will be attending the same colege and that made me feel better because i will know someone."What time is it Harry"i asked him and my head was on his shoulder."1'o clock" "It's late i should go to sleep" "Yeah you are right i go home now and tomorrow we go together okay?"he said and went to the door" "Okay then i guess i see you tomorrow and we go together" "It was nice talking to you i guess we can become friends?' "Of course Harry we will be friends" "Cool and now i have to go" "Goodnight Harry" "Goodnight Rose and sweet dreams"he said and entered in his appartment.I closed the door and felt the butterflies again.I didn't wanna feel this way but i did,i was gonna fall for Harry and it was obvious.I got dressed in my pijamas and went to bed.

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